June 24, 2008

My Birthday

I had a great birthday on June 19...so much has been happening, I've almost forgotten I had one! I got some clothes and a Target gift card from my family, and Kurt gave me a beautiful old-fashioned looking record player, that also has a radio, tape deck, and CD player!!! He also got me the movies Anastasia and Beauty and the Beast. I was so excited to add more movies to my collection. Even though Anastasia was put out by Fox films and not Disney, I love theirs too---Thumbalina, Swan Princess, and Anastasia are awesome. So I'm currently listening to all of our old family records (a lot of them Christmas) and contemplating what to accomplish today. We said goodbye to Dad and Lis as they went off to Israel without me (boo). But when I came home I was able to put on my records and just clear my head. It was good for me. Oh yes, I also put a chicken dish in the Crockpot for tonight----so I did accomplish something, I guess :o) Do you ever look around your house at the million things that need to be done, but you just can't make yourself do it? That's me today.

While I'm thinking about it, I'll explain my new blog design! Didn't Jennisa do a great job!?!?? She's from onceuponablog.org, and she's fabulous. My header obviously has a retro feel to it, which suits me perfectly. You'll notice a Christmas tree and ornament were added, because I celebrate the holidays all year, and then wait for everyone else to get the clue in December. The picture of me and Kurt is the night we got engaged, and obviously I don't have a picture of BeeBee yet (that's what I'm calling our child....that's the way my mom and I have always said the word 'baby'). My sidebars have the lovely Christmas tree on them, and my signature has a crown because of my love for royalty and Disney World...go figure. So I am very excited to now have a personalized blog that suits me. However, I'm hoping I don't get A.D.D. and want to change it every so often....haha! But I'm very happy with it, and it suits my personality completely.

I'm off to think about what I want to put off doing.... :o)

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Kristal said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday, but you forgot to add one very important detail - you got to have lunch with my mom and brother! ;)

Christy said...

I put off things all the time LOL that is part of the fun of staying at home!

Mrs. Langhans said...

Hey Ashley, I got my stroller from Babies-R-Us. If you dont have one near you, you can register online. That store is FABULOUS! Its by Graco. I have truly loved it thus far. Oh and make sure you get the travel lite stroller to go with it. It is only for the infant carrier and it is much smaller and much lighter than the big stroller that comes with the travel system. When your baby is small it is so much easier to deal with than the big stoller that comes with the travel system. I truly wish someone would have told me that when I was registering. P.S. if you want any more tips on products from another new mom...let me know. I wish someone would have clued me in on a bunch of stuff! :)

Mrs. Langhans said...

Hey I told you the wrong name of the infant carrier stoller. Its called a snugride stoller. Here is the link to it.

this thing is awesome!

Brittany said...

Congrats again! And how exciting. Bummer about Israel-good parenting already though-it is crazy to think about how you ARE a parent now, and making parenting choices now-so good one! ;) LOVE the blog, one time expense? Seriously considering it here, having the two sidebars is my 'dream' lol.

Carrie and David said...

I would love to get together again! My schedule is pretty open right now, so let me know what works for you.

Which stroller/car seat did you choose? That's something I'm still going back and forth on. I've seen some I like online, but haven't been able to decide.

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