June 15, 2008

Thank you, Doris Day

Well, today is Father's Day. I love my Daddy! It was a great day at church, and we had Mexican for lunch. Yum!!! I gave dad a scripture plaque that said "May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your sight..." Kurt and I got it at the Billy Graham center when we were on our trip. I bought it because for as long as I can remember, my Dad has used those words in his prayer before he starts a sermon. So it was really special!

As well as being the day that we honor fathers, today was also the day that Doris decided to cost us money. Yesterday we noticed that she must have gotten into a fight with a fellow neighborhood animal, and her right eye was red, like it had been scratched. Fast forward to this morning. We're getting ready for church, and I see Doris and am horrified. Her eye is so swollen it looks like there's not even an eyeball in it. (Appetizing, I know.) So, being the newlyweds on a resident's budget that we are, we debate what to do. At the time (this morning), we thought we didn't have any options because our vet was closed. So we went on to church, but I was thinking the whole time, a) My poor baby kitty, and b) this is about to be really expensive.

Tonight, I was looking at her more, and I felt more and more like a helpless mother. I felt terrible! So my mom told me to look up an emergency vet, and I did. I woke Kurt up from his nap (he was thrilled) and told him that the vet wasn't in the best part of town, but I was trying to be proactive. (I could just picture us going to our vet tomorrow and them saying that we waited too long....$500 surgery later....you get the idea.)

So we get Doris (or as we call her, "Two-Bit") into the car and take her to the emergency clinic. After meeting Georgio the barking-annoying-as-crap dog in the waiting room, and filling out paperwork, Two-Bit was examined. She was given one of those cone things for around her neck (so she wouldn't mess with it) and some steroid drops. We are supposed to give her the drops and hope that her eye gets better by tomorrow. If not, it's to our regular vet we go (and therefore we pay more money). Why am I such an animal lover?

Good grief....


winstead family said...

aww poor kitty! where is the new dog???

Heather Clark said...

we call the cone things, "party hats"

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