June 3, 2008

A Tribute to TV

I like TV.

I'm not one of those people who says, "TV just annoys me. I never watch it. There's nothing good on."

Nope, not one of those people.

Now, I do agree that there are certain shows that should be avoided. However, being human, sometimes I sneak a peek just to see what the hype is about. But that's beside the point. There are certain shows that I really like, and here they are:

Farmer Wants a Wife

This is a newly-discovered show that I like. It's basically a less-glamourized, less-high profile, and less-funded version of the Bachelor. But I love it! These city girls are placed out in the country (a rural farm in Missouri, ironically), and they fight for the farmer's heart. It's just kind of heartwarming, in its own ridiculous way.

The Bachelor

Pulling out the big guns, here. In my opinion, this was the first reality show of the romance genre. For some reason, I can't stop watching. Every season, I think to myself, "This really is the best America has to offer?" and yet I ALWAYS somehow pick a favorite. Except for this last season. I didn't really care for either of the final two. As if you care. Anyway, I'll keep watching.

The Bachelorette

In the same vein, I was mucho excited when they announced that The Bachelorette would begin right after the Bachelor season ended. How kind of ABC to keep America hooked on reality television. We didn't even have to wait! I think this show is really interesting, because instead of girl drama and catfights, you see men for who they really are: insecure, full of pride, and sometimes really really sweet. [Note: my husband is not insecure or full of pride....just really really sweet. I think he's one of the rare ones!] Right now my pick is Jeremy or the single dad...I can't remember his name. I know you were dying to know my thoughts.

Legally Blonde: Search for the New Elle Woods

Okay, this is one of my new favorites. Basically, since I know I'll probably never have the opportunity to perform in a major way, I'm watching others get the chance. They're casting the new Elle Woods for the Legally Blonde musical in New York, and last night was the first episode. I mainly am interested to see what the process is in auditioning, how complicated the dancing is, etc. It's just neat to watch! I already have my eye on one or two that I think will go a long way. Great show!

And now....my favorite show on television.....

Jon and Kate Plus 8!!

This family is the cutest thing to watch in the world. Kate and Jon crack me up with their bantering, dry humor, and commentary. They are a lot like me and Kurt....we're less argumentative, but we don't have kids yet, so stay tuned :o) I love this family and this show. And here they are:

Jon is like Kurt, in the since that he's even-keel most of the time. He is hilarious in the way he interacts with Kate and the kids.

Kate is hilarious. She is dry and quick on her feet. She does have a problem with being a little too OCD sometimes, but it just makes me like her more for some reason!

Aaden is the little professor with glasses. He's so adorable.

Alexis has the biggest scream you have ever heard. It's amazing that it comes out of that little body.

Collin is the most mature looking in my opinion. The kids called him "Cagi." :o)

Joel is in the background a little more...but he still can fight with the best of them.

Leah has the cutest little voice, for some reason. Adorable!

Sweet Hannah is my favorite...she's just so motherly and sweet and tender. I want to cuddle her!

Cara is one of the twins. She is quiet spirited but when she cries, you can't understand anything. I think I might get annoyed by that if it were me. Of course, don't all kids do that?!

No offense to Mady, but she's the one that really frustrates me. All she ever does is whine and throw tantrums...and she's older than the sextuplets! But I totally understand that she's probably overwhelmed with her siblings. I empathize. But still....I might have patience problems with that one. Cute, though!

All in all....

I love watching this family!

Happy TV-watching! :o)


Kearsmom said...

I like Jon and Kate too. I especially like the fact that they are so open about their faith.

I have two Jom and Kate addicts at my house...you wouldn't believe the number of conversations here that center around this family.

R Harmon said...

My mom and I watch Jon and Kate too. It's a good show.
After reading your blog it certainly sounds like you've been busy with your family! I'm not worried about you forgetting me :)You are in my thoughts and prayers as you and your family make adjustments.

Christy said...

I love watching Jon and Kate too!! It makes me feel better about the craziness of my house some days!

What network is the farmer show?!?! That sounds good! I love the reality shows...

lilly said...

They are showing on VH1 all the old Bachelors everyday. I think today they are on Andrew. So everyday is a different Bachelor.

Kristen Schiffman said...

I am a newlywed- four months married- and I love your blog! Just found it. I also ADORE John & Kate Plus 8 because of the humor. So funny. And I must agree, Mady makes me a little crazy, too. I think she may need a little therapy to help aid in the adjustment of her life. Poor thing. lol.

Asia said...

I love Jon and Kate plus 8, I love watching them as a family and people can learn a lot from this show. Like I love how the spend time with each kid seperately.

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