June 2, 2008

THE Weekend...

Where do I even start?

This weekend we went to Cape Girardeau so Daddy could preach in view of a call. We got in Thursday night and crashed. Friday morning we went and visited two districts of schools for Will Bill and Punky, and it was really impressive to see all of the new developments between the two schools. All things considered, it looks like they'll be going to Cape district schools. By the way: The Jackson/Cape rivalry is FIERCE, and if I just offended some Jackson fans, don't quote me! Nothing is 100% certain, but that's what it looks like right now.

Anyway, as my siblings were checking out their potential dating pools, Mom and I were talking back and forth to our realtor, figuring out which homes to go see. We went and saw several, and to put it simply, the market is just very different from Mississippi. Oddly, I think there's more new construction going up down here, and you end up getting more house for your money. We thought the market would be a little better in the Midwest, but I think every market is struggling in its own way.

Friday evening we had a reception at the church for the members who have joined since Dad left back in 2000. Some older members snuck in to say hello, and it was so fun to catch up. Dad had a question and answer time so people could get to know him. We were so tired, but it was a good evening.

Saturday we had another reception in the morning to see more church members. The four of us kids actually left a little early because Andrea somehow didn't have any jeans in her suitcase and she needed some. So I proudly drove us (I knew my way around perfectly) to the mall and we had total deja vu. Although what used to be Famous Barr department store is now Macy's, I recognized everything. We ran into some friends of ours, the Johnsons, and Andrea got to see one of her friends perform in a jump-rope group. We were all so impressed, and it was neat that we happened to be at the mall at just the right time.

We saw a few more houses on Saturday, still just getting our "feet wet" and seeing what everything looks like. Saturday evening, we all separated because Mom and Dad had plans. I ended up spending some great time with Josh and Katie, my two friends who recently got engaged, and our friend Jordan. We ate, drove around some cool old neighborhoods of Cape, and they took me to the church to see some new things I hadn't seen before. It was a great time of fun together!

Sunday was the big day! I'm biased, but I honestly think my dad did an incredible job. He kept the message simple, but it was compelling and timely. That's all I'll say----he would be embarrassed if I bragged!!! :o) The vote strongly affirmed Dad's call, and so my family will officially be moving to Cape.

We're all tired after the weekend, but it was such an affirmation that this is where God wants my family. I really didn't feel sad for myself at all. I could only think about the ministry they will have here, and how I'll be able to visit my home so much more often.

I also found out that many people read my blog from Cape---I had NO idea!!! And I think they should step up and let me know they read....don't be anonymous little readers anymore! :o)

Thank you to everyone who was praying for my family this weekend. We were socially "on" at almost every moment, and that can be tiring, but we had a great time. Of course it was bittersweet for Dad to resign last night (officially), but God has great things in store for both churches. Thank you always for your encouragement and support!


Kristal said...

Ughhhh!! I wrote a long comment, and blogger ate it! Boo!

Anyway, my mom called me yesterday just to tell me what a wonderful time she had with you guys this weekend. She also said that Bro. Mark nailed his sermon. I wanted to be there, but I couldn't come down. However, Mom told me that July 27 is his first day back, so I've got it marked on my calendar. Will you be there?

I'm so happy to have your family back.

Oh, and Go Cape!! Boo Jackson!! Haha, just kidding. ;)

Christy said...

I am so glad you are at peace about the move. It sounds like a great opportunity to get reaquainted-sp is awful tonight-with old friends.

Kearsmom said...


Stephanie said...

Hey Ashley!! Katie told me about your Dad coming back to Cape.. How incredible!! I'm so excited. Good to see your a blogger too!!!

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