July 28, 2008


Just a few notes:

1. Our AC was "fixed" yet we were still having some trouble with it last night. Kurt somehow got it to cool down, but I think if the AC man JUST came to look at it, we shouldn't be having to majorly adjust anything. Just my opinion. But at least my house seems to be cooling down. Somewhat.

2. There are two of our cats that are still at my parents' old house somewhere. The neighbors are leaving food and watching for them so they can get them when they show up. I think they were just irritated by all the moving activity and decided to hide. They are indoor/outdoor, so we really aren't alarmed. I now have cat carriers in my car in case they should be recovered (which they will be).

3. I am learning that more and more people read my blog. I'm not sure if that's flattering or just overwhelming. I basically started the blog because I'm terrible at keeping a journal, and for some reason I've stuck with this. But I don't know....either I'm interesting or people are nosey.... :o)

4. The weekend went well. I am exhausted, as usual. However, I didn't join the receiving line when my family formally joined LBC. I sat and just waited for them. Dad did such a great job. I'm really excited about what God is going to do!

5. Rumors about my family are hilarious and ridiculous. I had several people ask me if certain things were true, and I was just amused. It obviously comes with the territory of my dad's job, and as the oldest child I should be so used to it, but sometimes I am just flabbergasted at what people will come up with. That's all.

6. I'm at work. Catching up from three days' worth of no receptionist working. I would like to ask all of you to pray for the woman I share my job with(and I know there are a lot who look at this, so I expect a lot of praying). I'll call her P. She has a daughter who has been married for 5 years (I'll call her A) and has a 3 month old baby girl (I'll call her M). Last week, A's husband walked in and told her that he doesn't love her anymore and left. Just walked out. Everyone in the family is distraught, and no one had any clue there were problems (not even A). Obviously, P is overcome with grief for her daughter and new granddaughter, and she immediately quit her job here. So me and Lisa, our office manager/finance person, are trying to cover the bases. We had a girl interview to do reception full-time, which would relieve me as well, and she'll start training this week. Of course they want to see how it goes before I'm free to leave, but it looks like it will be a good situation. Just pray for P, A, and little M. This man was a deacon and had just become a lawyer. Satan will do anything to destroy families. I know they will appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

I'm off to handle more than I can handle! :o)

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Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...


1) glad your house is cooling off. I. HATE. BEING. HOT. period.

2) i hope they catch the kitties! i still think about mew....

3) yes, lots of us are nosey. i guess i'm one of those. but at least i really am a friend, so i guess i'm just a nosey friend, huh?

4) i can't IMAGINE how exhausted you are! i started to call you yesterday just to talk in case you were on the road (i always like to talk on the phone when i'm driving long distances). maybe we can go to cape soon! =)

5) rumors - hate, hate, hate them. there's really no need.....

6) i will be praying for P, A, and little M. you know i will.

we need to meet up soon - i miss you!

mrs.leah.maria said...

1. I'll take "somewhat" over not at all, but I agree with you, the AC man does it for a living. :)

2. Thanks for the update, I was sad for those kitters!

3. I'm sorry, but I can't even remember how I landed here, but I always return to my married Christian blogs. :)

4. I think that it was perfectly acceptible to not partake in the receiving line.

5. At least you can find some humor in them!

6. Yikes. If you give an inch, he'll take a mile. So sad, prayers will be said.

Kearsmom said...

I am only responding to a couple of these... :)

3.Yes to both. You are interesting. You also are a talented writer, so it's entertaining. And I am very interested in keeping up with your family...this is the easy way. But, yes, people are also nosey! Hehe...

5.People are stupid. There. I said it. Not all people, mind you. But some. I realize, that because of #3, that may offend someone. I hope not. Hopefully, none of those people read this blog.

Also, I texted Andrea last night. She said it was a good day. Still makes me sad, though.

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