September 30, 2008

Life in Maternity Clothes

Well obviously I got a lot of laughs after my last post! Kurt thought it was a great idea. However, I made it clear that I would only possibly enjoy it during cooler weather (which doesn't come for awhile around here) and we both remembered that some neighbors got a new little yappy dog that barks annoyingly. So the backyard campout might potentially wait for awhile, and that's fine with me. Sometimes my ideas and creative energy come up with strange things! So no, I will not be camping anytime soon, but we definitely will in the future (and it will probably be "camping-lite"). Just thought I would respond after a post with such high entertainment value, apparently.

I went out looking for my reunion outfit(s) today. I tried a department store and found absolutely nothing. Then I found a shirt to wear for the game, except it was from a non-maternity, teenager store. I then went to an upscale (and I mean upscale) maternity boutique and found the perfect dress for the dinner on Saturday night. I'll post a picture once I take one. It's a deep red, and has long sleeves (perfect because I'm not fond of my arms). It's really flattering, because it doesn't look like a tent. It's still fitted enough to show that I'm not 500 pounds. It comes just to my knee, which I like because I've gained some weight in my legs. But surprisingly, if I pose a certain way, it's hard to even tell I'm pregnant---weird!! It was definitely a little more than a Target dress (ha!), but my sweet mother in law told us how much she wanted to spend, and the amount matched the cost of the dress perfectly.

Speaking of maternity clothes, I have found that there is a severe gap in this clothing market!!! I don't know if anyone else felt (or feels) this way about maternity clothes, but here's how I feel: Target and Motherhood Maternity are the two basic stores that we have for "Maternity for the Masses." Meaning, the clothes aren't technically expensive, but I don't feel like I have anything cute to show for it, and it's all "blah." On the other end of the spectrum, this boutique that I went into was ridiculously expensive. Also, there was no music playing (making it particularly awkward), and the two teenagers working there had to ask me how to spell February three times (no, I'm not exaggerating). If you claim to be a high end boutique, at least give it some bells and whistles!! Haha! Finally, I feel like both afforable and high-end places have such little selection.

Thankfully, I've shopped some consignment places and people have offered me their clothes, and that has been great! I'm just venting about when you're in the market for "new." My bottom line: There needs to be a maternity store that offers clothes for pregnant women of ALL ages (trendy and classic), and has a great range in prices. The selection needs to be impressive, and the environment needs to be uplifting, cheerful, and fun. Oh, I do plan on going to Expectations in Brookhaven at some point. I'll give my review when I go!

Something random on my mind: the one sweet thing that I really desire to eat is Puppy Chow (you know...the powdered sugar, chocolate-coated Chex mix?). I literally don't have a sweet tooth for anything else. Well, I made a batch the other night for myself, and it was great!!! Craving more, I made some again last night, and it didn't turn out nearly as well :o( I think in my absent-mindedness (which has been happening a lot lately), I mis-measured or something. I know it's pregnancy hormones, but I am so disappointed over that dumb batch of Puppy Chow. Seriously, who lets something like that cramp their style?!

That's enough Pregnancy talk for the day :o)

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The Clark Family said...

These don't necessarily fit your criteria, but I got a lot of my maternity clothes at JCPenney and Old Navy. I do feel your pain.

And I love that Chex stuff, but I never knew it was called that. Sounds appetizing :P

Nikki said...

I hear Ann Taylor Loft now has a maternity line. you should check it out!

Tiffany said...

Maternity clothing has actually come a loooong way in the last few years. I know there doesn't seem to be much to pick from, but you're not even going to wear them a whole nine months, so you don't really want to pay out the wazoo for them.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the tips, friends!

Kristal said...

Have you tried regular clothes? Anymore, with the empire and billowy styles that are popular, I would think that a lot of regular shirts and even dresses would carry pretty far into your pregnancy.

Jennifer said...

I just saw that Gap has a maternity line online. Looks pretty good. Might be too basic for what you're wanting though.

Ashley said...

Jennifer---I have looked a lot online, but trying items on seems to be a necessity for me right now. But I'm still looking! :o)

Kristal--I have actually bought a lot of things that are regular would just be nice if "cuter" stuff was made for pregnant people! :o) But that's been my lifesaver...thanks for the suggestion!

Christy said...

It has come a long way since denim jumpers.

But I have had to wear maternity clothes during all seasons possible and I HATED IT. I never could find clothes for SHORT pregnant women and I am SHORT.

So, I feel your pain!!! I was actually browsing through the maternity section in Target a few weeks ago and I noticed how blah it all is!

I am thinking I know where you went LOL.

One thing I was able to do when I was pg with Layton was wear peasant tops or tunic tops with maternity pants...

I shopped at JC Penney and Mother hood for the basics and Expectations for party and church wear...

The Clark Family said...

I was also pondering...Why not just camp in your living room? That way, at 2am, when you've had enough, you can crawl into bed. :)

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