September 14, 2008

Lots and Lots of Updates

Some people have asked about Evy's name :o) My mom and Nana really liked a Christian singer named Evie, who recorded a lot of albums in the 70s and 80s. When I was little, I listened to her Christmas tape over and over (we have video footage of it!). I had always thought the name was unique and really cute. When we were trying to pick a name for Baby, I kept thinking that there would be pronounciation issues, and didn't want to do that to her, but I always came back to liking the name best. So we experimented with spelling and thought Evy might have more a chance of being pronounced correctly :o) An interesting twist: after we told Kurt's parents about the name, his mom emailed me and told me that her aunt was named Annie Evelyn, and the name Evy reminds her of her aunt that she was close to. So I felt good about that! I tried looking at baby name books, but always came back to what I liked. So Evy it is!

Oh, by the way.....I am not one of those people who is a Nazi about "no double names!!" Suzanne already calls her Evy Kate, and I am totally okay with that! We will formally introduce her just as Evy, but anyone is welcome to call her Evy Kate if they wish :o)

In other news, I have been decorating for fall! I love all of my fall things for the house:

Kurt and I went to the Ole Miss game last are the latest pictures!

Finally, if you've been checking my 101 in 1001 every so often, you'll notice that I recently was able to cross off one or two things, and I've been working on others.

-We ordered a new rocking chair for our den (thanks, Mom and Dad!!).

-When we were at the Ole Miss game, I got in lots of walking for exercise (at least 3 miles).

-I've been donating grains of rice and expanding my vocabulary to help others.

-And something I'm really excited about....I found our baby photographer, Mauri Hart!! We will go soon for our first session with her. Instead of a traditional "maternity" session with belly pictures, Kurt and I are going together to get our Christmas picture taken. I can't wait!

Stay tuned for more updates.....

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Kristal said...

Love the fall decor! ;)

And you look so cute Ashley! You don't look like you've gained weight anywhere other than your baby bump.

Tiffany said...

You look positively gorgeous! I think it's nice that Evy has a special significance because of your family. Oh and thanks for the reminder...I need to get out my fall decor. Which candle is that? I was at Hallmark yesterday, and I couldn't decide b/w autumn wreath and mulling spices. Hope you're having a great day.

Rebecca said...

Love, love, love the fall decor! I think that the first time I saw your house, it was decorated for fall.
That photographer looks pretty talented! Thanks for sharing the link.

Carrie and David said...

Did you get the rocking chair from Sweet Dreams? I love Evy's name. Isn't it so fun to be able to call her by name? It makes it so real.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

how in the world did i miss this post???? but thank you for not being mad that i've called evy "evy kate" a few times. o.k. a lot. i'll try to change that...

i'm glad you liked mauri hart's work. i thought you would! and she is so reasonable!

AND - i'm glad you/kurt got to come up for the game last weekend! maybe we'll get to do it again before the season is out!

much love!

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