September 24, 2008

To-Do List for Thursday

For some reason, it's a major day for me:

1. Doctor's appointment. I'll be 20 weeks on Friday---insane!

2. Haircut. I need more of a "style," but not a slave-away-for-45-minutes style. And I'm still growing it out. If my hair gets whacked off, I will have a panic attack. Still in search of the perfect haircut/hairstylist. I'm never 1,000 % satisfied...

3. Go see Carrie and baby Aubrey and deliver homemade chicken tortilla soup.

4. See Kurt at some point.

5. Bunko!

6. Watch taped premieres of The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Even if I have to stay up late to do so.

See what I mean? How did everything end up on this one day? But I will say, I'd rather group a bunch of things on one day rather than spread them out during the week. I like to consolidate.

I can't believe that October is almost here! Upcoming events:

-2nd: Going with Kurt to Mississippi College to watch "The Secret Garden" production.
-3rd and 4th: Kurt's 10 year reunion. His mom said that she wants to buy me an outfit or two to wear for the weekend---how sweet is that?!
-9th: Canton Flea Market
-11th: Our Christmas photo session with Mauri.
-25th-31st: DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

Find time to:
*Buy pumpkins, etc.
*Paint crib and chest
*Choose changing table

So many exciting things!

Happy Fall :o)

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Rebecca said...

I was wondering if you were going to see The Secret Garden. I remember watching your wedding video and you told me that you had some songs from The Secret Garden in it.

Kelly and Jennifer Lancaster said...

I wish you guys lived closer so you could go to the pumpkin patch with us!

mrs.leah.maria said...

You're half way there!

Christy said...

I am the same way about my hair!!!

Have a great night!

Carrie and David said...

Thanks so much for coming by yesterday! It was so nice to have an adult conversation! I want you to come back soon! Thanks for the soup too. It will be PERFECT for one of tyhose days when cooking is the LAST thing I can think about! :) (Which has been everyday so far...)

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