September 22, 2008


I have taken on a very important project: organizing our pictures!! It occured to me the other night that Kurt and I have only been married a year and 3 months, and so it's still early in the ballgame as far as how many pictures we have on our hands. I plan to take up scrapbooking at some point (I love all the fun stuff to buy and I'm an artsy person anyway), but right now it's not in the budget to make super cute scrapbooks.

So, I decided to actually (gasp!) print all the pictures off of my digital cameras (old one and new one). In order to make it less daunting, I wrote out the major events that I'm going to document, and will print off the pictures a little at a time. Today at Target I printed off our honeymoon and a few other events.

In the meantime, I sat down at my computer about 45 minutes ago and began separating all of my pictures into different folders in "My Pictures." This is mainly for my peace of mind. If I want to look at a picture from our Asheville trip, I click on the folder "Asheville April 08." Ahhh. What a good feeling. Also, I believe that I can burn the individual folders to CD's, making developing much easier. Am I correct, computer-savvy people? I am now copying all of the files from my old camera as I type. These won't be top priority for scrapbooking, but I do want them organized.

This is the kind of project that will be pretty easy to maintain once Evy is born, but doing the bulk of it now and organizing the pictures we've accumulated so far will really help. Yay for productivity!

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Kearsmom said...

Yes, you can transfer folders over to burn a cd.

What program do you use to upload pictures from your camera? Most programs allow you to name folders and that way they are automatically categorized. I am highly OCD and that is very important to me.

The Clark Family said...

I have your solution! New members get 50 free 4x6 prints and an 11x14 collage/print. I've been using this service for years. They always have some sort of sale or special going on--last week I got a 5x7 photo book and a custom notepad with Reagan's picture for only 30 cents, including shipping! I just recently signed up for this one and they gave me so many freebies I can't even list them all! 200 free 4x6's & 200 free 5x7's for starters. They have the cheapest print prices I've ever seen anywhere. They also have a referral program so sign up under me:

The great thing about both of these is that you can upload all your pics and they will be stored safely in case something happens to your computer or your home.

By the way, Hobby Lobby is having a 50% off scrapbooking sale this week til Saturday ;)

BDT said...

download picasa (it's by google)'s great for picture organizing, editing, uploading to print, and sharing albums with friends and family. it's free too :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Ashley!
You're organizing your pictures similarly to how I organize mine. I labeled everything according to event, but then it was driving me crazy to see all those folders on my computer. So I made some categories like Holidays, Family, Friends, Shawn and me, vacations, etc, and then filed things under each category. I just like the way it looks having fewer visible folders. If you haven't done so already, you should set up an online account at target or walmart. You can upload your photos online and then go to the store to pick them up. It saves times since you only have to go to the store once.
I love scrapbooking and I started in 7th grade. I certainly didnt have any money to scrapbook, so I made my own embellishments. Now that I have more money to spend on scrapbook I still make most things myself because it's easier. I don't have to spend money or go to Hobby Lobby to find the perfect birthday stickers or quotes. I do it myself. Scrapbooking can definately be done on a small budget. The only things I buy are paper and ribbon.

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