October 8, 2008

More Things I Like...

I thought of more things that I've been liking lately. Here they are!

1. Radio City Rockettes

I saw them on Dancing with the Stars last night, and I remembered why I've always liked them. They're classy, elegant girls and they aren't stick-thin (you know, Hollywood anorexic looking).

2. That Girl

Way before my time, but this TV show once played on TV Land all the time, and I loved it when I was younger. So I Netflixed the first few seasons and will begin watching them this afternoon. It was a wholesome show about a young actress in New York City---fun!

3. The Andy Williams Christmas Show

This November, my mom's side of the family is going to Branson, MO for a few days. We did this every year for the longest time, but then traveling became an issue when my family moved to Mississippi. Now that they're back in Missouri, we're going again! We will see the Andy Williams Christmas Show (a tradition) and.....

4. Noah, presented by "Sight and Sound."

If you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8, on a recent episode they went to the Strasburg, Pennsylvania theatre and saw the story of Creation. Well, Sight and Sound opened a Branson theatre as well, and they are presenting the story of Noah, which we are so excited about seeing!

5. The men in Phantom of the Opera.

Yes, I am a Gerard Butler and Patrick Wilson fan. I watched some of this movie today while folding clothes, and I just love that movie. I saw it 4 times in the theatre when it came out. Love it.

6. Hosting.

We had Drew and Erin over last night to watch the debate. I made brisket, baked potatos, green beans, and rolls. It was yummy and fun! I don't know if you can tell in the last picture, but I added miniature pumpkins on my mantle. Very festive :o)

Have a great day!

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Andrea said...

OH MY GOSH....I bought the first season of 'That Girl' last year. I LOVE that show!!! Marlo Thomas is so cute in it and I ADORE her outfits!!! Also, Phantom is a favorite of mine as well. Gerard Butler ranks only slightly behind Richard Armitage in my book! ;) I have the entire soundtrack on my IPOD!

Heather said...

I also enjoyed watching the Radio City Rockettes last night. While we were watching them BJ and I were commenting about the girls and how it was nice to see "healthy" girls.

Sight and Sound!!! We were able to go to a show when we were in PA years and years ago. I would love to go back. Now that I know there is one in Missouri I might have to look at that as one of our future vacations.

Katie said...

Love That Girl too! And your mini pumpkins are adorable!!!

Chelsie said...

Hey. I found your blog awhile ago...though I don't remember how. So hi! I too love phantom of the opera. It's one of those movies I can put on whenever and never be bored with it!

Anyways...I really like your blog and am adding you to my reader!

Christy said...

I will check out That Girl...

I love that Phantom of the Opera, Andrea told me about it and I bought the movie...

I love your dishes! Are they Casafina?

Ashley said...

Christy--haha! Yes, they are Casafina. Good call!

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