October 22, 2008

Trip Preparations and Crossing Off Goals

Well, we encountered our first curveball with the trip today. Being the OCD, Type-A person that I am, I had printed out mapquest directions and had figured on stopping half-way to Orlando in Tallahassee for the night (on Saturday, arriving in Orlando on Sunday). I did a search for hotel rooms in Tallahassee, knowing I'd find something easily because that's where my family split our driving time to Disney back in 2004. Almost every hotel had no availability or the prices were sky-high. I was so confused. Is Tallahassee seriously a popular destination in October? Then my friend Roseann reminded me that it could be a Florida State University home game. Bingo. Sure enough, we searched the FSU schedule and it is indeed a home game.

Plan B: Drive the whole way to Orlando. It's 11 hours total, and I actually think I'll like it this way better. We'll gain the whole day on Sunday to browse the Downtown Disney area that has shops and places to eat, and then we'll be able to check into the Grand Floridian at 3:00 that afternoon. I went to Mousesavers and found a discount code for the Best Western Lake Buena Vista. It's in the Downtown Disney area, but not operated by Disney (read: lower prices). Since it's just for one night, it's perfect.

Of course, I'll be the most excited when I'm able to check in here:
As I mentioned before, I ordered some books for the trip. I've also set aside the last few magazines I've gotten in mail so I can read them in the car (that took willpower!). Here are the new books:
This is the third installment in the "Abram's Daughters" series by Beverly Lewis. I love Amish fiction, and this is a really good series. There are 5 or 6 books in this storyline, so I'm working my way through.

I saw this book featured on Lindsey's blog (Langhans Family) and made a mental note to read it. It's about the calling of being a "housewife" for lack of a better phrase. I'm looking forward to it!

Yay! The Gosselin's new book finally came out. I'm excited to read more about their story, even though I've seen every special and watched every episode on TV. I think it might give more spiritual insight than is featured on the show, so I'm excited to read this!
This book was recommended to me by a girl I knew way back when in Missouri. I knew her and her now husband when my dad pastored Lynwood. They now have 4 boys, and she homeschools. She encouraged me to read this book about raising children to love the Lord. I'm so interested in what this book has to say. Thanks, Joni!
I just noticed that out of all of the books that I'm about to delve into, only one is fiction! That's kind of rare for me, but it will help me accomplish some goals on my 101 list. Speaking of, I completed a goal today by watching the documentary The Business of Being Born. I must say, it was really interesting, and surprisingly not offensive. I have never felt led to have a home- or drug-free birth, but I like to learn more about topics that I'm not familiar with. This documentary basically confirmed what I've always felt:
It seems that in having a child there are two basic options: If you want a personalized, caring, and sensitive experience, you have to use a midwife/doula and go drug-free. If you want pain relief, you have to go through the typical healthcare system and experience the hustle and bustle of a hopsital.
I, for one, would like some middle ground. I'd love a personal, loving, and caring experience where I'm not just a number and the doctor acts like having a baby is no big deal because they see it all the time. However, I'd also like to have pain relief. I told Kurt that my ideal scenario is to have a doctor that cares like a midwife, and have my children in an environment where pain relief is available but I'm not "herded" through it. Sigh. Overall, I really think I'll have a positive experience in the hospital where I'm delivering, and I don't want to go in with negative thinking. But if there are any people reading who are OB/GYN's in training, work on your bedside manner, open a calm, soothing birth center, and then call me :o)
I think I've covered just about the most random topics....but that's how my brain works, especially when I'm up late! Have a great day :o)

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Ashley said...

When Trevor and I moved down here in May we made the trip in one entire sweep. I actually liked it better that way.

Beverly Lewis is definitely one of my favorite Amish authors. Another one I like is Wanda E. Brunstetter. I recently found a compilation of one of her Amish Series(4-in-1) on Lifeway's Bargain shelf. :)

Jon and Kate minus the 8 were wandering around Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Apparently they are big Disney fans as well! ;)

Heather said...

I love Amish fiction. I kept up with most of it while I worked at Lifeway but have been slacking without books aways at hand.

I know you will have a wonderful time at Disney! Say hello to my sister while you are down there and give her a hug for me if you see her!

Tiffany said...

Hope y'all have a wonderful time alone together at Disney. Enjoy the drive, enjoy your reading and enjoy this special time together-just the two of you. It's all about to change, in a really wonderful way. Never the less, the best advice I got was to really take in these last little moments together, memorize them- even. Because you will look back and long for them sometimes. -And you want to really remember special little times like this that you had alone together.
All that being said...Hugh and I thought maybe you just need a really good OB/Gyn. I had a great experience with mine, and he was a no nonsense military man. In fact, I felt so comfortable with him, I told him he could not deploy back to Iraq until he delivered Anna Grace. He was very caring and personal.

Kearsmom said...

We've made that drive to Orlando several times, and only stopped overnight once. AND we did it with babies/small children. You can easily do it.

I have the most awesome OB/GYN in the world! And the nurses we had when I had the girls were awesome! Too bad they aren't all like that.

Carrie and David said...

My hospital experience was wonderful. The nurses were all very caring and sweet and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I love my doctor, but honestly, when you're in labor, it all depends on the nurses you get. You really don't see that much of your doctor. At least that was my experience. I'll start praying that you get great nurses. It really makes all the difference in the world I think.

Christy said...

I had both kids at Women's Hospital and it was a really good experience. The nurses were so sweet and so reassuring. I never saw my dr. until my c sections so like everyone else said, it was the nurses that made it a good experience. The rooms that I stayed in after the delivery were very nice-soft lighting, not hospital sterile at all.

Thanks for the makeup comment LOL I was not having a good day and crying bc I miss Jackson!

Clay and I stayed in that hotel and it was AMAZING. I hope you have a great time!!!

Gator Mommy said...

I have to second what Christy said about Woman's- although I have a huge bias because I work there. I do think that we have the best nurses. Is Woman's an option for you? If it is talk to me because I can private transition the baby for you- meaning the baby will not have to go to the nursery for the typical 4 hours after delivery- she will not leave your side. I also teach the childbirth classes every month so let me know and I can tell you which one I am teaching. I am very excited for you and all the expectant moms in our class. Have fun in Orlando!

Gator Mommy said...

My e-mail is GatorRN@comcast.net. You'll probably have to check to see if your OB has privileges at Woman's. I hope it works out because I know what a blessing it was to have a private transition for Jonah. I would have been very upset to not see him very much during the first 4 hours. Again, have a great time at Disney.

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