November 25, 2008

I'm Thankful For....

....a husband who can CALL IN PRESCRIPTIONS!!!!!!!

He is the best. I woke up last night about every 3 hours, and was up and going around 8 this morning (I never wake up like that on my own). He had just gotten home and was getting things together for the trip. I immediately had to say goodbye again and spend some quality time in the bathroom. When I came out, I saw him researching drugs online for me. I am SO excited, because he is getting me a medicine that works in conjunction with the antibiotic, but deals with the symptoms (which is what is the most frustrating and hindering right now). It's pretty sad that when I heard "This is Dr. Kurt Lancaster, calling in a prescription for Ashley Lancaster..." I felt like he had just done the most romantic thing in the world :o)

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winstead family said...

that's SO sweet! i hope you feel better friend...those are AWFUL!

Rebecca said...

Aww! Taking care of one's wife when she's sick is romantic! Such a sweet husband.

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