November 11, 2008

Quiet Tuesday

Kurt is on call tonight, so I'm all to myself. Carrie and Aubrey were over until late afternoon (we had a wonderful time as usual!), and then I just kind of sat until now. I really want to sit some more, but I need to work on the office/Evy's room. Tomorrow Kurt is post-call (meaning off work) and this will be a good time to just move things out to get it ready for Baby. We are storing a lot of our things at Kurt's parents' house until we move in 2010. It's just easier, and we'll have more space in our next house. The hard thing that I'm having to do is decide what I want to keep and store here, and what I can do without for 1 1/2 more years. Decisions!

Our Christmas cards came in today, and they look good! I'm my worst critic, and I don't think I've been very photogenic lately, but I think the card actually looks pretty nice. I'm excited to address them (it means I get to sit in a rocking chair and listen to good music...I've never minded addressing Christmas cards).

Pregnancy wise, I'm doing well. I was asked at church on Sunday if I'm carrying twins (that would be a no). People are so weird. I go to the doctor on the 20th, and I'll get to see how big Evy has gotten! I'm very excited about that. :o)

Thursday I'll head to Cape! I'm getting my haircut and then some wonderful ladies at Lynwood are giving me my first shower! I can't wait to open things for the little princess. Friday morning we'll head to Branson, which will kick off the holiday season! Good times with family are ahead.

I need to just make it look like I've accomplished something in this room by the time Kurt comes home tomorrow I go :o)

Have a great night!

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winstead family said...

ashley, for the RECORD< you absolutely positively DO NOT whatsoever look like you are carrying TWINSIES> give me a BREAK weird person who asked that!!!

whew, glad i got that off my chest. maybe i can work now. :)

oxxo have a blast in branson.

mrs.leah.maria said...

I loved your pictures from your session, so I'm sure the cards look fantastic!

My jaw literally dropped when I read your comment that you were asked about twins. So inappropriate, because there is absolutely no rationale!

I hope you have a fanstastic cut and shower!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Hi Ashley! I'm so excited to hear that you got the same jacket! I completely understand that the colors/sizes were picked over. Truth be told, I'm surprised they had more sizes in the green than the black, can you tell I'm extremely biased to the green?! :)

I think it's extremely sweet that you informed me that you got the same jacket, but don't even worry your pretty head about giving me credit. You're the one with the good sense {after the black :)} to realize how gorgeous the green is on you! I can't wait to see pictures! I'm sure it just looks amazing.

Carrie and David said...

Thanks for having us over the other day! Aubrey loved looking at the lights on your tree! :) I hope you're having a wonderful time with your family!

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