November 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

This weekend was actually pretty productive! We slept in on Saturday and then started laundry, unpacking, and straightening the house. Kurt decided that it would be a good day to wash all of the windows, inside and out (isn't that ambitious?). We only do this about once a year, so thankfully we don't have to do it again for awhile. I went through several stacks of maternity clothes that people have graciously loaned me, which is starting to make our bedroom look like less of a warzone. It wasn't the "lazy Saturday" that we anticipated, but things needed to get done!

Sunday was our usual church day, and we ate a Little Tokyo for lunch---yum! It's one of my very favorite places.

Today Kurt didn't have to go in until 3:00. He went to the gym and got his haircut while I ran some errands to the post office and to get some monogramming done. I've been at home this evening and I even vacuumed the living room (my proud accomplishment). I still feel like there's so much to do in my house. I don't know what it is. I think I'm doing so well and on a roll getting things done, and then it just seems to grow. But we're crossing things off the list!

By the way, I completed one of my books on trip: Multiple Blessings by Kate Gosselin. It was a very interesting read. I read the whole thing in the car over about 3 hours. I didn't necessarily learn anything new about their story, but she included a lot of how she was feeling through all of it. I wish she had written more about her and Jon's spiritual backgrounds. The whole book had a definite spiritual tone, which was great, but I would have been interested to know about when they were saved, etc. Anyway, this is a good book to pick up if you're the least bit interested in the Gosselins. I'm still working on my others, so reviews will soon follow!

Have a great night!

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mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm very impressed that after your long trip, you had a productive weekend!

Intersting about Multiple Blessings . . .

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