November 24, 2008

Weekend Rest

Let's see...this weekend has been pretty low key. Saturday Kurt was on call, and I woke up not feeling very well. Kurt told me that instead of stressing about what I SHOULD be doing (a common occurance), I should just get on the couch and relax/rest. Somehow, I spent most of the day doing that. I ended up falling asleep for an hour and a half---I never do that! I always enjoy the time to myself when Kurt's gone...for about 2 hours. Then I'm ready for his company again!

Sunday was a great morning at church. I worked on Christmas cards all afternoon and then started feeling crummy again. I think it's a lot of late-pregnancy symptoms mixing together. Stomach issues, the fatigue is back, etc. So we ended up staying home that evening and resting. Plus, I think Kurt is on borrowed time before he collapses. He's just working so hard for such long hours. Pray for his endurance at this point!

Today we are running a few little errands before he goes back on call at 3 pm. The happy news is that I get the morning with him...on a weekend call he's gone from 7 am-7am the next morning. So we feel like weekday calls are's all relative. We will be leaving for Ripley (Kurt's home town) tomorrow morning, spend the night, and then head to Cape around noon Wednesday. I'm way excited :o)

I know that posts like this are boring...I need to be more creative in my next few. Maybe I'll have some nursery goodies to show once we're home from Thanksgiving :o)
I like this picture of the first Thanksgiving...I don't think we remember as much as we should about the origins of this wonderful day. Maybe that will be my next post...

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The Clark Family said...

I saw you yesterday morning from the stage and thought about how exciting it is to watch a baby dedication knowing that you get to participate in the next one! I was kind of sad that your dad wasn't there, though. He did the service for my boys.

Priscila said...

hello you sweetie pie! I did get your lovely package and everything is so perfect! I loved the apron (did you make that?), its soooooooo CUTE! I also really loved the elf on the shelf! My 3 year old already stole it carring it around all day! I put him on the mantel along with some other elves I had and he looks like he is right at home! When are you going to be back from thanksgiving. Im wondering whats going to happen to your package! Let me know

winstead family said...

ashley, i have GOT to ask you a couple of disney questions before you get out of pocket!!!! i'm CLUELESS and searched your blog over and over for info. i found some but i still need help! can you help me on the phone for a few minutes?? email me, can you?

Christy said...

I hope you have a great time visiting with your family!!!

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