December 14, 2008

Christmas Concert

Friday evening, we went to our church's Christmas concert. It was FANTASTIC, as I completely knew it would be. I missed not being a part of it this year, but being pregnant changes your stamina a little :o) They added something really neat this year: during one of the songs, when the children came out to be the nativity characters, some painters (lay people in our church who just happen to be very talented) came out and painted (while we watched!) the backdrop of a stable. Then, after the children left the stage, the next song was about the stable paving the way to the cross, and the painters continued until there was painting of a road leading from the stable to three crosses on a hill. It was so wonderful...maybe I'll get to be apart of it next year, if they do it again! I wanted to be up there singing and painting so badly! :o) I was so proud of be apart of a church that can produce such a powerful program.

After the concert, my sister took some pictures of me and's so rare that we both look presentable enough for a picture and are both in the same place at the same time--haha! So it was a little mini Christmas photo session to commemorate our last Christmas as the two of us...and to show Evy one day that I'm not (too) embarrassed to take pictures of myself pregnant :o)

Tomorrow I will do my Christmas Tour of Homes post (see the button on the right). Be sure and check out other homes (blogs) that participate...I'm looking forward to it!

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Carrie and David said...

You shouldn't be embarrassed to take a picture of yourself pregnant because you look adorable! I'm sure Evy will have fun looking at pics of her pretty mama one day! :o)

Meredith said...

What a beautiful couple! You look so cute. Your daughter will be proud to see these pictures. :)

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