December 23, 2008

A Christmas Thought

This is my mom's favorite image of the Christmas season, and it's become one of mine as well. Especially expecting a child...I view Mary and Jesus' relationship so much differently than I used to. This wasn't just GOD to her; this was her precious baby son, who had that sweet baby smell and cooed like any other baby. I think sometimes it's important to "humanize" the Bible so that we can relate to the emotions of the people involved. Just a reminder of how human our Savior was, yet he was Holy God at the same time. Miraculous!

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mrs.leah.maria said...

My thoughts are defintiely changed regarding their relationship as well. I've never seen that image though, thank you for sharing.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...


mary peyton's first Christmas, i would just sit & hold her teary eyed. and when i would hear "mary did you know", i would just go ahead and cry.

being a mother completely humanizes the Bible. but it is such a sweet thing.

Merry Christmas, sweet friend! i hope that ya'll have safe travels and we'll get together soon!

much love~

Christy said...

Since I had children my thoughts about it have changed as well. The most heart wrenching scene in the movie Passion is when Mary is remembering Jesus falling down as a toddler when he is falling with the cross.

I love thinking about our Christ as a smelly little boy running around playing. I wonder at the age of two if he got into everything, if he was as cuddly as Layton, and so on.

Children change everythign ;)

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