December 27, 2008

Come On, Ring Those Bells....Christmas 2008

Well, here are the pictures from Christmas 2008! A few big surprise for Kurt was an autographed Ole Miss football, personally sent from Houston Nutt. He is dear to our family, and I appreciated his help so much! My grandfather was even in on it, and I couldn't have done it without his help. I got several other lovely gifts (on top of the concert and dinner!). Our Christmas was filled with family, and that's the best kind.

Oh, and here's the latest tummy picture. I'm 34 weeks, if you can believe it. My familyis coming to visit on Monday to help with the nursery and help me (maybe spoil me?) in my last days of pregnancy. Kurt's parents are coming on Friday to help some more and then we'll head up to Tupelo next Saturday for a shower given by family and friends up there. So much is happening so fast. I'm trying to take it all in!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I'm in my usual post-Christmas sadness. It happens every year, and I just deal with it and move on. Kurt's on call today, so I'm going to try to accomplish some things around the house before we have guests again. However, I've had a hard time getting motivated because I'm about to finished the second Twilight book, New Moon. It's distracting when you're in the depths of a wonderful book!

Have a wonderful weekend :o)

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Rebecca said...

Wow! Evy has such a cute little stocking. I can't believe that she'll be here soon. I can't wait to meet her!

Tiffany said...

The pictures are beautiful. What a lovely time with family. God Bless!

Mrs. Langhans said...

Ashley, I am so sorry...I had every intention to send it out and got so busy with Christmas stuff I totally forgot! It has been sitting in my car for over a week! I will get it out to you on Monday! Promise! Please forgive me for the delay!

Christy said...

I can't believe you are 34 weeks!!

you look great!

I love your parent's house :)

Kearsmom said...

Love all the pictures! Andrea looks like you sometimes, and like Lyss sometimes, but mostly like Andrea, huh?

I'm assuming that was Muffy Sue snuggled up in that blanket??

Carrie and David said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I understand about post-Christmas blues... I get them too! :( But that's exciting that your fmaily is coming to spoil you - that should cheer you up!

Lara Jane said...

Well, my hubby is from Razorback country so he has mixed feelings on Houston Nutt (though he's impressed with what he's already done with Ole Miss), but I'm a Californian and therefore neutral so I think that football is a pretty cool gift! :)

Evy's stocking is super cute, and your mantel is fabulous!

I got into Twilight around the time of my birthday back in September and I've already read the entire series 6 times! I only quit when I did because of the holidays! (Yeah, I'm kind of a lame-o!) Aren't they great?

I'm sure you'll have a Happy New Year with your little one coming, so I'll say God Bless instead!

demetria said...

looks like yall had so much fun! i can't believe you're in the final countdown. how EXCITING!!!

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