January 31, 2008

I'm really curious....who ARE you?

I was reading my friend Suzanne's blog, and I realized that we have the same problem: it's obvious that a lot of people look at my blog (I have a counter at the bottom of my page), but I don't know who all of the people ARE. Suz asked everyone who reads to leave a comment so she can "meet" some of the people who read. I am asking you to do the same thing for me! I would love to know who you are...and if it's only 8 people who visit a TON of times a day, that's ok too :) Just let me know...please!?!? Thanks and big blessings!

January 30, 2008

A Tribute to My Favorite Place

As all of you know, I am a Disney fanatic. I'm going to take a minute and tell everyone WHY. :)

-I love how when you are driving onto the Disney property, you KNOW you're there. The landscaping is suddenly meticulous, the colors are brighter, and you know you're entering another world.

-I love how you get on the monorail and the same message always comes on. Everytime.

-I love how my heart swells when I first walk into the Magic Kingdom. I am surrounded by early 1900's America, full of nostalgia and quiant buildings, but right in front of me is a medieval style castle.

-I love how there's a barbershop quartet singing, horses and carriages, and characters signing autographs.

-I love how everything is CLEAN. You rarely see messes, or anything else that's typical of a theme park. Why is this? The night crew at DisneyWorld repaints anything that is chipped, pulls dead leaves off of flowers, and dusts every single thing (including the rides) EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

-I love how every single person says "Have a magical day!" whenever you talk to them.

-I love how I know what's going to happen on every ride, but I get more and more enthusiastic everytime I go on them. Small World makes me tear up, Peter Pan's flight makes me feel like I'm flying, Philhar Magic wows me everytime, and I still cover my eyes at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Oh, and the Haunted Mansion still scares me to death. It's the only haunted ANYTHING I go in, but I do it. Because Walt Disney invented it.

-I love how the shows are wonderful, magical, and exciting. I cried during the Coronation of Cinderella show, because all the Disney Princesses danced with their Prince when their theme song was played. I was instantly 5 years old again.

-I love how I discovered Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios. For awhile, I was solely devoted to Magic Kingdom, but these parks are just simply amazing. You can sit in a square in Paris, eat in Mexico, and be romantic in Italy, all in one day. And the new ride "Soarin'" at Epcot is amazing. There's nothing like it.

-I love how no one can be grumpy at Disney World. I mean, are you really going to have a pouty attitude while getting your picture taken with Belle? NO. Are you going to sulk while you're riding Dumbo? NO.

-I love how my dad and I have an intense plan to do everything efficiently, and it works. We aren't psycho about it, but we also know what we're doing, unlike 90% of those who visit.

-I love how instrumental songs from all of my favorite movies are playing in the background.

-I love how when you eat in Cinderella's castle, it is so believable it's ridiculous.

-I love how, after all these years, I still cry when I leave. My family expects it, and I embrace it. It's just hard to leave a place that represents all of my favorite things in this world: Innocence, laughter, nostalgia, memories, different decades, beautiful music, and happiness.

Thank you, Walt :)

January 29, 2008

Survey from Myspace and Jenny's Survey!

Hey everyone! I copied this from myspace....people fill out these surveys all the time and they're fun! I would love it if people copied this....I also included Jenny's at the bottom!


1. Who took your profile picture?
The main picture of me and Kurt on my page was taken by my sister after church one Sunday.

2. Exactly what are you wearing right now?
Black velour track pants, SEMO sweatshirt (Southeast Missouri State!)

3. What is your current problem?
Honestly, I am thrilled to say that I don't have any big ones right now.

4. What makes you most happy?
When I feel like my home, mind, and relationships are in order. My family. Memories. Imagining having a happy, cozy home full of kids in a few years.

5. What's the name of the song your listening to?
There's actually no music playing.

Chapter 1: ABOUT YOU

Ash, Ashley Dashley (my dad calls me that), Little Ash (Mom)

2. Eye color?

3. Hair color?

4. Height?


Chapter 2: FAMILY

1. Do you live with your parent(s)?
Not anymore....

2. Do you get along with your parent(s)?
I truly do

3. Are your parents cool?
Yes! You'd be surprised.

4. Do you have any Siblings?
Yes! Alyssa, Will, and Andrea

Chapter 3: FAVORiTE

1. Ice Cream?
I like chocolate...cookie dough is yummy too.

2. Season?
Anything but summer.

3. Book?
The Bible...I need to study it more, Redeeming Love. This is the one piece of fiction that I have read that literally had me awake at all hours of the night and was life-changing. On the lighter side, I love Kristin Billerbeck fiction. But really only her Ashley Stockingdale series. They're the funniest.

4. Person(s)?
Anyone who loves me as I am and who I can truly be myself around. That's honestly a small group of people.

5. Food?
Japanese, Italian, mom's cooking

6. Drink(s) (non alcoholic)?
Sparkling grape juice, apple cider

7. Color pen?
that's a stupid question

8. Store?
Forever 21

9. Saying....?
"Many people believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, but few live out the integrity of Scripture."--my dad

10. Animal...?
Horses, small dogs (big ones easily scare me) and cats

I can't pick. Musicals, generally speaking. Anything old. The movie "My Life" makes me cry---at the same parts--everytime. If you don't know this movie, rent it tonight. It is life-changing.

Chapter 4: DO YOU

1. Write on your hand?
No...I did in highschool.

2. Call people back?
I usually answer when they call.

3. Believe in love?

4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?
Yes. The left side.

Chapter 5: HAVE YOU

1. Kissed someone in the past 48 hours?
I have!

2. If so...where?
At my house

3. Had PHYSICAL therapy?
Yes, when I was 16 and was in a wreck

4. Ever gotten surgery?
Yes! Sinus.

5. Taken painkillers?
Yes. They're a good thing.

6. Overdosed on pain killers?
Well, no.

7. Been stung by a bee?
I don't think so.

8.threw up in the doctor's office?
Yes, when I got my first cavity filled!



1. Person to text you?

2. Thing you touched?
The mouse

3. Thing you said?
"You're the best" to Kurt! (How convenient that I happened to say something sweet!)

4. Person you hugged?

5. Person you talked to on the phone?

6. Last book you read?
I'm currently reading the biographies of Walt Disney and Grace Kelly, and dabbling in some others.

7. Last time you cleaned your room?
My house is always a work in progress

8. Last time you talked to someone you liked?
Minutes ago :)

COLOR • I am partial to many colors, but currently green
ANIMAL • horses, small dogs, cats
MOVIE • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, anything Disney, etc. etc.
BOOK • Redeeming Love
MAGAZINE • Glamour (sometimes), Domino (awesome decorating), Atomic Ranch (midcentury architecture), US Weekly (celebrity gossip), Country (for soothing pictures)
BAND/SINGER • Currently a few songs by Ingrid Michaelson, always Bing Crosby, anything WAY before my time. That about covers it.
TV SHOW • Jon and Kate Plus 8
VACATION SPOT • Disney World, but there are MANY
ACTOR • Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Robert Wagner, many more
ACTRESS • Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Amanda Bynes, Grace Kelly
FOOD • Japanese, Italian, Mom's, Mexican
DRINK • Coke, Sparkling Grape Juice
WEBSITE • my friends' blogs, and websites for researching real estate and travel
TIME OF DAY • I'm a night owl...I could stay up till all hours; and when Kurt comes home
SHAMPOO • I'm using Charles Worthington right now...it smells good!
SOAP • I'm not particular
ICE CREAM • Chocolate....cookie dough....I don't eat much of it
CHILDREN'S BOOK • Love You Forever, Goodnight Moon, Babies, Secret Garden, Little House on the Prairie
DAY OF THE YEAR • Christmas and June 16---our anniversary!
WORD • Jesus
QUOTE • "I love you for sentimental reasons..."
FLOWER • Peonies, white/pink roses, camellias, gardenias. hydrangeas
SNACK FOOD • Too many things...I'm a muncher!
BOARD GAME • pictionary and taboo

January 28, 2008


I have an AWESOME boss. Well, I actually have 3 awesome bosses, but today it was just me and Dr. C, and he saw that I am sick and told me to go ahead and do all of his paperwork and then go home at noon. And I AM! I don't get truly sick very often, but when I am, I feel BAD. So being able to go home is such a blessing. Thank you Lord, for a NICE boss :)


We were in Ripley this weekend to celebrate Kurt's grandmother's birthday. Unfortunately, I was sick most of the weekend, and spent more time laying down and blowing my nose than socializing. Now I'm back at work, still not feeling too well. However, it's such a difference to not 100% dread going to work, like I did with retail. Although it IS work, it's definitely more enjoyable. So I'm here at my desk, surrounded with Kleenex, Hall's cough drops, etc. I probably really look professional :/ I'll check in later when I have more to report..everyone have a great day!

January 24, 2008

Way Awesome Vintage Finds!

Tonight I've been lying on the couch watching Project Runway (way awesome!) and huddled under a blanket because I don't feel too well. Turns out Rivs came down with the flu last night, so I was exposed all day yesterday! However, I think all I have is allergy issues, because I've just been blowing my nose a lot. And I am determined NOT to miss my movie date with Liv tomorrow. No way. So I've been resting up tonight. But earlier today I felt ok, so I went to Canton with my friend Erin. She was looking for a brooch to sew into her hair for her wedding in May, and I just love vintage/antique anything, so she asked me to come along. And GUESS WHAT I FOUND!??!!?

A vintage 1950s Sunbeam mixer that still works impeccably!! I registered for the $300 Kitchenaid mixer that was made to LOOK vintage, but I never got it as a gift. So I got the ORIGINAL. And it matches my kitchen. What a find!

Also...a 1950's sewing chair! Now, I don't sew, but it's an awesome accent/conversation piece, and it's in great condition. I will recover the seat at some point, because there's a slight discoloring on the green fabric, but I could not pass it up. I was so excited. PLEASE join me in my excitement over these:

January 23, 2008

Long Post

Well, a few orders of business: First of all, THANK YOU TIFFANY for giving me the Spread the Love Award! I will be thinking of who to pass it on to. Everyone should read Tiffany's blog--it's pretty awesome!

Next, I have been tagged, so seven new things about myself:

1. My family and I used to put together a lot of puzzles when I was little. Like, 1000 pieces. It was pretty good therapy, actually. You just sit in quietness and concentrate on putting pieces together. It sounds weird. But it's not.

2. I don't want to name my kids generic, run-of-the-mill names. I'm into being unique, which you can probably guess from my strong opinions, convictions about architectural integrity, and such. I'm not going to name them Grape or Banana or anything embarrassing, but I want them to be set apart....well, they will be because of Jesus anyway, but a cool name always helps.

3. I get in this weird zone when I'm planning something. I make a file, print out any necessary info, and research endlessly on the internet. I absolutely love planning. But I love GOING there more.

4. Speaking of internet....I have become THAT person. You know....the person who love to spend time on the computer. For some reason, it has become my "chill out" time when I get home from a stressful day, or I just want to escape for the moment. I look things up, research pictures from 1950s/60s homes, facebook/myspace/blog, and dream about the places I'll travel to. I am embracing that I love my computer time.

5. I have been pulling pictures of out magazines, etc. of inspirations for my future home(s). I am putting them in a big binder, because my home is THAT important to me. And I specifically designed this house like "designed to sell" so that we MIGHT get a decent value for it. I guess the bottom line is...my environment is WAY WAY important. And I notice other people's environments. In some homes, I feel cozy and happy, and I know a happy family/person lives there. In other places, I feel like it's just STUFF sitting around. I really hope my home is the cozy, happy kind. So watch out....I'm catching vibes from your house. :)

6. I like going to the movies. It's become a thing with me. For some reason, it feels like a treat to be able to sit in a big building and watch a brand new movie on the big screen. I have about 3 movies that I'm waiting to see. 27 Dresses is first in line on Friday! I'm excited!

7. I value the elderly immensely. I am scared to death that the generation who brought us Glenn Miller, MGM musicals and good values is fading away. This saddens me terribly. They have so many stories and so much wisdom....shouldn't we listen? I'm working on how I can do this. I have a few ideas.

Now then, there are 7 new tidbits.

And to finalize my post.... I feel like today was 95 hours long, but only because of one incident. Babysitting Rivs...awesome. (P.S., that's Rivers, one of my best friends Roseann's daughter.) I'll post pics of that in a sec. But here's what happened from 9:30-noon. My dad and I needed to go to the Annex (one of our church buildings) to make some copies, etc. Well, we arrive and stop the car. Then we hear it: "Meow." Yup. That would be a cat. And it was coming from inside....I mean UP UNDER....the car. I freak out. My dad looks really really annoyed. Soon, we have Geno, Andy, and my dad all trying to take the side panels off my SUV to try and reach in and find the cat. We figured out after using a flashlight that it was one of my parents', Mew. She was stuck! My dad has to take off his dress shirt (left in a t-shirt in 40 degree weather) and literally reach inside tire well to get ahold of her. It sounded like BLOODY MURDER as he was pulling her out. We're talking a full-grown cat being pulled out of a 5 inch space. He finally had her by the tail and when he got her out, she reached around and BIT (HARD) his hand. Well blood starting freely flowing, and Mew fled the scene into some woods nearby. My dad is bleeding, and so we get first aid and I start to bandage/doctor it up. About this time, my dad can't remember if he has a current Tetanus shot, so we have to figure out how to get him vaccinated before he starts foaming at the mouth.

So I'm doctoring his hand, and he gets a call from the President of Lifeway Christian Resources for a scheduled conference call. The timing.

So I'm now dressing him back into his dress shirt while he's trying to sound uber professional and Bob, another staff member, is trying to get his current medical records. I wish there had been cameras rolling.

SO the current status is: Dad got vaccinated by Kurt, who prescribed a shot and got him taken care of. Mom didn't go into cardiac arrest about the cat, but I think has gone looking for her. And I went to take care of Rivs for the afternoon, where we played Princess, which included a hairdo, makeup, a showing of Cinderella, and a snack served on a tray, complete with cloth napkin. I have this documented:

Whew! Lovely evening, everyone :)

Cape Pictures!

Bits and pieces of a great weekend in Cape.

January 21, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

My heart is so full! We had a wonderful weekend in Cape Girardeau. It's amazing how seeing certain places and faces can just make you emotional. I, as well as all of my siblings, have been back to Cape since we moved, but this was my parents' first time back. Needless to say, it was a wonderful time of fellowship with old friends. I will post pictures soon, once I get the camera hooked up.

Kurt is on call tonight, and I've just been bumming around. I did fix potato soup in the crockpot (see recipe at the June Cleaver website!), and took my evening shower...how exciting. I did have slight trauma when the DVR froze and I think cut off a portion of the movie I was recording....but I'll find a solution to this tragedy, I'm sure :)

I observed again at work today from 8-noon. Tomorrow is my first FULL day, AND I'm by myself! AGGGHHH! I'm nervous. I mean, I feel like I've paid attention while observing, and I even took notes, but Pam (the other receptionist, who is in her 50s and ADORABLE) asked to see my wedding pictures, which led to a Facebook log-on, which led to us killing significant time viewing profiles, etc. I'm glad I work with cool people. Dr. M walked in and said "Wedding pictures?" and then walked away shaking his head and laughing. I mean, a lot of bosses would give me a lecture on internet use. But Pam started it. :) So say a little prayer for me tomorrow as I start, if you think about it.

Last night Kurt and I were looking at real estate online. We sometimes do this for fun, just to compare markets, and look at what's out there. And last night....I found the most amazing mid-century ranch home. We're talking....AUTHENTIC, 1950s/60s architecture. Absolutely stunning.

But.....the people who currently own the house committed the biggest crime EVER in my opinion. They put a hodge-podge of different types of furniture (as in...Victorian and French antiques) in a MID-CENTURY HOME.

People. You MUST furnish according to house-type. If you have a Bungelow, go all out in the Arts and Crafts style. If you have a Cape Cod, lean on the traditional side. If you have a mansion from 1904, do some tasteful Victorian. And...if you have a beautiful, stunning, AUTHENTIC ranch home, DO NOT renovate to make it look like the McMansions America loves in 2007. Can you tell this is a big deal to me? I'm an architecture buff. When Kurt was looking at the interior pictures of this home, I could tell that he wasn't extremely knocked over. But I pointed out the authentic stone, the carved screen in the entry, the split-level, the paneling....if I could just decorate it and renovate it correctly, it would be a masterpiece. I'll prove my point.

See what I mean? It just needs someone who loves it. :( And did you notice the obnoxious black vanity they used in the bathroom renovation? It makes me so sad. I am praying for a really awesome, unique house. Life is too short....and I'm too artsy and eclectic....to have a cookie cutter house.

January 17, 2008

Our Story

As requested by some, here is the story of me and Kurt :)

Once upon a time, my family lived in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We moved from there in 2000, when I was in the 8th grade, and came here to Mississippi. Across the way, Kurt was in college and looking into medical schools. He chose Kansas City University of Medicine, which is in (big surprise) Kansas City, Missouri. In this program, medical students choose where they want to finish their last two years of residency. Kurt chose Cape Girardeau, Missouri (!) because it would mean a shorter drive home to see his family (in Ripley, Mississippi).

Well, one day Kurt was in a surgery, and he had gotten to know the Doctors Blaine Russell and John Eaton. Kurt was telling them how he was going to Jackson, Mississippi for his residency. They said "Oh! Well if you're going to Jackson for residency, you need to go to Colonial Heights Baptist Church. Our former pastor is now there, and he has a college-age daughter that you could maybe meet."

Well guess what? The second week that Kurt lived in Jackson, he walked into my church. It was a Sunday night. He had come to services that morning, but he came back because my grandfather, who was filling in for my dad that day, had said "I know most of you won't come back tonight for the rest of the sermon, but you should!" Well, Kurt took that as a challenge. HE would come back.

It was July 9, 2006. That night, my grandfather had asked me to sing and play the piano (yes, at the same time). He had heard me play Ken Medema's "Moses" and loved it dearly. So, because it was my grandfather of all people, I agreed to do it. Keep in mind that while I'm fine on praise team, I NEVER sang a solo in church. I am just fine in musical theater, but the church intimidates me. But just this one night, I made an exception.

So I went up to sing, and Poppy introduced me. Kurt immediately knew it was me, and watched me do the whole thing. Thank goodness I didn't mess up! After church, I noticed a guy in a green shirt that I had never seen before. He kept walking near me, but never said anything.

The next week, I was on praise team for Sunday night. I was singing, and in the very back of the church I saw the random guy again, but didn't think anything about it. After the service, I went to the foyer to talk to my dad. All of a sudden, Kurt walked up to me, stuck out his hand, and said "Are you Ashley Anderson?!" I was shocked. And a little scared. I mean, a cute, normal looking guy in church? Taking INITIATIVE with me? There had to be a catch. He told me that he had just moved from Cape Girardeau, which, as he says, made my eyes sparkle (what can I say....I LOVE that city!). So we talked for about 45 minutes after the service, and when he mentioned that he had graduated college from Ole Miss, my heart sunk. I suddenly got this visual image: Drunk. Fraternity. Polo shirt. Not my type.

Well, he was smooth. He got my number, which I thought was just a contact number for him in case he needed a recommendation for a restaurant or something. Ha!

I left for Texas the next morning with my family to visit our relatives. Kurt waited exactly 7 days to call me. It was Sunday night, and we were watching Design Star on HGTV at my great-grandmother's farm. I picked up, and we talked for 45 minutes. At the end of the conversation, he suddenly remembered why he had called in the FIRST place. "Well, I uh, I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me Thursday night?" AHHHH!

I was so excited. This was so grown up! I guy that I didn't know from Adam was asking me out!

We had a great first date. I suggested Alexander's Italian restaurant, and we had a great time. Then, I wanted to show him a really cool place....Chapel of the Cross. It's secluded and just really neat to me. So we walked around there and talked more and laughed so much. We kept wanting to spend more time together, so I took him to see "Lost Rabbit" subdivision, which backs up to the Reservoir. We sat near the water and took it all in. Then...big move....he put his arm around me! Haha! This sounds so stupid, but my heart skipped. I just had a feeling about Kurt.

We dated for about a month, and then some issues came up with exclusivity, where we both saw the relationship going, commitment, etc. Kurt wasn't sure about proceeding and felt like he had some things to work through. Basically, he backed away from our relationship. It stung so badly, and honestly, it was the most painful time I've ever gone through in a relationship. But here's what I learned: in that month that we had dated, I knew he was the man for me. I couldn't explain it, but I just knew. So, as I cried and prayed and cried some more, God kept whispering "It's ok. Trust Me. Just trust Me."

So I trusted. And waited. Finally, in October (3 months after we met), Kurt came to visit me at MC and to meet some of my friends. We went outside and sat on the swings (everyone who knows MC knows the ones I'm talking about), and Kurt told me that he wanted to be with me and move forward confidently with our relationship, and that he was at peace with everything. He asked me to go home with him and meet his parents the next week. I was ecstatic!

We moved forward with our relationship, and had a wonderful time of dating. We went to the theatre, ate dinner out, and just had "lazy days" in. In December of 2006, we went to see "A Christmas Carol" at New Stage Theater, and ate at IHOP afterwards. It was a fantastic date. After dinner, we went back to my house, where we started talking about our relationship. Being the Type-A girl that I am, I asked the simple question, "Kurt, where do you see this going?"

Well, that conversation basically led to us saying that marriage was in our future. I knew Kurt was scared to death, and I didn't push anything, because I never MEANT to make marriage come up. It just did! However, we spent time in Gatlinburg with my family that Christmas and I believe that's when Kurt thoroughly felt a peace about getting married. Then, the time table came up. Originally, I had said that the next year, December 2007, would work best. But then, as our conversation went on, we both started to feel differently. Kurt looked at me and said "Or...the only other time I can see it happening is this May or June."

I was dumbfounded. 6 MONTHS!!!? And I didn't even have a ring yet!

Well, I started quietly planning for a June wedding without telling anyone. But in January, Kurt's parents came to meet mine, and we went to Alexander's (that actually wasn't planned to be special or anything). After dinner, Kurt and I got in the car and he said "You know....where did we go after dinner here several months ago?" and I exclaimed "Chapel of the Cross! Let's go there again!" I was thinking...there's no way he can propose. He surely doesn't have the ring!

Well, we got to the Chapel and sat down on one of the benches where we had had one of our first great conversations. He looked at me and said "Our first date was pretty awesome." and I said "Yeah, but now you're my boyfriend, so that makes it better!" and he said "Well, I think I may have something that tops it."

And he got down on his knee and said "Ashley, you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I already lost you once, and I will never let that happen again. Will you marry me?"

And he opened this box and inside was THIS!

Then we went home and took pictures:

Then this happened....

So, if you've been keeping track, we got married 11 months to the day that we met. (We met July 16, 2006 and got married June 16, 2007.)

And we are currently living happily ever after!

Pleasing News

I am SOOOO excited about going HERE this weekend! (Lynwood Baptist Church in Cape Girardeau!)

We leave tomorrow morning, and I can't wait. It will be a great weekend! Also, I am pleased to announce that I just booked our anniversary trip to.....drumroll, please....

The BILTMORE MANSION in North Carolina! We'll be there April 13-18 (ok, it's two months early, but it's the only time Kurt got off work!). I am so excited I can't stand it.

More news to come!

January 15, 2008

The Daily News

Well, today was a good day. I went to lunch with my friend Constance. We went to Little Tokyo---my favorite! It was also one of the first restaurants I took Kurt to when he moved to Jackson. Alexander's was the first. But sometime I'll post our engagement story. :) ANYWAY, I came home and honestly, I just feel like I killed a lot of time. I was researching things for our anniversary trip (I get in a zone when I'm planning a trip...it's ridiculous). Anyway, Kurt came home and we ate leftover tortilla soup and then watched American Idol. Kurt said he didn't think he could stand two hours of terrible singing, but I think he ended up liking it somewhat. Oddly enough, my father really enjoys this show. A surprise fact about my dad: he's an excellent music critic. He can hear when someone is the least bit sharp or flat. Another lesser known fact: he can water ski barefoot. It's true! He learned from a member of the US Ski team when we lived in Orlando. I keep getting off track...

So we watched American Idol and then I took a shower. It sounds like a really boring thing, but I've become a fan of showers at night. I just feel like I take more time and I feel better afterwards. AND....I exfoliated my face AND put a masque on. I usually never take time to give my skin a little extra boost....it felt good! I read some of my Walt Disney biography and now Kurt just made me more hot chocolate. I think we must be in a hot chocolate mood. :)

Anyway, tomorrow I am packing for our Cape Girardeau trip (exciting!) and then meeting up with Brooke to give her my Christmas gift to her. It's really cute! Thursday I go in to observe at Live Oak (where I'll work). I'm already kind of nervous! Pray for me. Happy evening, everyone!

January 14, 2008

Update and Request

I got the job!! They hired me after we talked for awhile and I officially start next Tuesday. I will train Thursday and Monday. Kind of overwhelming, but I think I can handle it. God is good! But the thing about this job is...I can't share any stories from work. Obviously, confidentiality is HUGE, and I could get in trouble big time for saying anything. But I am ready to be a receptionist!

On another note, we (Kurt's side of the family) are going skiing for Spring Break in Colorado! However, I have NO ski gear, and if there's anyone out there that would like to loan me some stuff, that would be so great. Just let me know as soon as possible if you guys can offer anything. Just trying to do this without spending a ton of money!

I'll check in later...right now I'm about to drink cocoa with my husband and read. :)

January 13, 2008

The "Modern" Miss America?

Wow. If this is modern....

Give me this instead.

This afternoon I have been watching the new reality show "Miss America Reality Check" on TLC. Basically, TLC has picked up the pageant and has created a 3-4 week reality show of letting America get to know the contestants. They also participate in challenges, etc. The goal of this year's pageant is a "re-vamped" Miss America, who is modern, fresh, and new.

I agree that helmet hair and overdone eyeshadow is one thing. I mean, I'm a Texas girl, and when I have long hair, I love my hot rollers. But I know when to stop. I agree that pageant girls have a certain "look," and maybe it's time to update.

But here's my problem. One of the challenges consisted of the contestants sitting around small tables in groups and discussing current controversial issues. Well, of course I was all over that. Basically, they showed a bunch of girls giving conservative opinions about gay marriage, gun control, and sex education. Then, they showed a clip of Miss Vermont saying: "Well, aren't gay people citizens too? What if the government took away your privileges because you're blonde?!" Then one of the judges hailed her as "his favorite" because she had a new modern attitude and was fresh. The basic implication was that all of the conservative girls are old-school and need to update their thinking, and the ones with liberal viewpoints are automatically the best candidates.

I wholeheartedly disagree, and I think that being a Conservative is nothing to be ashamed of. Is it popular? Um...NO! Is it generally accepted, understood, or considered kosher? No. But I'm a conservative, and that doesn't make me an 80-year-old who lives under a rock.

Gay marriage: Are we called to love homosexuals? Yes. But are we called to change the moral foundation on which our country was founded? Absolutely not. I personally would be terrified as a government to blatantly go against what the Bible says on this issue. There are some things that the Bible isn't as clear about, but this is a black and white issue. If I were in charge, I would fear the wrath of God for leading a country in a direction that goes against Holy Scripture.

Gun control: Criminals will be criminals. Controllling guns only punishes the innocent. A criminal WILL get his hands on a weapon, one way or another, if that's what he desires to do. However, when that criminal breaks into my home and my husband isn't allowed to have a gun to defend us? No way! That's not cool with me.

Sex education: Abstinence is THE only way to avoid STD's and teen pregnancy. I firmly believe that abstinence should be taught in schools. What students choose to do with that information is their business, but running a "Planned Parenthood" operation in our schools is atrocious and terrifying. If someone tried to hand a condom to my child, I would be irate. Yes, kids experiment. Yes, they mess up. But publically acknowledging (and basically condoning) promiscuity is something I cannot support.

So, called me old-fashioned, small-minded, and overly-opinionated. I obviously wouldn't be the right "Miss America" candidate. But being a liberal does not automatically make you the "next best thing" and someone who is "fresh and modern." I have a cute haircut; I wear leggings; I accessorize with vintage jewelry; I have a modern look...but I'm not handing out birth control to my kids. Go ahead. Give the crown to someone else.

January 12, 2008

Pictures...nothing new to report...

Well, our little dinner party was a success! We had my beef enchiladas, Mexican rice, tortilla soup, and sugar cookies for dessert. We played Phase 10 until midnight! Just a sidenote: my husband is currently laughing at me for drinking an entire bottle of sparkling grapejuice by myself, in one night. I'm sorry, but that stuff is just about the best drink ever. I mean, I don't drink alcohol, but if it tastes as good as this stuff, I see why people get addicted. I know it's full of calories, but good grief. It's so good.

Not much to report...I went to a wedding today and then came home and worked on the house a little (definitely a LITTLE), then went walking with mom and Lis. We walked 2 miles, which was a great feeling. Then Kurt and I ordered pizza for dinner, which is always fun for me for some weird reason. Now that I'm thinking about it, I totally negated walking two miles by eating Domino's and drinking all that grapejuice. UGGGGHHH. Anyway, I played piano for awhile tonight. I'm trying to give myself more time to play. I'm rusty! But it was good to play again.

I included pictures of Mexican night, me and my sisters before the wedding, and a rare occurance: Doris being still. I found her in our bedroom calm as can be and I was so excited I took a picture. Maybe she's actually entering her adult life!

Oh, also: You can view my California Photo Album here:


Part II California:


And Our First Christmas Album:


Church tomorrow---Happy Sunday!
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