February 29, 2008

Cleaning, Errands, Cleaning....

Hi friends...
Today has been productive! I cleaned at mom and dad's this morning until everything was spic and span. I love doing this for my mom...it makes me happy to help her. Dad and I had a yummy lunch at Olive Garden. OG is one of my FAVES because of the environment/music. I know it's a chain, but they play Dean Martin, people! And they string pretty lights from the ceiling. All in all, a very happy place. Also a very fattening place. My weight loss goal is just not happening. HELP.

Dad and I ran some errands at Pet Smart and then Lifeway. I could spend hours in Lifeway. Today we were only there to get a birthday card for someone, but I need to go there more often. I find it very soothing. It's kind of like the Christian version of Barnes and Noble. Speaking OF....the new Taj Mahal of Barnes and Nobles is opening in Ridgeland next week! THRILL! It looks absolutely huge. However, I know I need to develop my library skills as opposed to buying every book I want. I have spent a pretty penny at B&N. Oh well....reading is a healthy addiction!

Now I'm back at Chateau Lancaster and cleaning AGAIN. I might have mentioned earlier that my friend from Mississippi College, Rebecca, is coming to visit tomorrow! I'm picking her up in Clinton and hanging out at my house. Then we're doing dinner and a movie---The Other Boleyn Girl! FINALLY!!!! I am so beyond excited. I really hope they do the book justice. I know this hardly ever happens, and for readers like myself, this is always disappointing. However, just seeing a great book come to life is exciting. :)

Well I'm off to be Happy Housewife while I clean...and straighten...and dust....


February 27, 2008

Notes So Far on Today...

Today (So Far):

-Woke up late for babysitting Rivs. Oops. Scrambled to find clothes and pull hair into ponytail.

-Drove a few feet to the entrance of my subdivision, and witnessed a bad wreck on the main road. Immediately pulled over to check on one of the people involved, and was hurt. Called 911, reported the accident, was written down as a witness. Disturbing, because it could've been me in the accident had I not slept a little too late.

-Arrived at the Walkers to an adorable Rivs, watching cartoons. Got dressed for school, and was told that wiping after going potty "can be really tricky."

-Arrived back at my house where I CRASHED. I just sat and stared. I still feel like I have lived a whole day already.

-Took a shower and put on a new sweater. After looking at myself in said sweater, I am: a) Not sure I should have bought it, even though I like it and it's comfortable, b) Understanding now that horizontal stripes sometimes REALLY aren't flattering (people haven't been lying to us all this time), and c) I am realizing that I don't care. It's navy and white stripe, and very nautical. And by golly, I'm wearing the COMFY, NAUTICAL SWEATER. People can just think I look wider. I'm none the wiser!

-Now I am straightening my house and taking frequent intermittent breaks to watch TV. I always let Wednesday be a more lazy day, since I worked all day Monday and Tuesday. I'm reading that last sentence, and I look pathetically lazy. Oh well! :)

-Picking up Rivs at 2:00 and keeping her til 5:00. Then choir at 7:00. We're working on our Easter pieces, which are all awesome!!! It's March 16 at 6:00 pm. If you are in the vicinity, you should come! More on that later.

Well, happy Wednesday, everyone. Here's to the rest of my day!

February 26, 2008

Happy Little Working Song

So it's Tuesday, and I'm at work. Lots of fun. I actually like Tuesdays because I know I get to be home the rest of the week. I was so proud of myself this morning. When I get to work first thing, I have to work out the finances from the day before, making sure that what we have in our hands equals what the computer says we have. Well, if any of you know me, I'm more of an art/subjective/creative type. As in, I hate math and anything to do with it. But I have actually gotten really good at this finance stuff! My friend Brooke, who is an accounting major, used to say that it made her day to see an accounting problem work out correctly. And, honest to goodness, now I know what she means. When I figure out what to add and subtract where, and adjust payments, and even it all out, I feel so much satisfaction that I did it. So I just needed to tell my friends that I am PROUD of myself today :)

I watched the Oscars on Sunday evening. And I must say, the highlight for me was seeing the nominated songs for Best Original Song. I really liked the one that won, called "Falling Slowly" in the movie "Once." (I've actually got this movie on my netflix list.) It's that indie/guitar/piano/acoustic vibe, which I always love. And Enchanted got 3 songs nominated! Way to go, Disney. I did pretty well this year, because I had seen 2 of the nominated movies for Best Picture (Juno and Atonement). Neither of them won, but they each won something...

Celebrities are really interesting. It's amazing what they can get away with. For instance, I think Tilda Swinton is hideously scary:

I think this girl (who won Best Actress) is ADORABLE:

I think Ellen Page was a genius in Juno:

I think this guy is SEVERELY overrated (and annoyingly liberal):

Props to Amy Adams for singing live in front of billions:

And this guy did an awesome job singing "So Close" from Enchanted!

Well, that's basically my Oscar recap. One of the docs is out today so it should be a little easier to manage around here. Happy day to all!

February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lissie! (Plus some Questions)

Sister is 19 today! I'm so proud of her and the wonderful person that she is. We threw her a birthday party on Saturday evening with her friends and then tonight we are doing family birthday....including Shapley's! She is one of my very best friends and I'm really thankful to have that relationship with my sister. God bless my little sister today! :)

And here are some questions to pass the time...

1. Who is someone you wish you could fix things with?
Hmm...I'm not sure

2. What's one thing you've learned from a good relationship gone bad?
None have gone bad...I've learned that love is a very real thing.

5. What's a happy time you've had in the past week?
Spending time with my family for Lis' birthday and planning a party for her.

6. Is there anything in your past that you'd like to try again?
No. It's the past for a reason.

7. Who do you like to spend your night with?
Kurt and my family

8. Are you an emotional person?
Yes I am.

9. Are you self conscious?
I have my moments. Being married to an encouraging guy helps!

10. What's something that can always make you feel better?
Without fail...my mom and daddy.

11. Why did your last crush end?
Because it turned into a husband!

12. Do you miss it?
Having a crush? I think sometimes I miss that initial feeling of excitement when you're just getting to know someone...but I wouldn't trade my life now for anything.

13. Do you tend to make relationships complicated?
People are complicated, therefore relationships are complicated.

14. Who do you feel the most comfortable around?
My family and Kurt.

16. One thing you're looking forward to?
In the near future: ski trip for spring break, anniversary trip to Biltmore, going to Israel. More long term future: having a baby and traveling MORE!

17. How do you feel about change?
I'm 50/50 on this one. It really depends on the situation.

18. What are you not looking forward to?
Getting up early tomorrow for work. But I only do it two days a week, I can't complain.

19. What are your plans for your next birthday?
I have no idea! I hope I just have some good family time...maybe dinner and a movie with Kurt...I've got a little wish list going so maybe I'll get some things off of that... =)

20. Do you even care about your birthday?
I like it....but I like Christmas better.

21. Do you think anyone in general out there loves you?

22. Do you still talk to the person you LAST kissed?
All the time!

23. Have you ever seen your best friend cry and how do you feel about it?
Yes but maybe only once. I have a few "best friends" and oddly none of them are criers.

24. When is the next time you will make out with somebody?
That's a good question.

25. Who's the 2nd person on your missed calls list?
Probably mom.

26. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
My Disney and Hairspray ringtones.

27. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Trying to fall asleep.

28. What did your last text message you received on your mobile say?

29. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
God's plan is perfect.

30. What color are the curtains of your room?
They are white in our bedroom, floor to ceiling. I really like them!

32. If you could push one person off of a mountain, who would it be?
I refuse to incriminate myself.

33. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing and what is it?
It's a gray V-neck sweater from Target!

34. Is anything bothering you right now?
Not really, no. I've got some things on my mind..

35. What's the weirdest thing you've ever heated up in a microwave?
I can't think of anything...just food!

36. Are you a cuddler?

37. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
My calves....exercising is no fun.

38. Have you ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
OH yeah.

40. Have you ever seen a zebra?
At the zoo! I am determined to go to the zoo in the spring.

40. Are you offended by dumb blonde jokes?
I'm auburn-haired, so no.

41. Have you consumed alcohol recently?
Haha no. Anyone who knows me knows that answer.

42. If you could go back and change something, would you?
I would change a few behaviors, yes.

43. What does your hair look like right now?
Half up, half down, teased on top...of course!

44. Has anyone disappointed you recently?

45. Will this weekend be a good one?
I am having my friend Rebecca over on Saturday and we're going to see The Other Boleyn Girl---so YES!!

46. How did you get the idea for your profile name?
They asked me to choose something that would be permanent....and I know my new name will never change! =)

47. What is your favorite number?
I don't have one.

48. Look to your left what do you see?
The Rolodex at work.

49. Have you ever done something to instigate trouble?
No I really haven't. Well, I take that back. I got my nose pierced but I really wasn't meaning to cause trouble.

50. What classes do you consider to be nap time?
I'm not in classes anymore!!!!! Praise the Lord.

51. Do you get attached to people easily?
Certain people.

52. Why are you online?
Because once I get certain things done at work, I'm free to do what I like. Well, unless I'm with a patient.

53. What happened a year ago today?
I know for sure it was my sister's birthday!

54. Have you ever been to Florida?
-Disney World is there. HELLO.
-We used to live in Orlando!

55. Has someone made you cry recently?

56. Ever driven without your license?

58. Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Not really...I'm working all day. But I like Tuesdays because I have the rest of the week off!

59. If you could ask God for one thing, what would you ask for?
Wisdom, the blessing of my marriage, asking for the blessing of children, and certain family members.

60. What's one thing thats heavily weighing on your mind?
They're not really weighing...more like sitting.

February 23, 2008

No Dieting Needed

If you've ever seen the movie "The Devil Wears Prada," you can appreciate this line from the movie:

"I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight."

Well, last night I had a weight-loss experience.

Except it wasn't the stomach flu...it was food poisoning. From 3 am-7 am, I was up every hour moving closer and closer towards my goal weight. It. Was. Miserable. I wouldn't wish that one my worst enemy. I believe I have recovered...I just feel really weak. I'm downing bottled water to rehydrate, amidst planning my sister Lis's birthday celebration this evening. And I am also going into interior-designer mode, since my dadddy asked me to plan new floors and counters for the kitchen. They must trust me. :)

Just thought I'd fill you in on my horrendous evening and upcoming plans. Happy Saturay to all!

February 22, 2008

Busy Friday

Last night my sister Lis and I went shopping....so much fun! I found khakis for the Easter concert....praise the Lord! We also went to Target and everything I bought was on clearance! My surprise purchase: a "Dance It Off and Tone It Up" workout DVD, which included an elastic stretch band! Oh, and WEIGHTS! For some reason I was just in that mood.

So, this morning, not wasting ANY time, I got up and did the Upper Body Toner and the Sexy Slim Down dance section.

It kicked my butt, people.

I'm not kidding! I was breathing hard and I actually got sweaty. This doesn't seem like a big deal to people, but I DESPISE exercise. I really hate it. So I figured, I might as well get something that I'm more inclined to do. And I danced for many years, so it made sense to me.

I'm sure it will become a little easier for me. Let's hope.

In other news, I'm headed over to clean at Mom and Dad's, then Kurt and I are leaving for Columbus for the evening. Long story, I won't get into it. But we'll have fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

February 20, 2008

A Nice Little Disclaimer

Hello all!

An update on the book: I am almost done!!! Last night I was up in bed and made SERIOUS progress. I just couldn't put it down! It just continues to make me think and it draws me in.

Speaking of the book, I've been thinking recently about how I'd like to give a blog disclaimer. Don't freak out, I'm not being weird. But, after some thought, here is my disclaimer:

Sometimes I share on my blog when Kurt and I have seen a movie or when I'm reading a certain book. And most of the time, when I mention them, I give reasons to back it up if there is questionable content. Several readers over the period of this blog have commented and said things like, "You shouldn't feel the need to explain your decisions," or "you're free to do whatever!!!"

Well, here's why I am always quick to back up what I write with an explanation. And honestly, I joke about this a lot, but it's not about people judging me, or growing up a pastor's kid, or whatever.

When I started a blog, I knew my writings would be public. And anytime that I mention a movie or a book, I am endorsing it (even if that's not officially stated). Some people may think it's excessive or that I'm trying to be a "goody goody" or that I'm really worried about people thinking less of me. That is NOT the case! As a Christian, from one friend to another, I just like to say, "Hey...just letting you know, as awesome as this is/was, there are some things you should know before you dig in." It's truly just me giving you a heads up, so if you decide to see it or read it, you'll know.

So my disclaimer (bottom line): My motive behind explaining my actions is to just make people aware. I am confident in my opinions and decisions, but with that confidence comes a responsibility to not wholeheartedly scream "YES! GO SEE THIS MOVIE! GO READ THIS BOOK!" if it has some things in it that I know, as Christians, are offensive. There is some great material out there, but I always want to be able to give an answer for why I have chosen to watch/read something.

Please don't think I'm being a goody two-shoes or super-spiritual (that's a WHOLE different post)! I hope this came across ok. I was just starting to get the impression that some people think "Oh my gosh, she is so defensive and has to explain EVERYTHING and warn EVERYONE." Well, yes. As a Christian, that's what I'm supposed to do.


February 19, 2008

A Nice Assortment

So..I'm at work. And the bookeeping worked out again today! I'm getting the hang of it, and it feels good. I even woke up kind of on time today, which always helps. Dr. C came in and asked me to be sure and stay until 5:00 everyday, and I felt really bad. I was under the impression that if I went ahead and printed out receipts for the last patients, I could go ahead and go (that's what I was told by the other receptionists). I had been leaving at 4:40ish...which, let's be honest...makes the traffic SO much more bearable. Anyway, he was super nice about it....but I just beat myself up over things like that. I never want to look like I'm trying to get out of working, you know? But I explained to him what I had been told and I think it's just fine. I'm just THAT person who hates doing anything not just right. Blehh.

On a different note, I swear all of my friends are expecting babies. First, my friend Carrie and her husband are having a baby in September!

AND...my great friend Jacob and his wife Beth are also expecting! I believe their baby is due in July or August...

I am thrilled for my friends!

Last night I made big progress in my book. I'm about halfway through it! This may sound like I'm trying to be too deep or something, but reading historic books makes you appreciate your life....or at least it should. I am realizing that we are so blessed and fortunate to be able to marry who we choose and at what age we choose. Girls in this time period (the 1500's) were literally married off at the age of 12 or so, and rarely to who they loved. What does a 12 year old know of love anyway? In the Boleyn family's case, they basically used their daughters, Mary and Anne, in every way possible just to get political gain. Parents were usually cold and unfeeling; children were sent away to different courts in Europe at a very young age. And that was the upper-class! Can you imagine what is was like for the poverty-stricken masses in London? When I studied in London, I walked on a street that still had a sewer in the middle of the cobblestone streets from when the people would empty their chamber pots and garbage into the streets. It is just eye-opening. You know you're reading a good book when the author has written so clearly you literally feel like you're there.

Also, I don't think we understand what it would have been like to be ruled by a tyrannical, moody, childish, and rage-filled king, who could literally have you executed at the drop of a hat. Their lives were a constant guessing game as to what would please the king. This was also around the time of Martin Luther, who was promoting spiritual change in Europe, which was completely threatening to the existing Church. If you even had the books of writers like Luther in your home, you could be burned alive at the stake for blasphemy; for daring to believe that you could have a more personal experience with the Lord.

I think reading just opens my eyes as to what we really have. From air conditioning and heat to religious freedom. I'm really thankful for books. In fact, this week I'm getting a new library card so that I can borrow amazing books for free! Now go read! And while you're at at, congratulate all the new parents out there...there must be a baby bug going around :)

February 17, 2008


I really don't have anything important to say....so I really don't even know why I'm posting. But I decided to do my evening internet activities. Kurt is at the hospital (boo). I can't even enjoy a "night owl" night, because I have to work tomorrow. However, I think Kurt can meet me for lunch since he'll be post-call tomorrow. :)

I started watching the "Masterpiece Theatre" version of Jane Eyre today. I got the first disk in the mail from Netflix recently and tonight I got enthralled. I haven't ever read the book before, but I can tell that doom is approaching. I'm just preparing myself. But there's something about BBC productions of classic novels that I just love. So I can't wait to get disk 2 in the mail in the next few days!

Let's see, what else is new....

When I was in a movie on Saturday night, I came to a really deep conclusion: I rarely see any actresses in movies wearing under-eye makeup. Seriously! Katherine Heigl doesn't, the actress in "Definitely, Maybe" didn't...and there's more. But when I try to do eyeliner and mascara on just my top lashes, I look like I am barely functioning. This is such a ridiculous thing to blog about, but that's what I discovered in the movie on Saturday. That, and I HATE adolescents. Go to my friend Christy's blog for her recent story. (lauragracesblog.blogspot.com)

I'll list a little reason why I love Kurt so much :) Like I posted a few days ago, on Valentine's Day, he got me a box of chocolates from Godiva. When I woke up and saw the box next to the bed, I was really excited, but then I secretly thought, "Uh oh. What if it's the random assortment that has coconut crap and funky fillings in them?" (Note: I hate chocolates like that. Just give me the yummy, basic chocolate, with occasional caramel.) When Kurt got home on Valentine's evening, I was raving over how he remembered to get me a DARK chocolate assortment and how sweet it was. Then he said, "Well, I really looked carefully and asked them what kind were in the assortment, because I know you hate weird fillings and stuff."


That's the kind of thoughtful guy I married, and I'm so glad!

By the way, "The Other Boleyn Girl" movie is coming out February 29!!!!!! I am about a fourth of the way through the book, and it is fantastic. I literally feel like I'm at court in Tudor-period England. The author is just wonderful. I hope the movie isn't disappointing, but I've seen the trailers, and I'm SO pumped. So if you're remotely interested in what I've been talking about with this period in history, go see this movie (or ask me to go and I WILL!). I think you'll be surprised at how fascinating this period is. www.theotherboleyngirlmovie.com

Well, I'm off to read in bed. Right now, King Henry is shifting his interest from Mary Boleyn to Anne. Critical point in the plot! Everyone have a great day tomorrow....I'll be working, so leave me a comment and say hello. Bon soir :)

February 16, 2008

Get to know me....With Pictures!

Survey answered with pictures!











All of the DeAnn's were really ugly.


(This is Lancaster Castle)





(She looked just like this, too!)




London again---with my family!

February 15, 2008

Go and Listen

I have loved Annie Moses Band for a long time, but thankfully now they have a myspace page. They combine a classical style with violin/fiddle, but modernize it. When I was at Baylor, they played in chapel one day and sang a song that moved me beyond words. Go to my myspace page to listen:


Listen to the whole thing. It's beautiful!

February 14, 2008

Wonderful Valentine's Evening!

Well I am impressed with my husband! We exchanged gifts when he got home from work. I got him a one hour deep-tissue from Aqua Day Spa, and he got me a spa pedicure from Aqua and an armband for my ipod while I exercise! Oh, and two very sweet cards.

We got all dressed up and I had no idea where we were going. I asked him if it was a well-known place, and he said not really, which made me nervous. We drove downtown, and then he turned on Fairview Street. We were going to Sophia's Restaurant in the Fairview Inn!!! This was the same bed and breakfast that we stayed in after our wedding. It was beautiful, and we had a wonderful 4-course meal. There was live music, and our table was right next to the fireplace, with a fire going in it. It was truy a wonderful, wonderful time. I took some pictures to document our great day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I woke up today with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my room and Godiva chocolates by the bed! We are exhanging presents this evening and then going somewhere very nice for dinner---it's a surprise! I'm starting to really like Valentine's Day ;) I will post what my surprises were once I get them!

February 13, 2008

My Favorites

I'm always asking people for advice on where they get things, where to eat, etc. So I thought I would post some of my favorites. No one ever answers surveys that I post, but maybe some people will do this? You can obviously change the categories, but I wanted to share my Favorites with my Friends!

JEANS: NY & Company. They have the perfect stretch and color, and they come in short, regular, and long lengths. I get the short for flats and regulars for boots.

NAILS: I have an INCREDIBLE manicurist named Judy Mason. She has her own private shop called BDazzled with Judy. It's amazing! Ask me if you want her number. It's by appointment only and I LOVE that.

HAIR: Currently going to Morgan at Gloss. He does a GREAT job!

MASCARA: Anything by Rimmel London. It's cheap and at drugstores, but I can't beat it. I'm currently using the kind in the red tube (I don't remember the name.)

FREEZER FOOD: Ok, folks. I'm going to be honest. QVC has the GREATEST frozen food out there! And they deliver it right to your door! Right now I'm waiting on chicken dumplings (they're called gyoza at Japanese restaurants), called Pot Stickers. They also serve them at Cheesecake Factory. I'm telling you, we have had unbelievable hot dogs, turkey, and steaks from qvc.com. :)

YOGURT: Yoplait Whips are my new favorite thing. It's like a mousse texture. I hate yogurt that has clumps of fruit in it, but this is such an amazing yogurt. You MUST try it!

FICTION BOOK: For a Christian series, you need to read the "Ashley Stockingdale" series by Kristin Billerbeck. You WILL laugh out loud. I will bet my life on it! Also, if you haven't read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, drop everything and go get it. Life changing! In the non-Christian arena, I'm currently reading Phillipa Gregory about Tudor England. But not everyone is interested in that!

CONTACT SOLUTION: Weird category, I know, but this made all the difference in the comfort of my contacts. I use Clear Care. It's in a purplish/blue box, and has a strange little case for your contacts, but it makes them SO much more comfortable.

I'm always looking for a quality lipstick, hair product, etc. So if anyone wants to share their favorite things, post!

February 12, 2008

I'm Uncreative at Work....Survey!

I would love it if some of you did this too! :)

1. Introduce yourself.
name: Ashley Lancaster (that's still kind of weird)
age: 22

2. It's Thursday at noon, where are you usually?
Home :)

3. Who are the last four people to send you a text message?
I'm not sure...I think my manicurist Judy

4. What brand of shampoo is in your shower right now?
Charles Worthington

5. What are you listening to right now?
"It's a Shame" by the Spinners. 1970s groove. Dr. C made me listen to it this morning (we find cool music in our spare time) and I really like it!

6. Do you watch MTV anymore?
I never watched it to begin with

7. You need a new pair of jeans, what store do you go first?
NY & Company. They work with my body type right now.

8. How do you feel about your hair?
Funny you asked! :) I love my hair right now.

9. What time do you wake up for school?
I wake up for work at 6:50-7:00. But that's only two days a week thank goodness.

10. What movie is in your DVD player?
Most recently, Mr. Holland's Opus. One of my all-time favorites.

11. Last two numbers in your phone number:

12. Who's in your house?
Kurt, Doris and I live there.

13. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
If you're looking straight on to the bed, I sleep on the right. It's the left side if you're lying down. Make sense?

14. Do you like roller coasters?
Mild to moderate ones. I have a weak stomach.

15. What magazine(s) do you buy regularly or subscribe to?
Cosmo (but I'm getting tired of it), Glamour, US Weekly, Reminisce, and Country.

16. What kind of car do you drive?
I'm driving the '03 Silver Altima while my fam borrows my '03 SUV. Juggling vehicles!

17. What do you think about gay marriage?
I disagree with it. I think it's a dangerous decision to make.

18. What do your pants look like?
They're black. I'm at work.

19. Do you own an iPod?
Yes! I love it.

20. What kind of cologne/perfume do you wear?
Burberry London :)

21. What are your plans for Saturday?
I think Kurt's on call...so I'll be hanging out at home or with my family.

22. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done with your cellphone?
Texting can get you in trouble sometimes.

23. Does mind over matter work for you?
I don't rely on myself...I'm always asking the Lord to give me strength over something.

24. Are you paranoid?

25. What was the last thing you were invited to?
Over to Drew's for dinner.

26. What item should never be shared?
Eye makeup or toothbrush. Ew.

27. What do you usually order at Taco Bell?
Kids meal, 2 soft tacos, meat and cheese only. It comes with Cinnamon Swirls. Yum!

28. Have you ever sat all the way through Gone With The Wind?
Yes. But I find it really depressing, and I don't know that I'll ever watch it again. There are better movies out there. It's kind of like Titanic. I just watch the first half when things are happy.

29. When was the last time you were up all night?
Graduation night maybe?

31. Where is your favorite place?
DisneyWorld, New York, Europe. And/or anywhere my family is :)

32. Do you ever think about the price of gasoline?
Honestly, no. That's probably irresponsible of me.

33. Do you sleep with a fan on?

34. What is the best thing about winter?
Christmastime! And I look better in winter clothes.

35. How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
I'm a pastor's daughter. ALL THE TIME. :)

36. How many states have you been to where all you saw was the airport?
I don't think any.

37. Are you currently planning a trip?
Yes! To the Biltmore :)

38. How many plants are in your home?
Haha none!

39. Have you ever googled your name and found somebody?
I've googled but nothing interesting has come up.

40. Biggest dream?
To take my whole family somewhere amazing, all expenses paid for them.

41. What is your favorite possession?
Old family photos, my wedding rings, my HOUSE, my great grandmother's coats, TV, computer

42. What makes you feel like you are young again?
Christmas and Disney World...probably why those are my two favorite things.

43. What are some of your best traits?
I'm good at giving counsel, I am artistic, I am very loyal to those I love

44. Do you know how to play chess?

45. What are you worrying about right now?
I wouldn't call it worrying...but I've got several things on my mind.

46. Are you picky?
Overall, yes. I think I am.

February 10, 2008

I'm Quirky...and Weekend Update

I've seen lots of people do a "quirky" post, so here goes:

1. When I was in late elementary, early junior high, I was absolutely obsessed with Prince William. I was convinced that I would somehow get to England, get him to notice me, and he'd propose. No I'm not kidding.

2. On that same note, I used to read Prince William fan fiction on the internet religiously. Now that I think about it, this was the earliest form of blogging, because everyday people would write made-up stories about the royals and everyone else in the world would read the stories. Funny.

3. When I'm in bed and I'm thinking before I go to sleep, I move my feet back and forth, almost like wiggling. It's soothing to me for some reason.

4. I am really weird about food texture. I hate things that are soggy or mushy. I only mix certain foods together, and I am the only one who can mix my food. For instance, I hate it when someone serves me a plate that has baked beans running into my hamburger. EW. But I will mix green beans and mashed potatoes together in one bite. I'm so weird.

5. I am a late night thinker/doer. I used to beat myself up about this because I thought it made me look lazy, but I've accepted that some people are truly wired to be late night people. I don't do this extremely often, but if I'm not going to work the next morning or if Kurt's on call....I can stay up till the wee hours.

6. I HATE when complete strangers call me "Hon" or "Sweetie." It just bothers me, and it sounds degrading.

7. I despise incorrect grammar and severe accents. I'm not psycho about it, but it just grates on me. Oh, and I also dislike when people type things without their proper ending. For example: "Doin" "Goin" "Lovin" "Travelin".... UGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH
However, I recognize that I'm in the south and I need to get used to it. But man does it bother me.

8. In a similar fashion, I think I hate even more when people don't get "There" "Their" and "They're" correct. If I need to do a post explaining the usage, I will. It's really not hard.

9. I only like dry or sarcastic humor. I think physical or obvious comedy is stupid. I like witty and clever movies/people/shows. As in, you have to have a developed sense of humor to watch them. Like The Office. Genius.

10. When people sit near me and make little noises like crinkling paper, chewing ice, or tapping a pen, it drives me insane and I can't focus. And I don't think that makes me A.D.D., I think it makes the other people ignorant/immature/rude.

I could go on, but I think that's enough quirks for one evening. I'm probably annoying people.

On Saturday Kurt and I went to see the movie Atonement. Yes, it's rated R. I'll give everyone 5 seconds to judge me.


Okay, now let me explain. It was an incredible film. The only reason we went is because I read the questionable content online beforehand. There was one really bad word at the beginning of the movie that granted the rating, and there were lots of war scenes. But it had gotten some Oscar buzz, and I made the judgement call that it would be okay to go. Just for the record, it's the only rated R movie I've ever seen in the theatre.

But the point is, Kurt and I got dressed up for our date and the movie was just tremendous. It had me thinking long after about life, etc. It caused us to talk in the car about how much we love and appreciate each other. Afterwards, Kurt surprised me by suggesting we go to Sonic so I could get a cherry limeade! It was so exciting, and when he suggested that it really did feel like a date. Overall, it was a wonderful Saturday.

I work tomorrow and Tuesday as usual....I don't dread work but I doubt there's anyone out there who really ENJOYS going. Or maybe I'm just a severe homebody. Anyway, Valentine's is this week....my first as a married person....and I think I'll be getting some surprises! I have not let Kurt say a word about Valentines. I want to be totally surprised!

I hope everyone has a great beginning of the week :)

February 9, 2008

Low-Key Saturday

Today has been pretty low-key. I walked with Mom and Lis this morning, and Kurt ran errands like getting his haircut, etc. He said that he had picked up a few things for me for Valentines...impressive! And the biggest accomplishment of the day....

I selected all of my wedding pictures for my album, and engagement album!!! This is so huge, I hope you understand. I literally just made myself sit down, focus, and choose. I think there's a really good representation of the day, and now I can't wait to get the album in my hands!

Now Kurt is mopping all of the floors (I'm SOO appreciative since I hate this chore), and I just got my shower. Yes, at 4:56. I've been slaving over wedding pictures all day, don't judge. Tonight we are going to a movie together and I'm really excited. I always love going to the movies. Tomorrow is Missions Day at our church, and the choir is singing some good songs, and it will be a good day. I hope everyone has had a good weekend!

February 8, 2008

It Actually Happened

Yes, with my friend Liv's help, I did it.

I put COLOR on my hair!!!!

It's a huge deal for me. I have always loved my hair color, and swore I wouldn't color until I have to cover gray. However, I love the natural red that is in my hair, and I wanted a little more of it. So Liv and I were in Walgreens today and started browsing THE aisle. I finally found a box that said "semi-permanent" (the word permanent scares me), and bought a light auburn color. It's very subtle and not too dramatic, which is what I wanted. I always hate when people walk into a building and you immediately think "DYE JOB." But I'm easing into a stronger red, because it suits my skin coloring really well. So, in short, I didn't make a drastic change...I'm just playing up the natural colors that I love in my hair. Fun, huh?! I bet no one will even notice unless they look closely....but I notice a difference and love it! Liv wants to meet up next week and go stronger....I might actually be all for it! While I'm waiting for it to grow out, I need something to do with it to keep me from getting too bored. When I get bored, I tend to get trendy shorter haircuts, and they DO NOT work for me. If you've forgotten, please read my post about my new amazing stylist, Morgan. He's a doll. I actually saw him today because Liv went to go see him for the first time at my recommendation.

Well, Kurt and I are off for a really romantic date. Drumroll, please....WALMART. Boo. What a drag. You really know you're married when quality time is a Walmart trip together. And tomorrow is more togetherness....CLEANING. But I think we will go to a movie tomorrow p.m. to reward ourselves.

Everyone have a lovely evening!

February 7, 2008

Annie Moments and Enjoying my Home

We had a great time at Annie last night! However, there were a few funny experiences:

-I decided to go to the restroom before the show, so I could avoid going at intermission with the rest of the masses. I went at 7:23 (the show started at 7:30). When I arrived at said restroom, there was a long line. Then, over time, I we all figured out that ONE out of the FOUR stalls was working. Seriously? So the show was about to start, and I am all but shoved into the ONE stall so that everyone behind me doesn't miss any more of the show (the overture had started by now). So then, with all the pressure to go quickly, the still silence, and the audience, I just couldn't go. My body just wouldn't work. So, I just walked right back out of the stall, after waiting in line in vain. I ended up going to the restroom during the song RIGHT before intermission. Success. When I left the restroom, there was a line a mile long behind me :)

-It was a SUANA in Thalia Mara. I mean it had to be 85 degrees in there. Yes, it was chilly outside, but does it have to be STIFLING? At one point I looked over at Tommy and Kurt. Kurt was trying to focus but was sweating terribly, and Tommy was fanning himself and just staring down at the ground. Hilarious.

-Suzanne's phone started ringing---LOUDLY---at an inopportune time, and got me tickled. She couldn't get her phone to stop, and I couldn't stop laughing.

Those are a few of the highlights :) Today I went to lunch with Dad and now I'm home doing laundry and trying to clean up around the house. But sitting in a rocking chair with my wonderful book is so tempting. And my DVR is just waiting for me with some wonderful movies. Ugh. I think I'm going to work really hard for an hour and then reward myself :) So this day isn't too terribly exciting but being home in and of itself is exciting to me. I had lunch with my friend Rebecca (rebeccaharmon.blogspot.com) yesterday at MC in Clinton, and it was great to see her. However, I know I don't belong there anymore. It's just a nice, peaceful feeling.

Well I'm off to work so I can look forward to some sitting time :) Happy day!

February 5, 2008

Some Thoughts :)

I'm at work again today...it's been a good day but the bookkeeping has me stumped for the first time! I'm off $20. Ugh! I've looked and looked at it, and finally Lisa, one of the other ladies that works in the office on occasion, told me to STOP! Haha....my perfectionism was coming out, and she said she'd handle it tomorrow. I HATE leaving things unfinished, especially at work, but I think I'll let this one go. This will probably turn out to be a really random post.

I still haven't picked out my wedding album pictures. Is that bad? I just can't seem to sit down and sort through thousands of pictures and choose this many 5x7's, that many 8x10's...you get the idea. Plus, not only am I choosing from the wedding day pictures, but my portrait session as well. Help! But I think that someday this week might be the day. Tomorrow I'm going to Target to develop the California trip pictures for my grandparents, I'm having lunch in Clinton with one of my interior design buddies, and then....drumroll, please....Kurt and I are going to see ANNIE with Tommy and Suzanne! We are really excited. We haven't made it to ANY of this season's shows, so it's great to be going. It's a hard knock life! Friday I'm cleaning for mom, then eating with her at JA for a little treat. She's awesome at what she does, that's for sure.

Kurt and I were watching "Ultimate Bedrooms for Romance" on HGTV last night. Don't freak out, it was purely a decorating show. But I made an interesting observation. Usually, we often see that couples who have a lot of money are unhappy in their marriage. Either she was a gold digger or he wanted a trophy wife....or both. However, on the show it was showing these opulant, extravagant homes, and every couple interviewed seemed genuinely delighted to be together. (And I'm a good judge of when people are faking affection for appearances.) One older man said "I am just delighted to be with her. I tell her I love her countless times a day." Every couple hugged, laughed, and seemed so in love (and all were middle-aged or older).

Then I made the connection. Sure, these couples had a lot of money to make their homes amazing. But they all took special care to make their bedroom a significant place. They all talked about "my wife really wanted this" and "my husband has always loved this" and they made it happen for the other person to make them feel special.

My point is this. The Lord is obviously the sole source of fulfillment and joy in a marriage, but selflessness is also a key factor. Remembering why you fell in love with someone makes it a little harder to be frustrated with them. For some reason, when I watched this TV show I was really impressed that along with worldly and monetary success, these couples had (and have) success in their significant relationship. For some reason, something tells me that these couples would be just as happy in American suburbia, in a 4 bedroom, 3 bath 2500 square foot house.

That's impressive.

February 4, 2008

An Inspiring Piece of Text

I saw this quote and fell in love with it. It is written from the perspective of God. How TRUE this is:

"No, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled, and content with being loved by me alone, until giving yourself totally to me, to have an intensely peronsal and unique relationship with me alone, discovering that only in me is your satisfaction to be found, will you be capable of the perfect human relationship that I planned for you to have. You will never be united with another until you are united with me. Allow me to give you the most thrilling plan existing- One that you cannot imagine. I want you to have the best. Please allow me to bring it to you. You just keep watching me, expecting the greatest things, experiencing the satisfaction that I am, keep listening and learning the things I tell you.
You just wait. Thats all. Don't be anxious. Don't look at the things you want. You just keep looking off and up to me or you will miss what I want to show you. Then, when you are ready, I will surprise you with a love far more wonderful than you can dream of. You see, I am working at this moment to have you both ready at the same time. But until you are both satisfied exclusively with me and the life I have planned for you, you will not be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with me. This perfect love, DEAR ONE, I want you to have is the most wonderful love.
I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with me. I want you to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty and love that I offer you with myself. Know that I love you endlessly. I am the ALMIGHTY GOD. Believe and be satisfied."

How beautiful and stirring is that?

New Look

Yes, I gave my page a makeover again! I love nostalgia so much that it's just a fitting theme. :)
I'm at work, and the day is going well. It's amazing how much faster the day goes with an office job as opposed to retail. Especially since JB, JC, and CBM see patients in hour sessions. It really helps the day go by quickly. While they are in session, I have a full hour to do the daily bookkeeping, print out patient receipts, take the mail downstairs, and sort the mail. It's just a refreshing change of pace, although I do stay rather busy. I'm on my lunch break, which is why I have time to post! :)
Last night we had a little family Superbowl party. We recorded it during church, and mom, dad, and my brother Will came over afterwards to watch. I made my first pot of chili (really yummy!) and my ice cream cake that I think may become my signature dessert. I took it over to dinner with Erin and Drew last week, and it was a hit. I have a picture of it at home, which I'll post later. I can't claim the recipe, because it came from Kraft.com, but who cares?
Tonight is just a nice evening at home. I'm not sure what I'm cooking. Probably a chicken casserole.....easy! I really worked hard on Saturday to organize the office, and I got pretty far. It's just amazing how clutter collects and all of a sudden you're going crazy. I'm just taking one cluttered area at a time....which means it will take me FOREVER! ha!
Well I'm off to take care of the little world called Live Oak Associates. Cheery day!

February 2, 2008

Another Fun Survey and a little Art lesson

First of all, I changed my header picture to a beautiful medieval scene by the wonderful artist Eyvind Earle. I am a HUGE HUGE fan of his work, and my dream is to have some in my home (even if they're prints...). He did a lot of the concept work for the Disney film "Sleeping Beauty." I am fascinated with medieval art, but I love how he uses a modern line in his work. Look him up. I'll do a longer post about him when I have more pictures downloaded of his work. I'm trying to track down a coffee table book about him, but I'm not sure one exists.

Speaking of medieval, I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought two pieces of fiction about Anne and Mary Boleyn (Anne was a wife of Henry VIII) and Catherine of Aragon, his wife that was from Spain. I was so frustrated because I couldn't find an actual nonfiction biography about Henry's wives, but these pieces of fiction are by Philippa Gregory and she is known to do thorough research. Also, I wanted to read her book "The Other Boleyn Girl" because it will be coming out as a movie soon. Can you tell I love that period of British history? One of my very favorite places that I went to when I studed in London was Hampton Court Palace, which was originally built by Cardinal Wolsey. Wolsey was the Archbishop and Chancellor during Henry's reign, and got a little too big for his britches. Henry had made comments about how large Hampton Court was, and fearing for his life, Wolsey offered the palace to the King. Interesting, huh? I'll post pictures sometime. I'm sure everyone is thoroughly bored, but I am fascinated by this period and the wives that made this story so interesting.

On a completely different note, here is another fun survey to fill out. Copy it and do it for a post...I would LOVE to see your answers!

1.) If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be?
Cell phone, purse, a Coke, and a piece of vintage jewelry. Oh, and my wedding rings.

2.) I have an irrational way of:
Holding on to past hurts. But I'm getting better. And I am irrational about associations. For instance, I don't like certain cities because of bad memories.

3.) What type of food do you eat at your grandparents house?
Yummy food! But we aren't from the South, so it's not a "Paula Deen" type spread. It's just really good food.

4.) What weight were you when you were born?
I have no idea, but I'm POSITIVE I was dainty :)

5.) What would you do if you were stranded on an island with the person you hate most?
Do a lot of praying.

6.) What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on?
Leave immediately.

7.) Do you stalk anyone on myspace?
I think stalking is a strong word.

8.) The last text I got from someone:
"ok" from Erin

9.) Next door to my house is(are):
Another house.

10.) My nails are:
Done by a fabulous manicurist, Judy. I adore her.

11.) The last person to call me was:

12.) Your dream job:
To be a performer on Broadway or a European traveler for the Travel Channel.

13.) Know how to cook?

14.) I am annoyed with:
People who just don't GET it. You know? They just dont get life.

15.) What is the worst way you were dumped?
A guy broke up with me and listed off the reasons. Sidenote: they were all ridiculous.

17.) What sea creature scares you?
Anything that could kill me.

18.) What color hair do most of the people you are around have?
Brunette. Well, my sister is blonde and Liv and I have reddish hair, so all colors!

19.) What object have you broken most recently?
None that I know of.

20.) Name one of the Spice Girls.
Baby, Posh, Scary, Sporty, and Ginger. why name one when i can name all five?!

21.) Last thing that made you cry?
Being sick and wanting my mom. True story.

22.) What are the stems on wine glasses for?
I don't drink wine....but I imagine it's engineered for taste reasons.

23.) My favorite shoes are?
Black heels. They go with everything.

24.) Can you use chopsticks?
Yes! Very well, in fact.

25.) Do you prefer beaches or forests?
Forests to me are more romantic.

26.) Who's your third text from?
No idea!

27.) Who knows a secret or two about you?
My husband, I suppose.

28.) Have you ever burned yourself?
With my Chi straightener.

29.) Who is probably talking about you behind your back right now?
I would hope no one, but I'm a pastor's daughter. It could be happening! :)

30.) Who is your hero[es]?
My dad, two grandfathers, my mom, and my aunt who battled breast cancer.

39.) Where is your sister right now?
They are probably both out and about.

40.) Do you believe in things that last forever?

41.) What are you listening to?
Nothing. It's quiet.

42.) What do you smell like?
Just myself...I'll smell like Burberry London when I get dressed and put perfume on.

43.) Are you married?
Very happily.

44.) Does anyone regularly tell you they love you?
Yes! Many people do thank goodness. Even my 15 year old brother tells me that after every phone conversation.

46.) Do you have any bad habits?
I'm sure.

47.) Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?
Yes. After have Mrs. Downey for English Literature and Mrs. Curry for American History, I wanted to change lives like they changed mine.

48.) What is one thing you've learned about life?
To take care of yourself. Don't live your life like everyone expects it to be lived. Do what God has told you to do. AND...God provides The One when you least expect it!

49.) What's your favorite color?
I truly love all colors in their own way.

50.) Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?
No....I would absolutely freak out from claustrophobia.

51.) What does your dad call you?
Ashley Dashley and Ash. And Little Girl.

52.) Has anyone told you that they like you more than a friend?
Yes. Usually that's always awkward.

53.) What are you looking forward to?
When Kurt and I go to North Carolina to see the Biltmore. I truly can't wait.

54.) How are you today?
Blessed and content :)
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