March 31, 2008

Who I Am Meme--Tagged by Tiffany!

I was tagged by Tiffany to play a “Who Are You?” Meme.

- The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
- Each player answers the questions about themselves.
- At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people, posts their names, and then leaves a comment on their blogs, letting them know they've been tagged.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
~ Well, I was 12, almost 13.

~ I was in the angst-filled years of just becoming a teenager. This was a very short phase for me, but I was starting to kind of have that "I'm too cool" attitude. Looking back, I HATE that I acted that way...even if it didn't last long!

~ We were living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, which I consider my home. I was attending Schultz Middle School and performing the role of the "Stepmother" in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella." This may seem strange, but that was the best performance experience I've ever had...and I've performed a lot! Mr. Mike Dumey was our director, and he made school bearable for me. I didn't mind going to my other classes because I knew that I'd get to sing in choir at least an hour each day. Even though we were young, we had a very mature performance, and got rave reviews! :)

~ I was in love with Prince William. I LOVE. My #1 goal in life at that point was to get to England. Not just to hunt him down, but to just see this country that I was interested in. Any country that still had castles was the place for me! And, I'm proud to say 10 years later, I've been---twice :)

~I loved, loved, loved my church--Lynwood Baptist (still do!). We had a good number of people in youth group, and we took mission trips, had pizza, learned about the Bible and current issues, and enjoyed sitting together in the service. I just have good memories of that time.

Five Things on my to-do list today.
~ I'm at work, so....make it through the day!
~ Work on my "For Women Only" bible study that we started in Lifegroup---yay!
~ Have lunch with my sweet daddy.
~ Pick up copies of VIP magazine...our wedding is in it!
~ Love on my sweet husband and watch DWTS, Bachelor, and Jon & Kate Plus 8 :)

Five Snacks I enjoy.
~ Goldfish.
~ My ice cream cake that I's so fattening but so delicious.
~ A few pieces of dark chocolate.
~ This counts as a dessert, but my mom's marshmellow crescent rolls!
~ If it's not good for me, I probably enjoy snacking on it.

Five Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
~ Give, give, give to my church!
~ Pay off all debts!
~ Travel- A LOT!
~ Give back to my family....they deserve it so much.
~ Bless those I come across in need, but in secret. (Good one, Tiffany!)

Five bad habits.
~ My blogging/internet addiction.
~ Staying up way too late-I mean REALLY late.
~ Not exercising enough.
~ Over analyzing everything! (Me too, Tiffany!)
~ Holding grudges/associating things, places, and people with bad memories.

Five places I have lived.
~ Texas
~ Florida
~ Oklahoma
~ Missouri
~ Mississippi
(And I'm adding one because it's cool: London, England!)

Five Jobs I've had.
~ The perfume counter at McRae's..only on a few Saturdays.
~ Protea Dekor...a decorating store/interior designer
~ I've painted Scripture on canvases for people's homes and gotten paid for them
~ Nanny
~ Northbay Subdivision---I got paid to supervise the pools...basically, I got paid to lounge around. But it was hot.
~ Annelle Primos Interior Design.

Five people I want to know more about (a nice way of saying TAG):
1) Jenny
2) Andrea
3) Katrice
4) Demetria
5) Olivia

March 29, 2008

Ski Trip and Easter Pictures!

Hi everyone! My wonderful father in law sent me the CD of our pictures in Steamboat. Also, I included some Easter pictures. Here they are!

March 27, 2008


Here are the things I accomplished today:

-Worked out! (This is a biggie)

-Got a library card! I love libraries, and more people should take advantage of this system. Books, CD's, and DVD's can be rented for FREE!!! I walked into the library and saw that it still had its 70s decor. But for some reason, I like it that way. Maybe I'm weird, but I have always associated libraries with looking like that. I don't know why, but I just really like dated libraries :)

-Picked up my gift for Erin and Drew's couple's shower on Saturday. It is AWESOME and I'm so excited! I can't tell what it is (even though I don't think she reads....), but I'll post a picture after the fact!!

-Picked up some things at Walgreens.

-Got a Sonic cherry limeade. (Yes, I consider this being productive.)

This doesn't seem like a lot, but it was a full day! Now I'm making "9-Can Soup," my friend Adelle's recipe, which can be found at June Cleaver Cooking Club. :) I think Kurt and I may watch Godfather II tonight.

-P.S. While I was putting my makeup on this morning, I watched a little bit of the movie "Torch Song," which I had recorded a few nights ago. I only recorded it because the description looked so interesting, and I love movies from the 50s. Joan Crawford is in it (who I normally don't like), but she plays a spoiled and hardened Broadway star who falls for a blind pianist (very handsome, might I add). Check this movie out!! Note: I have not finished it yet, so I don't know if it's a happy ending or sad!

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

March 25, 2008


I visited my favorite author, Kristin Billerbeck's, blog today and commented on one of her posts.

And my favorite author, Kristin Billerbeck, wrote BACK. TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!! It even included my name.

I am starstruck.

Being a Mommy, TV Update, and Losing Weight

Here are just a few of my thoughts today:

-My friend Katrice has written on her blog about the show "Secret Life of a Soccer Mom" where they take a woman who quit her career to be with her kids, and let her try that career again for a week. K asked what all of her "mom" readers would be doing if they could do it for a week. Another friend of mine, Kearsmom (that's her nickname, not her real name!), like Katrice, wrote that she literally has been called to be a mom her whole life.

This is totally me! I know some people think that's so 1952, but maybe it's because my mom stayed home with us. I have incredible memories of her reading to me, going to the library, cooking, watching Disney things with me, playing Barbies, getting slushies, walking around the mall, going to the grocery store (we had an awesome grocery store in Oklahoma that had little singing characters at each area)....the list goes on and on!

When I was in elementary school, someone came to our class to talk about careers. She went around the room and asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, and I said "A Mommy." And that woman looked at me and said, "No, honey. I'm talking about real jobs."

UGGHH! Even at that young age, I was so offended and wanted to defend my mother so badly. I really have never wavered from my desire to stay at home with my kids and take care of Kurt. It's just something that I don't dread doing. Which leads to another issue...when is it right to start having kids? Everyone and their dog says "Wait, wait, wait!!!" And I understand that Kurt and I need this time. I'm not naive. I just never want to be such a control freak about MY schedule and MY timing and MY plan that I miss what God wants to do. You know?

Sure, if I weren't called to be a mother there are a lot of things that I would like to do. Namely, entertain. I think I've mentioned before that I was in Orlando and about to audition for Disney entertainment (at DisneyWorld), but opted out because I didn't feel a 100% peace. My dream job is performing on Broadway. More realistically, I think I would enjoy photography. I love taking candids of people and catching them just as they are.

But anyway, I just know personally that my calling is to raise my kids. I know that it's the most challenging job out there, but spending all of my time with a little person who is half me and half Kurt is what I'm supposed to do :)

-Secondly, Katrice was writing about the show "I Can Make You Thin." Basically, it's just a guy giving simple tips to lose the weight. In my own health/weight situation, I have decided not to do auto-delivery for my NutriSystem like I had planned. Note: I am NOT a quitter!!!! I just think that the money I was going to spend on NS is needed somewhere else, and being a good steward is important to me. But let me say: in the few weeks that I've been on NS, I've learned a lot about portions, calories, protein, fiber, etc. Very valuable info! So what I'm going to do is take what I've learned, use the NS food that I have left here and there, and make adjustments in my regular diet. Also, having joined the gym, I think that will make a difference. I am definitely interested in using the TV guy's tips, though. They are very practical! If you want to see what Katrice wrote, click on "The Hadleys" in the left menu of my blog.

-Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed television last night. DWTS was great---some people are really awkward to watch, but others are so great. I feel sorry for Julianne Hough (my favorite pro dancer) because I can tell she won't be in it long with Adam Corolla for a partner. Her brother, Derek (who dances with Shannon) has better chances of staying. And he is one of my personal favorites....Priscilla continues to impress me! I'm predicting Kristi Yamaguchi to win. There's a lot I could say about all the dancers but I'll spare you. The Bachelor didn't disappoint either!! I was surprised that he let Erin (the dark haird pretty one) go, but NOT surprised that he let the red-headed clarinet player go. And she sang to him in this episode. Ironically, another girl sang to him on this episode and got cut too. Apparently Matt thought the singing was just as awkward as we, the viewers, did. Jon and Kate Plus 8 was fabulous, as usual. But Kurt is thinking of banning it, because it gives me a baby itch. I just see those little faces and can't stnad it :) But don't worry, I'm not pregnant and don't plan to be anytime soon. So everyone can save their "WAIT WAIT WAIT!!" comments :)

So Motherhood, Reality TV and Weight/Health were the topics for today :) I'm at work and it's going pretty well. Dad has staff meeting but he's going to try to meet me for lunch. I told him to tell the staff that they need to keep it QUICK--ha! We'll see how that goes. Hope everyone has a great day!

March 24, 2008

Monday, Monday.....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! My mom's parents came into down and we had a lot of good family time. I took Nana to the hospital with me to give Kurt some food (he was on call on Easter!). I wanted her to be able to see where he works. Poppy brought some of my great-grandmother's sheet music (we're talking from the 1920's) and we played and sang. It was a good time!

Easter Sunday morning started out a little rough. I arrived at 7:45, ready to sing, and I see that the entire choir was dressed in their khakis/pastel shirts that we wore for the Palm Sunday program. I had missed the wardrobe memo.

I RACED home, changed clothes like a mad woman (thankfully I had my khakis still lying out) and then RACED back to the church. I had missed the first song, but I snuck in during the welcome. I was so out of breath it was ridiculous. The sad things are: I had a new dress for Easter that I LOVE and didn't get to wear, and I had thought to myself Saturday night that it would be just my luck to miss a memo like that. Ironic, huh?

Nevertheless, our services were wonderful. You could feel a real sense of worship, which is so great to experience. We (the choir) sang 3 anthems, and Dad's message was about doubting Thomas. For some reason, I had never correlated the story of Thomas to Easter. I had just considered it a story that happened "after the fact." But the point was, Thomas missed out on Easter because he was so doubtful of the Lord. He was stubborn, too. He said, "Unless I SEE...". How often do we do that? We won't believe that God is real and alive unless He proves it. The more I think about it, God proves His realness to us in the little things: we are alive each day, we see flowers bloom in springtime, we see the miracle of life when babies are born, and we know that He hears when we pray. I think Christians often wait for God to
do us "favors," and then we'll put our trust in Him. It should be so different! We should be thanking Him and believing Him solely because He died for us. Any "extra" blessings that we receive are just because He loves us so much. :)

It's hard to believe that spring is upon us. The weather is still a little iffy, but I think we'll make the change soon. I'm at work, as usual, and it's been pretty hectic. Some days I feel like I really have it together at this job, and other times I feel like I'm back at square one. It can be such a drag getting back into things. But I'm trying to be positive! I'm having lunch with my sisters today, so that will be a really bright spot! And, of course, the Bachelor comes on, which is such a cheap thrill. Since Kurt watches it with me, I guess that counts as quality time...maybe? :)

Hope everyone has a great day!

March 21, 2008

On Good Friday...

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
Oh! Sometimes it causes me to tremble...tremble....tremble.
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

"But He was pierced because of our transgressions, crushed because of our iniquities;
punishment for our peace was on Him, and we are healed by His wounds."
Isaiah 53:5, HCS

What a beautiful, beautiful old spiritual song and Bible passage to commemorate Good Friday. Can you imagine what it was like to be there? The blood everywhere as He struggled to bear His cross. Mary, his mother, sobbing because of the love for her son. The screaming as they hammered nails into tender skin. And it was for me. For ME!

A lot is said on this online journal that I have. But nothing...nothing.... is more important than our Messiah, Redeemer, Friend, Jehovah, and Redeemer. No other religion in the world is based upon a resurrected, living Christ! I serve a risen Savior, and He is active in my life today. I fail Him daily. I am so inadequate to have been saved. But when I was 6 years old, I recognized the power in His resurrection. I understood, even at that young age, that His crucifiction was undeserved, and because my sin, I should have been on the cross.

On this Easter weekend, I rejoice with so many Christians around the world who know this peace that passes all understanding. This world will pass away. I will someday die. But knowing that my eternity is with Him is such a precious promise to have. I pray for each person that reads this---every single person---that you will dwell in thoughts of Jesus and His resurrection this Easter. And for some readers who may not know Him---I pray that your heart will be opened, and that you will come to know the precious Person, God, and Spirit that I serve.

As you listen to this poignant, inspiring, and moving piece from the movie "Passion of the Christ," close you eyes and imagine the rock over the tomb. It is eerily quiet and still. Satan believes that he has the victory.

Then, all at once, the rock is forcefully pulled away, light bursts forth from the tomb. The linens are left where he had lain, and He stands, breathing in the air of Earth once again. Walking out into the sun, He reclaims victory. He walks on earth once again.

He has been the final sacrifice for all of mankind.

May you know Him deeply this Easter!

March 19, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Well, DWTS last night was great! Kristi knocked it out of the park with her foxtrot, and I was really impressed with Priscilla's, too! She was really good! I'm excited to see what happens.

Idol was not so hot. They shouldn't have had them do a Beatles week again. It reached its peak the first week, in my opinion. I wonder who gets voted off!?

While all of this exciting television was going on, Kurt and I noticed a hole in our wall that had started out very very tiny (we thought it was just a knick or something), and was now a LOT bigger. With closer inspection, we found that we have had hundreds of little creatures living in our wall: TERMITES.

My reaction: Grossed out, and immediately felt like I had bugs crawling on me and needed to itch.

Kurt's reaction: Grab a dustbuster and try to suck 'em out. To which I said, "Kurt, why are you trying to suck them out?"
"Look--I just got 200 of them with just one blast! It'll help get some of them out."
"Kurt, they don't charge us by each termite they remove. Just let it go."

So today, Mr. Termite man came and saved the day. Tomorrow at 9 a.m. our house will be thoroughly treated. And all I'm thinking is: Cha-ching.

However, there was a bright spot today. I took my baby (well, 13 year old) sister and little (well, taller than me, almost 16 year old) brother to see Renaissance, the new shopping center. Barnes and Noble is awesome! I wrote down about 8 titles that I want to try and find at the library or eventually buy. We ran into Suzanne, which is always a treat! Punky (little sister) went off with a friend to go shopping elsewhere, so I got some rare quality time with my little brother. It was really enjoyable, and we got to talk about a lot of things. Sometimes it's weird...the baby I remember holding in the hospital is now talking to me about dating, driving, and possibly going to medical school. I love him dearly!

Oh, another bright spot---I walked 2 miles with Mom today! I hope it's making a difference.

I'm going to finish up some laundry and other domestic duties. Love to my friends!

March 18, 2008

"Reality" Rocks

As they always say on the Bachelor, "It's the most exciting season yet...."

Boy were they right!!!

Last night, the Bachelor hit the ground running with a great season opener. The Bachelor is adorable, British, and very grounded (or so it seems right now). I am usually able to tell if a Bachelor is all that. Dr. Travis? UH HUH! "Prince" Lorenzo? Not so much. Matt Grant impressed me. However, even though he's British (and from my own personal experience knowing European guys), he'll drink alcohol like a fish. But I love this guy.

I must say that he gave his first impression rose to the right girl, Amanda R. I really like her! She reminds me of someone, but I can't exactly place it. Robin, the girl who had lived in London awhile and spoke some French was cute too. She grew on me. Noelle, the photographer with fake boobs, seemed surprisingly genuine. I was surprised that he let the Texas girl go, because he thought she was so stunning coming out of the limo. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about Carri (with the blonde-bob hairdo). Speaking of haridos, is it just me, or do most of the girls have really short hair this season? Also a surprise: the two girls (Ashlee and Michelle) that showed their musical talents through the guitar and clarinet (can we say awkward?) got roses. But I guess it proves that he's not necessarily looking for a trashy hoochie.

Which is a perfect lead-in to....


As in, drunk-as-a-skunk, wearing 80's inspired electric blue dress, cussing like a sailor, dumb as a board, handing Matt her panties Stacey.

People, she was a trip. I have watched every Bachelor season (except maybe one?), and this girl was amazingly terrible. She got wasted, was mumbling sentences no one understood, and as a last resort, handed Matt a pair of panties. Thankfully, he was just as disgusted as the rest of America.

This is looking like a GOOD season!

DWTS put on a good show as well. I was impressed with the potential of Mario (the singer), Cristian (the Hispanic actor), and Jason(the hot athlete). Tonight we watch the girls dance, and I have high hopes for Marlee (she is so cute, and the deaf have always been near to my heart anyway), and Kristi (I was obsessed with figure skating when she was in her prime). I think Priscilla is riding the fence right now on how she feels about the show. On the opener last night, she looked like "Am I too cool for this? Was this a good idea? Or should I just cheese it up and love it?" She'll be interesting to watch. And her plastic surgery would've been a success if she hadn't had those cheek implants. But ANYWAY...good season ahead!

Ok, ok, I'll stop about TV. Mom and I had lunch today at Basil's and it was delicious! It was so good to spend time with her. Tonight we've got DWTS of course, and Idol. You know I'll post my thoughts on those shows! haha! Hope everyone is having a great day.

March 17, 2008

Whistle While You Work

Hi there...
I am at work today, and have been pretty busy. I brought my NutriSystem breakfast and lunch, and ate a salad too. And...I have not had any carbonation! I have sipped on water all day. I miss my Coke, I'm not going to lie. But just knowing that you're not putting excess calories in your body is a good feeling.

Okay, this is really exciting. I have been messing around on youtube, and I've found so many cartoons, shows, etc. that I thought were lost forever from my childhood! I have been watching some great stuff. I asked one of the tech guys at our church if there's a way to transfer them to DVD, and he said he'd show me how. That is just so exciting to me!

It's a big night tonight. As I announced in an earlier post, DWTS and the Bachelor premiere! I am so so so excited. Also, I noticed that there's a new show coming out called Miss Guided, starring Judy Greer. She's ALWAYS been the best friend in every chick flick (13 Going on 20, Wedding Planner, etc.). I've always said to myself, "When is this girl going to be the leading lady? She must be tired of being the best friend!" Well, here she is in a new show. The preview comes on tomorrow night, so I'm going to look into it. The premise looks funny!

Last night we had our Easter concert at church---it was awesome! I was so proud to be apart of it. Each song had a wonderful message, and you could tell that people were really worshiping. It's hard to believe that it's Easter already...spring is definitely on its way! But here's what I wish: I wish that we (in the South) had the normal length of time that spring weather lasts. I seriously think we get about two weeks of spring, and then all of a sudden it's sweltering hot. I would just love four, distinct seasons. But I have no right to be grumpy---I love springtime. However, I do anticipate Christmas already. But I'm totally abnormal about that kind of thing. Maybe I have Christmas adjustment disorder? Who knows. :)

I hope everyone is having a pleasant day!


Hi everyone...
I feel like I've offended several recently with my environmental comments. Blogging is a great thing most of the time, but when you write something that's an opinion or just a thought you're having at the time, it can be a bad thing. I really try to write about topics that are coming up in my life, and sometimes my opinion just comes right out there. I don't think my comment was as well-phrased as it could have been (I literally wrote it in a few seconds, not putting a ton of thought into it). I obviously am a Conservative, but in the grand scheme of things, each of us knows more about certain topics than others. I totally get this, and I'm not looking to get into a debate with anyone. I think the mature attitude is to agree to disagree on some things, and I hope this doesn't make anyone think less of me. I won't apologize for my opinions, but I will apologize if people think I was trying to blatantly offend or start an argument---I wasn't! Hopefully you, as my friends, understand my motives and heart.

March 15, 2008

A Plethora of Topics

For some reason, I have much to say today! So, here I go.

-I'm going to go out on a big limb here, and probably offend a few people. But I'll say it anyway: Environmental freaks annoy me. I know this is shocking to some, but there are things that I am WAY more passionate about than the environment. And I'm also irritated. We are all aware that gas prices are absolutely horrendous. And a certain political party is pushing their agenda for using "alternative fuel." And let me go on record as saying, when alternative to fuel is available, I will readily use it. Seriously! I really wouldn't mind. But in the meantime, we are absolutely sending ourselves into economic decline by having to shell out tons of bucks for gas. Here's my thing: while researchers are developing this new fuel, we need to drill here in the U.S. in some isolated locations for our own resources that are available, and set up one or two refineries. But this certain political party FREAKS OUT at the thought of endangering animals by drilling. People, please. I am an animal lover. I love the movie Bambi. I don't like the sport of hunting, but I understand that it has to go on to some degree to keep population under control. But can we not work for the greater good, here? If we just tapped into our own resources until we have that alternative, it would help so much. To end this segment of my post, I will give you the most annoying thing I've EVER read on the topic, as quoted in Glamour magazine:
"Double-side and single-space while typing. You'll use 75% less paper. 'If everyone did this, we'd save about 6 million trees a year,' says Tamara Krinsky, an actress who is challenging Microsoft to change its default margin settings from 1 inch to 3/4inch. Sign her petition at
When I see an actress or actor in Hollywood be passionate about pro-life issues, then we'll talk about changing my stupid typing margins.

-On a reality TV note, I am WAY excited about the Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars coming on! I'm not entirely keen on the new DWTS cast, so I have yet to decide who I will cheer for. The Bachelor is just downright entertaining, and I love every minute of it. Is it over the top and sometimes cheesy? Yes. Do I look forward to it every week? YES! An added bonus: He's a Brit! My second home! Also, thank the Lord that David-the-male-stripper-Hernandez is off Idol. About TIME.

-These are the books I'm currently reading: "The Boleyn Inheritance," the book written after "The Other Boleyn Girl"; "Once Upon a Time," the biography of Grace Kelly; and "Walt Disney--The Power of the American Imagination," his biography. Excellent reading!

-Instead of watching Sophie's Choice last night, we watched the Godfather for the first time. I was actually impressed. It took me awhile to get into it, but Kurt loved it from the very beginning. Mafia/Mob culture is interesting!

-Okay, people. After much thought and deliberation, I have decided that I will announce some of my very favorite movies, with their respective category. I urge you to check all of these out, if you haven't! And the winners are:
OLD MOVIE: The Court Jester
HISTORICAL: Anne of the Thousand Days (story of Anne Boleyn..not completely accurate, but it's very well done)
MUSICAL: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
OLD HOLIDAY: Holiday Inn and White Christmas (I would have married Bing Crosby)
LIVE-ACTION DISNEY: The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band & Happiest Millionaire (John Davidson and Lesley Ann Warren together is magical in these two)
QUIRKY/INDIE: Elizabethtown
90'S CLASSICS: Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping (Sleep was the theme)
MODERN MOVIE MUSICAL: Phantom of the Opera and Hairspray
DRAMA: Atonement, Matchpoint, A Place in the Sun
NEW HOLIDAY: The Holiday
DORIS DAY: By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Pillow Talk
AUDREY HEPBURN: My Fair Lady (surprisingly, not Breakfast at Tiffany's...)
80'S CLASSIC: Breakfast Club (this movie made me cry)

That's my list so far! Let me know what your thoughts are...I'm sure this post has something in it for everyone :)

March 14, 2008

Updates on Life

Today has been pretty low-key. We slept late (still recovering from the vacation), and then went to Sam's. I think we can start avoiding WalMart altogether (yay!) by going to Sam's twice a month. Very exciting. We went to Target to get exciting things like a hot water kettle (Kurt somehow broke our other one). We plan on watching the movie "Sophie's Choice" tonight. Meryl Streep stars, and it's about her living with an Auschwitz survivor and her "mad lover," whatever that's supposed to mean. I'll give my review!

NurtiSystem update: Today I have had my breakfast entree, yogurt, light Lemonade, a dinner entree, salad, and NutriSystem pretzels. Since I slept late, I didn't do lunch, just a late breakfast. Tonight I will have a dessert entree. I don't have a scale here at the house...I plan on getting one soon so I can track my weight. I am learning to adjust to the portions and surprisingly, I'm feeling more full. I'm eating 5 times a day. I discovered "Salad Spritzers" to use on my salad....they're basically vinagairettes that you spray on the salad---way less fattening than creamy dressing. Little shortcuts like that are encouraging..I feel like I'm making a difference! It was huge for me today at Sams--I had to literally pause in front of the drink machine to keep myself from getting a regular Coke, which is my favorite. I got the lemonade instead. Coke is like my version of coffee. It's comforting, and I love the taste. I also think it gives me that little caffeine boost. But I was proud of myself for that one little decision!

This is random, but I was reading my friend Demetria's blog, and she mentioned the movie "The Notebook." It reminded me that the theme song from that movie is so beautiful...and that made me play the piano for awhile. I don't mention the piano a lot, but I do play. It's my version of therapy. When I'm upset or sad or just need to contemplate, I play. I've been playing since I was about 5. One day, when I was about 6 or 7, my mom was in the other room and heard me playing the theme from "Bambi," which has a lot of runs and complicated chords. She came in and said, "I didn't know we had the music to that song." And I said, "But Mom, I don't have the music." That's when she realized I could play by ear. Generally, I can hear something and then play it back. That's what made piano lessons complicated for me. I would watch and hear the teacher play the song, and then play it right back to her, which kept me from learning to read. I can read music now, but it's not the easiest thing for me, and I much prefer to play my own arrangement. I'm no concert pianiest, but I appreciate the fact that I can play easily. Just a little tidbit about me :)

Well I'm off to try and accomplish unpacking/straightening. I really hate that. I just feel like items accumulate in the house as I unpack. But I recently had an idea, and I'm excited: I think I'm going to store my winter clothes somewhere other than my closet. Under the bed, maybe? In a box in the attic? I just need breathing room, and in off-season, those clothes are just taking up space. So now I just need to get moving :) Happy weekend!

You Are Fairly Normal

You scored 65% normal on this quiz

Like most people you are normal in some ways...

But you aren't a completely normal person. You're a little weird too!

Why You Are Normal:

You prefer ruffled potato chips

You know a lot about a few subjects

You prefer a good meal to a good nap

You think fishnet stockings are trashy

You think glasses can make someone more attractive

Why You Aren't Normal:

You'd rather have cockroaches than rats in your home

You would rather be a movie star than an astronaut

You eat the cupcake first

If you had to, you rather live without laughter and still have music

You prefer your family to your friends

March 13, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello all--
We made it back safely this morning at 3 am. We arrived in Memphis around 11 pm and decided to drive back to Jackson. I figured it would be better to cram all of the exhaustion into one day rather than drag it into two. So we're home!

Today is my first day of NutriSystem. The food is actually good, but the portions are so much smaller than what I'm used to (as well as 98% of Americans). So we'll see how it goes!

We're headed off to eat with Mom and Dad...and then...drumroll, please...

Kurt and I are joining Sam's Club! YESSS!!!!

Kurt is obsessed with buying in bulk. I love Sam's, but my only stress has been where to store the bulk items. But I think it will be a good thing because I'll be buying less groceries (because of my eating plan), so we can probably stock up on a few items and be good to go. I'm such a married person....Sam's excites me :)

Have a great evening!

March 10, 2008

Greetings from Ski Town!

Hello friends!
Just checking in from Steamboat Springs! We are having a great time. I do have some stories from our traveling fiascos, but I'll just type all of those later. We will be headed home on Wednesday afternoon/evening and should arrive back home Thursday morning. We are currently at the condo, watching SNL, The Best of Jimmy Fallon. Good times! Just sying hi, and hope everyone is having a wonderful week. :)

March 7, 2008

And We're Off!

We are heading out for our trip! I'll look forward to catching up with everyone when we get back. Keep us in your prayers--lost luggage, delayed flights, and immense flying stress are some of my greatest pet peeves and annoyances. So pray that all goes well. Love to all of you!

Jump Start to a New Me

Well, I actually have some news for a change! Instead of just writing my opinion on books, movies, conservative politics, or boring people with my everyday life, I've made a decision.

I have been displeased with how I've gained weight over the last few months. A lot of people say to me, "Oh please, you have nothing to worry about" or "That's just ridiculous!" Well, to me it's not ridiculous. I read somewhere that everyone has weight/body issues, and when you become severely unhappy or inhibited because of your body image, it's time to really work on it.

Well, I'm there.

I have decided to use NutriSystem for the next few months. My mom used this system for awhile and feels great now (she's always been beautiful to me!). I've worked out in my head how I'm going to pay for it (and I realized I can still actually save for us to travel, too!), and this is something I'm really committed to.

I've never been unhappy with my weight before. In high school, I was always that girl who could eat anything and not worry. Well, lately it's just been accumulating, and a lot of it has been out of my control (medication, etc.). However, I've decided to make changes and really get in shape and healthy. It may seem extreme to some to have food delivered to my house, but I know my tendencies. I need a PLAN that doesn't just rely on my strength and discipline alone. It'll kind of be like having a chef that knows just the right portions for me (although I'm not kidding myself: Wolfgang Puck isn't exactly cooking for NutriSystem right now...). I need something convenient, and in conjuction with exercise, I feel really optimistic about the results.

I know this may be a weird post to some, but one of my resolutions was my health/weight. Kurt is behind me 100%, and I just don't want to look in the mirror in horror while trying on bathing suits again. Just keeping it real, people! I appreciate your support and encouragement, as always :)

Oh, and if I don't end up looking like this, I'm asking for my money back. :)

March 5, 2008

Snow Bunny

Well, Spring Break is upon us! As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we (Kurt's side of the family) are going skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for spring break. Tomorrow is the day where the joy of packing begins. I never like packing or unpacking. This is the thing in life where I procrastinate the most. I just simply can't get going. But I've got some WAY cute ski gear that I'm borrowing. I just know everyone will mistake me for Heidi Klum.

Today I went and saw my baby sister, Andrea, run the hurdles in a track meet. The only reason that I mention this is because I'm amazed by it. The fact that a female from the Anderson family is doing something a) athletic and b) that involves jumping OVER something in front of a crowd, is astounding to me. And she's really good! My mom and I went to the meet and were super impressed by her confidence. Andrea and I are a lot alike in personality, but she definitely got the tan, blonde, tall, athletic, and hurdle-jumping genes. I, basically, did not.

Tonight we watched Idol, as usual. I'm still rooting for Brooke White. I think she has a vocal style really similar to mine. She's not going to try and do Mariah Carey. She's got the acoustic, low-key thing going on. I like that. I'm still watching the guys. Several impressed me last night. Also, I'm about to fold clothes while watching the "Project Runway" finale! I am super excited, and I hope Jillian wins. On another reality note: I am IN LOVE with the show "Millionaire Matchmaker." It is fascinating to me! I will devote a post sometime just to that show. People who read my blog must think that all I do is watch reality TV and review movies. I promise I do a little more than that :)

Until tomorrow, friends!

March 3, 2008

Movie Reviews and Upcoming Releases

Hi friends...
Nothing much to report here! I am at work and things are going smoothly. Had a great weekend with my friend Rebecca! We chatted and hung out Saturday afternoon, then went to see The Other Boleyn Girl. I'll give an abbreviated review:

I always like books better.

But, I will say that seeing the costumes and settings come to life were exciting. I was disappointed though, because they didn't do plot and character development that were so critical to the book. I also felt like the focus was more on Anne's story, not Mary's. They did feature Mary more than any past movie has, but I didn't feel like they did her justice. They didn't show how vicious Anne was to get to the throne. In the book, you want to strangle her because she is so mean and selfish. Of course it's terrible that she ended up losing her life, but sin has consequences. By the way, I don't think I ruined the ending just now for anyone...I believe it's common knowledge that Anne Boleyn was least I hope that's common knowledge?

Anyway, it was proof to me that the written word is usually more powerful than visual representations. And honestly, people...Scarlett Johannson was NOT the right person for this part. (For those of you who don't know, she's the one on the right.) Maybe it's just me....but compared to Natalie Portman? Do you think they look like sisters?

I personally think that Alexis Bledel should have been Mary. She has a mild personality but I've seen her do some great work. She would've been better, in my opinion.

Speaking of Alexis, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is coming out!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the first one, and I can't wait for the sequel. Interestingly, I read the book before the movie and in this case I liked the movie better. It was just awesome. Go rent it! Also...drumroll, please....the movie version of the musical MAMMA MIA is coming out! I saw this musical in London and it's lighthearted and fun. It's based on the music of ABBA, so pretty much awesome! The storyline is a little weird though....this girl is getting married and there's three different men who could be her father, so she invites all three and then chaos ensues, etc....weird plotline, I know....but I'm pumped about this one. Meryl Streep and Colin Firth are in it too! :)

Since I'm on a movie kick, I'll continue. I think Kurt and I may actually go see "Be Kind Rewind" with Jack Black. In the movie, these guys work at a video rental store and something de-magnatizes all the movies, therefore erasing them. So Jack and the other workers try to re-enact all the movies people want to rent. That actually sounds somewhat funny to me, and you know I'm picky about humor. So that has potential.

Soon-to-be released is Mrs. Pettigrew Lives For A Day. I think it's set in the 30s, so the costumes and scenery should be fabulous. I became a fan of Amy Adams in "The Wedding Date" and "Enchanted," so I definitely want to see her in this. It looks cute!

I'm wondering about the movie Penelope. I copied this from a website:
"A modern day romantic tale about a young girl's inspiring journey, a mysterious family secret and the power of love. With all odds against her, in order for Penelope to break the family curse, she must find true love with "one of her own kind." The warm and funny adventure leads her to realize the most important life lesson, 'I like myself the way I am.' " I think this could be cute! It has Christina Ricci in it, who I've never cared for, but I like wholesome movies that have a good message :)

So folks, those are your movie thoughts for the day. Leave me a comment to say hi...I like hearing from you!
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