May 27, 2008

Adventures in the Morning and Adventures in Architecture

Well, this morning got off to an interesting start. I woke up on time and enjoyed watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 as I put on my makeup. I'm serious, it makes the biggest difference for me when I'm able to sit and leisurely put on my makeup. Rushing makes my stomach hurt.

So I took my wonderful, newfound route to work and got there at 7:50. And when I get to the office, both doors are locked. Can't get in. Well, this has happened before. I don't have a key that works....we're in the process of getting me one. But usually Dr. C is here early. Guess who's on vacation? Dr. C. And Dr. B is always late. So I figured....well, I'll wait until he gets here late for his 8 o'clock.

So I'm sitting in the silent hallway staring at the elevator for 30 minutes. And then I realize....he doesn't have an 8 o'clock. I got here an hour early. So, I decided to go to McDonald's. They were very cheerful to me, and Kimberly was so nice when handing me my change. Sidenote: I have a challenge for you. The next time you're in a restaurant or place of service, call the person helping you by their name. They usually wear nametags. My grandfather taught me this. People respond warmly when they are called by name. It makes them feel human. I tried it today, and Kimberly smiled and was visibly happy. Just try it :o)

Anyway, after I got my chicken biscuit, hashbrowns and Coke (I figured a chicken biscuit was less fattening than a sausage biscuit?), I drove through our historic district of homes, the Fondren/Belhaven area. I'm telling you....I love these homes. I drive by whenever I get the chance. Sadly, it varies by street which homes are taken care of and which are falling apart, but I look at them all the same way.

This used to be the classic area of homes, where families raised their children. I always picture what these homes used to look like in their prime. All were built from 1920-1950, and they are filled with Tudor details, bungalow columns, unique details and pretty porches.

These aren't the best of the best, but they are the ones listed on the local real estate listings. Before we move from Jackson, I'm going to take pictures of certain houses. They should just be.....remembered.

I found this mid-century gem for sale here in Jackson....can you imagine the possibilities??

To me....that's just so cool.

This one was built in 1929 and has fabulous Tudor archways inside. To me, it would be like getting my own English cottage. Just look!

See?! Wouldn't you just love to spend time here!?

Bear with's one more.

These homes are not in England, or some ritzy area of the country. They are in Jackson! I could go on forever. I won't, because not everyone is an architecture person, and I know I get way excited about things. But I just wish everyone looked at older homes as treasures. Families lived in these homes. Lives happened in these places. In my dream world, I would move into an old home and discover treasures in the attic or basement. This is why I'm so torn about building a new home or just finding a treasure and giving it new life. We'll see. I encourage you to treasure your home!

May 24, 2008

LIVE from Ripley, Mississippi....

Tagged by Anne Elisabeth...

Maybe I should -Get serious about working out/eating better.

I love the smell of - Cascade(I try to get high off of it), Christmastime, Maki perfume(Mom), Polo(Dad), Kurt in general :o)

People would say that I--I'm a passionate person.

I don’t understand why -People can be so complicated sometimes.

When I wake up in the morning -On Mondays/Tuesdays: Kurt always kisses me goodbye before he leaves for work. I set my alarm for 6:30 and hit snooze until around 6:45ish. Then I get up and straighten my hair (I shower the night before). Then I sit on my bed and put on my makeup while watching Saved by the Bell (my new-found show in the early morning). I grab a Fiber One bar, and head out the door at 7:25. Every other day, Kurt still says goodbye to me, but I wake up whenever :o)

I lost my willpower to -Try to constantly be a people-pleaser (although I still struggle with it at times), and to severely diet. Life is too short, and I love food too much.

Life is-Wonderful. I have a family who is incredible, a husband who is perfect for me, and a future that is really exciting.

My past made me-What I am today. And I'm definitely glad that God is a forgiving God.

I get annoyed when-I have to wake up early, people are rude to me, I am not having a good hair or general body day, I hear/see inappropriate humor, news reporting is one-sided, and when Oprah does her ridiculous "New Earth" seminars and plugs it at really random times in her show.

Parties are not a good time to -Cause drama, crave attention, or throw yourself at someone. Thankfully, I don't think I've ever done any of these.

Dogs are-A good step before having children. And we are getting one in the very near future! Oh, and they are loveable...I grew up with Muffy Sue and love her dearly.

Cats are-Indepedently snobby but fun to have. I love Alex, Gracie, Macey, and Ginger at my parents' house. I am hoping that Macey found a good home, even though she doesn't live with them anymore. And Doris love with Kurt.

Tomorrow is-"Always fresh, with no mistakes in it." I love Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea!!!

I have low tolerance for -People with no convictions, people with lukewarm convictions, and people who choose to be neutral about everything. Also, spoiled children.

I’m totally terrified of-Losing a family member, not being able to have children, God forbid.

I wonder why I thought my life would be-without temptations. Growing up, for some reason I thought I would be immune. Not so!

I always knew I would -Marry somebody like my sweet daddy :) And, I did - same morals, thoughts, spiritual life, maturity, etc. Amazing how God works. [This is Anne Elisabeth's answer and it's mine too---word for word!]

Never in my life have I -Been tempted with smoking or alcohol. They terrify me, and what they do to people terrifies me.

High school was-When I got dating out of my system. And when I realized the value of wonderful teachers.

When I’m nervous-I break out in a blotchy rash on my chest and start shaking. It's not good.

One time at a family gathering-No crazy stories....I have great memories from Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Take my advice-God has the perfect person for you, and only living in Christ will bring fulfillment.

Making my bed-Is something I do when I think about it, or when company is coming.

I'm almost always-Planning a vacation in my head, or thinking of ways to give back to our parents for all they've done.

I’m addicted to-Internet time, anything Christmas oriented, the Disney empire, and snacking.

I want someone to-validate my feelings, and take me traveling. :o)

Anyone. No one ever does surveys when I tag them, so my expectations are low! :o)

May 22, 2008

Northeast Mississippi, Here We Come

Tomorrow we are going to Tupelo, so Kurt can tour the hospital and then hopefully set up a future interview. I, however, will spend the afternoon shopping. Then, when all of our hard work is done, we are spending the night with THIS guy:

Jim Locke!
He is the best BFF you could ever have in your life. Love him to DEATH.

Saturday we will head to Ripley to spend time with Kurt's family. We haven't been able to go to church with them since January, so we're glad to be able to go. It will be a nice weekend with the family up "north!"

Monday is Memorial Day, which means NO WORK for me! To celebrate, I'm getting my nails done. What a lush :o)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend....bon voyage!

Pray for the Chapmans....

Steven Curtis Chapman, a well-known Christian recording artist, and his family have experienced an unbelievable tragedy. Their five year old daugher, Maria, was accidentally hit by the SUV her brother was driving. She died shortly after.

Maria had been adopted from China, and the Chapmans have an organization that aids families who wish to adopt by off-setting some of the cost. The Chapmans have three biological children, and 3 who were adopted. I went to Baylor with their oldest, Emily Chapman.

I can't imagine how Steven and his wife feel, but especially pray for the brother that accidentally hit Maria. I feel led to pray specifically for his healing emotionally. I literally can't imagine feeling the responsibility for this tragedy. They haven't named which brother it was, so let's just pray for Maria's brother.

I usually don't post sad news, but as members of the Christian family, we need to lift the Chapmans up to the Lord. Join me in prayer for them!

(Steven is holding Maria in this picture.)

May 20, 2008

And Here He Is!!!!!!

FINALLY, I was approved to adopt this beautiful baby boy!

His name is Tanner, and he's a Pekapoo from Louisiana. He's five months old, and will only get to be 10 pounds at the most. I have been searching every few days for new listings, and on Monday I came across this little guy. I immediately emailed the person, and within seconds she emailed me back an application. She had JUST posted his profile, and within the hour she received 7 emails about him! THANKFULLY, I was the first that had responded, and even though I live out of state, she let me email her pictures of our home and yard instead of a home visit. Tonight I had a scare because she had emailed me and said that she needed to check with his other shelter to make sure he would be okay by himself (without another dog or children to play with). I thought for a few minutes that I had lost him and about burst into tears. But she promptly emailed me back and felt that everything was okay, and that she knew it was only fair that I be able to have him since my application was in first. Whew!

I hope he knows that I went through a LOT to get him (and I was rejected by many snobby pet people in the process). Also, I hope he doesn't get a big head because he's big man on campus----everybody wanted him! I am so excited, and I hope it doesn't jinx anything that I blogged about it before he's officially home. But I have it in writing that I am to be Tanner's mommy.

I almost have my new baby!!!!

May 19, 2008

Thoughts on a Monday

-I'm at work. Have been since 8:00. But here's the good part: I have a new morning routine! Well, on the days I work, at least. I woke up this morning at 6:45 and turned on the TV in our bedroom. I don't know why I haven't utilized this feature of our bedroom before. It's awesome! I put on my makeup in bed while watching old-school Saved By the Bell. It made the biggest difference. What a great change of routine.

-And this is also exciting---I discovered a new route to get to work that ENTIRELY avoids the interstate! Do you understand what this means? No more begging people to let me into a lane, watching cars nearly get totaled, and clutching the wheel for dear life. I now drive all the way down State Street, which does include a tour of the 'hood, but I am all about experiencing a different culture---you know me! :o) It really does make for a better experience. I discovered the route last week when I heard on the radio that the interstate was backed up for miles due to a wreck. So I improvised and came up with this. But I was afraid to try it again, for fear that it was too good to be true. Not so, my friends. Not so :o)

-The wedding festivities went well this weekend. Erin and Drew are married and are now living it up at the Royal Plantation in Jamaica. Cool, mon!

-My sister also graduated successfully. Kurt and I stood in the back to watch her walk, and then ran right back out to make it to the rehearsal dinner on time. I gave a toast to Erin and Drew, which I normally don't do, but I was proud of myself and got some nice feedback from people. Always good to hone your public speaking skills :o)

-Yesterday (Sunday) I went to church solo---my husband was hung over again. Just kidding! He was on call. Dad concluded his series on James and it was fantastic. And I'm NOT biased :o) In Lifegroup, our teacher said the most encouraging, supportive things about our family as we go through this. It was so sweet. It was a confirmation that we should stay at CHBC...mainly because of the support group.

-Sunday night I relived my childhood. I watched this:

Okay, maybe I'm overly sensitive and emotional. But I'm definitely older, and watching this movie again as an adult (that sounds weird), made me see it in a fresh new way. If you want to see a precious relationship between a father and daughter, watch this movie. I cried, people! I just didn't remember it being that touching. And on a sidenote, Shirley Temple is the cutest thing ever. When I was little, I watched all of her movies. After seeing "Little Princess" this weekend, I am vowing to watch all of her movies again. If "Little Princess" was this good in round two, then I'm in for a treat! It's amazing how you see things differently than you did as a child.

I also watched this:

I must say, it was really odd to see Lindsay Lohan in her pre-drug, alcohol, and hussy days. It proves we all start out as children. She just....didn't stay one....

I totally prefer this version:

Hayley Mills' comedic timing? Check.
Hilarious Brian Keith and awesome Maureen O'Hara? Check.
Ridiculously-cool mid-century ranch house? CHECK!!!!

I started watching this movie when I was little, mainly because I just loved the movie itself. But then around the time I was 13 or 14, I started to notice the interiors of movie sets. Amazing! And this is the most awesome ranch house ever. My dad and I once plotted out the floorplan....just from piecing together shots from the movie. Pretty awesome.

Yes, I even tried to find pictures of my favorite movie sets to post...but alas. They are hard to find! :o) I'll keep trying. Everyone have a wonderful day. I'm off to have a fetching lunch with my darling husband!

May 15, 2008

And So the Weekend Begins...

This weekend is BIG! First and foremost, my sister Lissie is graduating! I feel old. We are so proud of her :) Both sets of grandparents are in town. My dad's youngest sister Hazel and her family live here, and our cousin Nissi is graduating with Lis. So we have a big family affair going on. Much love to Sister!

Also, our good friends Erin and Drew are getting married! I am in the wedding, which is always a lot of fun. It will be great to see them finally tie the knot :o)

Just to fill everyone in...we gave Lissie a car for graduation! We totally shocked her---here are some of the pictures!

While I'm at it, I'll just add some other recent pictures. Will Bill, my little brother, was honored at 9th grade awards day with the Herschel Brickell Family Award, which was the highest honor given that day. About the award:

"The award is established to provide for a deserving, rising tenth grade student who possesses the personal qualities exemplified or admired by Herschel Brickell including good character, integrity, self discipline, individual initiative and independence, a quest for knowledge, a desire to achieve; (b) demonstrates an appreciation for the values and goals as defined by the founding fathers of our nation and our state; (c) projects a pronounced interest in the studies of the truths of history and in the science of government."

We all had tears in our eyes as Will accepted the award. They were tears of joy and pride, but also sadness, because he will not be attending JA next year. But what a way to leave!

In closing, since most of this post has been about Lis and Will Bill (I'll get to you soon, Punky!), I thought it appropriate to put these up. This is when the student praise band/team led in church. I mean, how awesome are my siblings? :o)

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