June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

My wonderful, fabulous, handsome husband is 28 today!!! He got off work at 11 or so this morning, and is now catching up on his sleep. Here's how the day has gone:

I made him:

Homemade ice cream cake!! YUM!!!!!

I bought him:

A grilling tool set.....

Which goes perfectly with....

His NEW GRILL!!!!!!!

And this was hanging by the fireplace:

A racecar birthday balloon :o)

Tonight we are going out to eat. We plan to grill sometime this week for dinner, and I can't wait! A special thanks to Suzanne, who helped me pick out the grill, carry the grill, and hide the grill until it was time to unveil. What a great friend!!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole world, who I will soon be a parent with. I love you, Kurt!!!

(This was taken on our wedding day. He doesn't dress like this/pose like this usually....but I couldn't resist. It's such a handsome picture!!)

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June 28, 2008


Grab your tiaras and fake boobs....I can't believe I forgot to mention that tonight is the Miss Mississippi Pageant!!!! It's one of my favorite events of the year. I've already done my contestant research, and it looks like it will be......an interesting night. That's the only way to describe it. I am pumped. Look for my total recap and thoughts after the pageant! Here's to an evening watching the South do it's thing.....

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Did You Know...

Okay, how weird is this?

You know how obsessed I am with You've Got Mail, right? As in, that's the version of New York City I'd like to live in, and I think Tom and Meg have perfect chemistry?

Yeah, I love it.

Okay, did you also know that there are scenes from You've Got Mail that are identical to this movie?

"In the Good Old Summertime" starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson. You know how we all thought Nora Ephron (the writer of You've Got Mail) had only gotten the idea from the old movie "Shop Around the Corner?" Nope. Nora got a TON of scenes (almost word-for-word) from Good Old Summertime. I mean, almost verbatim. Is that not crazy?
Shop Around the Corner was released in 1940, Good Old Summertime was released in 1949 and You've Got Mail was released in 1998. Apparently, the storyline of two enemies actually being anonymous pen pals/email buddies is a lot older than we thought. The most interesting thing to me was that I had never heard of Good Old Summertime until recently when I was searching for Netflix movies. It looked like something I would enjoy (which I did) but it was SEVERE deja vu when I felt like I was watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
As much as I'd like to give Nora credit for a great screenplay, I must be reserved. Even though she did add some genius lines ("Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" "New York in the fall makes me want to buy school supplies. If I knew where you lived, I'd send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils."), she just didn't come up with anything original.
And there you have it. My expose' on one of my favorite movies :o)

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June 27, 2008

I Am Alive....

In case anyone was wondering!

I was feeling sick all the way up until I went to bed last night. Not good. But I woke up this morning and immediately got on the couch and ate saltines. I have discovered that I cannot sit in a rocking chair right now----and for anyone who knows me, that is WAY weird! My mom said that it must be bad if I'm not rocking.

I think at this point, I would consider myself stable but not my normal self. I'm about to have lunch with my friend Suzanne, and I believe soup will be the right thing. For a food lover like me, this is strange.

Kurt's birthday is Monday, and so I need to go hunting for his gift. I know what I'm getting, but it might be a challenge logistically. In case he's reading this (which he probably isn't) I won't explain :o) My goal is to get through the day without being sick. I feel well enough to get up and go so that's a huge thing. It's strange that I was just sick yesterday so badly. Maybe this will be a come and go thing? I'm not returning to work until July 7 (as I had planned with the Israel trip) because I need to make sure sickness isn't a major issue. I'm so thankful for their flexibility! It's amazing though how "boxed in" I feel schedule-wise, even working 2 days a week. I've determined that I will stop working in October, before our Disney trip (!!!) and to give me time to enjoy the last months of pregnancy. Keep praying for me and BeeBee!

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June 26, 2008

And So It Begins...

I have been sick. All day.

Thankfully I've just FELT nauseous, not actually gotten "sick," but I'm miserable. My mom came over, gave me soup, and straightened part of the house because I was so distraught over it being cluttered. I have the best mom in the entire world :o)

I watched "You've Got Mail" for the millionth time. It seriously never gets old. Also watched some Jon and Kate. Never gets old.

I got an adorable teddy bear from Kurt's brother Kelly and his wife Jennifer. SO exciting!!!

I am sad that one of my favorite shows "Farmer Wants a Wife" ended last night. I've got to find a new fix...

We're having chicken and dumplings tonight, but I don't have to cook. Thank the LORD.

Well I'm back to the couch....it's hitting again :o(

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June 24, 2008

My Birthday

I had a great birthday on June 19...so much has been happening, I've almost forgotten I had one! I got some clothes and a Target gift card from my family, and Kurt gave me a beautiful old-fashioned looking record player, that also has a radio, tape deck, and CD player!!! He also got me the movies Anastasia and Beauty and the Beast. I was so excited to add more movies to my collection. Even though Anastasia was put out by Fox films and not Disney, I love theirs too---Thumbalina, Swan Princess, and Anastasia are awesome. So I'm currently listening to all of our old family records (a lot of them Christmas) and contemplating what to accomplish today. We said goodbye to Dad and Lis as they went off to Israel without me (boo). But when I came home I was able to put on my records and just clear my head. It was good for me. Oh yes, I also put a chicken dish in the Crockpot for tonight----so I did accomplish something, I guess :o) Do you ever look around your house at the million things that need to be done, but you just can't make yourself do it? That's me today.

While I'm thinking about it, I'll explain my new blog design! Didn't Jennisa do a great job!?!?? She's from onceuponablog.org, and she's fabulous. My header obviously has a retro feel to it, which suits me perfectly. You'll notice a Christmas tree and ornament were added, because I celebrate the holidays all year, and then wait for everyone else to get the clue in December. The picture of me and Kurt is the night we got engaged, and obviously I don't have a picture of BeeBee yet (that's what I'm calling our child....that's the way my mom and I have always said the word 'baby'). My sidebars have the lovely Christmas tree on them, and my signature has a crown because of my love for royalty and Disney World...go figure. So I am very excited to now have a personalized blog that suits me. However, I'm hoping I don't get A.D.D. and want to change it every so often....haha! But I'm very happy with it, and it suits my personality completely.

I'm off to think about what I want to put off doing.... :o)

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June 23, 2008

Full Explanation :o)

Yes, it's true :o) Back when I wrote about having news, I wasn't lying about not being pregnant....I hadn't found out yet!! I took 4 pregnancy tests on Sunday June 8, and needless to say, they were all positive!!! I had always planned on how I would tell Kurt when this happened, and that just went out the window. I started sobbing and making him look at it over and over, because I didn't trust myself--ha! On Friday June 13 I went to the doctor for the first time and they confirmed everything. I am absolutely beside myself---moreso with disbelief than anything else. Of course we are thrilled and so excited, but I'm just so overwhelmed with the idea that we're going to be parents.

Today I had my second visit and I was able to see the baby (about the size of a butter bean) and hear the heartbeat!! That was crazy. It definitely hit home. My estimated due date is February 13th---a Valentine's baby!

So, there are several things in my life that have changed. First of all, we decided not to take on the responsibility of a puppy, for obvious reasons. I was so distressed over this, because I felt like I'd be letting Tanner down. However, I emailed the girl that's been in charge of everything, and she said that they were observing him, and had determined that he would do better in a home with another dog. So that all worked out really well, and we can fully focus on ONE child!

Secondly, HGTV has said that because of their shooting schedule, I won't be used for the episode that we had originally talked about. However, they're keeping me on file for future episodes. I consider this the best of both worlds, because I didn't have to be in a state of panic about my house, but I might be used in the future. So that's pretty exciting.

Finally, Israel. This is the tough one. I had to make the adult, rational decision not to go. I'm not going to sugarcoat it.....it was a hard, hard decision to make and I have really had a hard time with it. The main reasoning behind it is because I'm only in my first trimester, which is when miscarriage can occur. There would be 1-2 days during the trip where we would be away from medical care, and that was a little unsettling. It basically took my dad sitting in front of me and pointing out the risks. I was just so set on going. My sister Alyssa will be going in my place. Obviously, God's timing is perfect and this all happened for a reason, but I still feel sad and disappointed. I hope that doesn't make me sound like an irresponsible person. I made the decision with my child in mind. There will be other Israel trips, and I'll get to go then.

On the brighter side of things, Kurt decided to take the Israel money that we'll be getting back and take me to Disney World in October!!!!! :o) Obviously, this has taken some of the sting away--haha! For anyone who knows me or anything about me, nothing could make me feel happier. By that time I'll be in my second trimester, and traveling will be much easier. I thrilled to be able to go to my favorite place in the world, and get quality time with Kurt :o)

Needless to say, life has been crazy recently. In the last few days I've turned 23, changed major travel plans, and found out that we'll be adding a third member to our family....crazy! I earnestly ask for your prayers, especially until August 1, which will mark 12 weeks. I hate to even mention it, but every day that a pregnancy goes smoothly is a blessing. I decided to go ahead and share the news that I'm expecting because if something were to happen, God forbid, I would need your support and encouragement all the more. So I ask that you lift our family up in prayer and ask God's protection over our precious baby. We are beyond excited and feel so extremely blessed that God is allowing us to be parents. Thank you for all of your encouragement so far!

P.S. Just so she doesn't feel left out, Doris is doing a little better. We still have a red little eye, but we're making progress. She asks for your prayers as well :o)

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June 22, 2008

A Letter to Friends

Dear People Who Read This Blog,

You might be noticing that this blog looks different--isn't it great?! This seemed like the perfect time to write this letter. I don't know any of you, and I'm kind of scared. But I hear typing a lot and she must really like all of you. So maybe you'll like me too. I'll be making my entrance in February, and hopefully she'll have lots of things to say about me! (After all, I'm going to be a big deal.) Since it's still very early, please pray for me until you're able to meet me.

Lots of Love,

Baby Lancaster

June 18, 2008

And We're Off...

We are headed to Cape again to help my parents look at a few more houses, and Kurt will be talking to the hospital there. We are looking forward to being there again, and this time Kurt gets to come! We will be there tonight and all day Thursday, and on Friday Kurt and I will head to Ripley/Memphis to meet up with his side of the family to celebrate all of the June birthdays in the family (there are 5 of them!). We will be eating on Saturday night at Texas De Brazil, and we are really looking forward to it. Here are some pictures of little Doris Day, and the picture we took on our one year anniversary!

By the way....Part 2 of my news will come soon. Stay tuned! :o)

June 16, 2008

Celebrating the Happiest Year!

Today Kurt and I have been married for one year! It's so hard to believe. There are many things I could say about the day we got married...how wonderful it was, how I don't regret anything, how I tried to enjoy every minute. But I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I love you, Kurt, and I'm looking forward to at least 50 more!

June 15, 2008

Thank you, Doris Day

Well, today is Father's Day. I love my Daddy! It was a great day at church, and we had Mexican for lunch. Yum!!! I gave dad a scripture plaque that said "May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your sight..." Kurt and I got it at the Billy Graham center when we were on our trip. I bought it because for as long as I can remember, my Dad has used those words in his prayer before he starts a sermon. So it was really special!

As well as being the day that we honor fathers, today was also the day that Doris decided to cost us money. Yesterday we noticed that she must have gotten into a fight with a fellow neighborhood animal, and her right eye was red, like it had been scratched. Fast forward to this morning. We're getting ready for church, and I see Doris and am horrified. Her eye is so swollen it looks like there's not even an eyeball in it. (Appetizing, I know.) So, being the newlyweds on a resident's budget that we are, we debate what to do. At the time (this morning), we thought we didn't have any options because our vet was closed. So we went on to church, but I was thinking the whole time, a) My poor baby kitty, and b) this is about to be really expensive.

Tonight, I was looking at her more, and I felt more and more like a helpless mother. I felt terrible! So my mom told me to look up an emergency vet, and I did. I woke Kurt up from his nap (he was thrilled) and told him that the vet wasn't in the best part of town, but I was trying to be proactive. (I could just picture us going to our vet tomorrow and them saying that we waited too long....$500 surgery later....you get the idea.)

So we get Doris (or as we call her, "Two-Bit") into the car and take her to the emergency clinic. After meeting Georgio the barking-annoying-as-crap dog in the waiting room, and filling out paperwork, Two-Bit was examined. She was given one of those cone things for around her neck (so she wouldn't mess with it) and some steroid drops. We are supposed to give her the drops and hope that her eye gets better by tomorrow. If not, it's to our regular vet we go (and therefore we pay more money). Why am I such an animal lover?

Good grief....

June 12, 2008

The News, Part 1

Okay, okay!! :o)

My news will come in two parts. This is the first installment!

Last Wednesday night, I was checking my email kind of late, and I see an email from Pie Town Productions. I immediately open it, and you'll never believe this...


That's right. Apparently, there's a new show that's going to be on HGTV called "Rate My Space" (you might have seen the new promo for it). It's based on the website that allows people to upload pictures of rooms in their home, and other members of the community can "rate" the space, leave comments, etc. The premise of the show is that one room that didn't do so well on the website is going to be made over by a designer and carpenter. The design for the new room will be based on three inspiration spaces, also from the website.

Well about a month or two ago, I put our master bedroom on the website on a whim, mainly just to see what people would say.

It got viewed about 3,000 times and I got SO many comments! I was really pleasantly surprised.

Apparently, the producers of this show found my bedroom, and I got this email asking me to BE ON THE SHOW!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!

I literally freaked out. I ran into the living room and started jumping up and down like a literal crazy person. Of course, Kurt was so thrilled for me. I was just so FLOORED that they asked ME!

Long story short, it was a whirlwind from there. Friday, I was asked to sign release forms, and also tape an casting video. But here's the thing: I had to film my WHOLE house. Not just the bedroom. Oh, and let's add that they wanted it by Tuesday. So I called my sister's friend in a frenzy who has a video recorder and I straightened my house (read: threw crap in closets/bathrooms) until the wee hours Saturday morning. Saturday at 9 am we taped my casting video, in which I was supposed to "host" and show my home and then do an interview segment. It was intense.

Anyway, this whole time the producer is trying to figure out with me when we could tape. Taping is usually a day and lasts 4-5 hours. Keep in mind that I'm going to Israel from June 24-July 3, so that knocked out a big chunk of time that they were considering for shooting.

Right now, I'm stil waiting on them to approve the casting, but also to nail down a taping date. Unfortunately, it's looking like they aren't very flexible with their schedules. [Sidenote: I think this is interesting, because I was asked at the EXTREME last minute to do this, and I've had this trip planned for a LONG time. I can't just change my schedule!] So it's a waiting game. I'm doubting that it will come to fruition, but can you believe that I was contacted by them!?!! I mean, it would've been cool if I had applied to be on the show or something, but THEY found ME! I'm truly honored just to have been asked.

I'll let you know what the outcome is. But I really don't care...it was just cool to talk to a producer from HGTV!!!

P.S. If you want to see the show, I believe the first episode comes on this Sunday night at 7 or 8....check the schedule! :o)

Part 2 coming soon....

June 9, 2008

Tips for Handling a Receptionist

I know that none of the sweet, kind, respectful people that read this blog would never, ever, EVER be rude to a receptionist. It's just not like you :o) However, just for MY satisfaction, here are some gentle reminders from your friendly receptionist.

-Honest to goodness, it's usually not our fault. This covers about everything.

-However, when it is, understand that we are dealing with hundreds of patients, their charts, and most importantly, their personalities. It all runs together, and it can be stressful.

-We can't make decisions about your medical care. This means that I can't protect or save you from the doctors who are trying to kill you. (Yes, this is based on a true story.)

-When two receptionists work at an office, we can get our wires crossed. Please understand.

-I know how much you're paying for the services. Trust me. I know how you're paying ridiculous amounts of money for this.

-If you think I'm doing a terrible job, why don't you tell one of my bosses instead of me. Aren't you there to vent to them anyway?

-When you say something to me, it goes a long way. Not just the "thanks" at the end of a phone call, but a "You've been so nice" or "Thanks for being so helpful" goes a long way.

-I really do care about your problems (to some degree). I hate that you're having a bad day, or even a bad life for that matter...

.....but please, please don't take it out on your friendly receptionist!

That about covers my day. I'll share my news (now I have more than one item) when I can get up the energy. Thanks for listening...or reading.... :o)

June 7, 2008

Fingers Crossed.....

I think I'm back....that was so weird! I will be able to sleep tonight...haha! :o) Oh, and a hint about my news....it has to do with television.

I can't see my posts....

Are you able to read this? I am getting comments on my post "A Little Teaser..." but the post itself is not visible to me. I'm weirded out! Help!

A Little Teaser...

Exciting things are happening! I'm running out the door to eat with my sweet family, otherwise I'd fill you in. Actually, I can't fill you in just yet. Oh, and I'm NOT pregnant, if that's what some are wondering. But I do have some very exciting news. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

June 6, 2008

Give Me the Simple [Respectful] Life

While Mom and Dad and Lis are at State getting Lis registered, I am the guardian of Will Bill and Punky. Oh, and Muffy Sue the shih-tzu. I can't stand lonely animals, and she practically begged me to keep her at my house. So I am.

Last night I cooked, and we watched home videos, laughing our heads off. We found some really awesome blackmail material. It was hilarious.

To thank me for keeping track of her other children, my mom gave me a gift certificate to an upscale shopping area in town. Note: the gift certificate was given to her by her JA students, and she re-gifted it to me. We both agreed that this was the one time where re-gifting isn't tacky. Anyway, Punky and I decided to go to said upscale shopping area (I will not use the name to protect snobby shoppers).

It was one of the most degrading shopping experiences I've ever had.

I should've known this. I should've been prepared. I used to work at a store in the complex. But I rarely go there myself, and I had forgotten how repulsively high-scale it is. Actually, it wasn't the merchandise that bothered me. It was the salespeople and other patrons.

In every single store my sister and I entered, we were looked over like we were attending New York Fashion Week. I was even dressed a little nicer than usual, in a black shift dress and flip flops, and carrying my [genuine] Coach bag. But that didn't matter. Northeast Jackson society has a radar for who is filthy rich and who is...well....normal. I promise you they can scan a person with their eyes and in minutes they know what your financial status is. Disgusting.

One such experience: We entered a clothing store, which I would never normally be able to afford. But since I had my gift certificate, I had in mind what I could spend, and immediately went to the sale section. For awhile, an older saleslady stared at me and said nothing. As in, I saw her looking at me but never once did she offer to help me, say hello, or even acknowledge my presence. After realizing that I would never be asked if I needed a dressing room, I helped myself to one.

Remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts goes into the store on Rodeo Drive and is treated one way when she's dressed like a hooker and another way when she's dressed like a smart businesswoman?

I was treated like the hooker scenario. Except I wasn't dressed like a hooker.

I finally found a shirt that I liked and stepped up to the counter. A girl came up and said, "Oh. I guess you need to be checked out." Uhhh.......YEAH?! I managed a cheerful "Hello" [through gritted teeth] and the girl looked at me like I was on crack cocaine and mumbled something like a "Hi." By this time my sister was about to throw up with distate for the whole situation. As we walked to the car we just looked and each other.

Maybe it's just me, but this is not okay. I know that every city has THAT store, where you have to be of a certain family lineage to shop there. But I'm going to be very honest. It just seems more prominent in this city. Granted, I went to the private school and watched it all first-hand, but I never got used to it. I never got used to my friends carrying designer bags in 9th grade, and asking me where I got my bag. They were always shocked when I told them that mine was from the 1970s and came from Greece (it was my Mom's), or that my jacket was vintage and hand-made in Israel (another thing of my Mom's). They just couldn't believe that I wasn't a label snob. Sorry, I wasn't raised that way.

The whole experience made me want to shop bargains the rest of my life. I do have certain things that I would eventually like to invest in, but give me a break. Give me Marshall's and TJ Maxx, thank you!

June 3, 2008

A Tribute to TV

I like TV.

I'm not one of those people who says, "TV just annoys me. I never watch it. There's nothing good on."

Nope, not one of those people.

Now, I do agree that there are certain shows that should be avoided. However, being human, sometimes I sneak a peek just to see what the hype is about. But that's beside the point. There are certain shows that I really like, and here they are:

Farmer Wants a Wife

This is a newly-discovered show that I like. It's basically a less-glamourized, less-high profile, and less-funded version of the Bachelor. But I love it! These city girls are placed out in the country (a rural farm in Missouri, ironically), and they fight for the farmer's heart. It's just kind of heartwarming, in its own ridiculous way.

The Bachelor

Pulling out the big guns, here. In my opinion, this was the first reality show of the romance genre. For some reason, I can't stop watching. Every season, I think to myself, "This really is the best America has to offer?" and yet I ALWAYS somehow pick a favorite. Except for this last season. I didn't really care for either of the final two. As if you care. Anyway, I'll keep watching.

The Bachelorette

In the same vein, I was mucho excited when they announced that The Bachelorette would begin right after the Bachelor season ended. How kind of ABC to keep America hooked on reality television. We didn't even have to wait! I think this show is really interesting, because instead of girl drama and catfights, you see men for who they really are: insecure, full of pride, and sometimes really really sweet. [Note: my husband is not insecure or full of pride....just really really sweet. I think he's one of the rare ones!] Right now my pick is Jeremy or the single dad...I can't remember his name. I know you were dying to know my thoughts.

Legally Blonde: Search for the New Elle Woods

Okay, this is one of my new favorites. Basically, since I know I'll probably never have the opportunity to perform in a major way, I'm watching others get the chance. They're casting the new Elle Woods for the Legally Blonde musical in New York, and last night was the first episode. I mainly am interested to see what the process is in auditioning, how complicated the dancing is, etc. It's just neat to watch! I already have my eye on one or two that I think will go a long way. Great show!

And now....my favorite show on television.....

Jon and Kate Plus 8!!

This family is the cutest thing to watch in the world. Kate and Jon crack me up with their bantering, dry humor, and commentary. They are a lot like me and Kurt....we're less argumentative, but we don't have kids yet, so stay tuned :o) I love this family and this show. And here they are:

Jon is like Kurt, in the since that he's even-keel most of the time. He is hilarious in the way he interacts with Kate and the kids.

Kate is hilarious. She is dry and quick on her feet. She does have a problem with being a little too OCD sometimes, but it just makes me like her more for some reason!

Aaden is the little professor with glasses. He's so adorable.

Alexis has the biggest scream you have ever heard. It's amazing that it comes out of that little body.

Collin is the most mature looking in my opinion. The kids called him "Cagi." :o)

Joel is in the background a little more...but he still can fight with the best of them.

Leah has the cutest little voice, for some reason. Adorable!

Sweet Hannah is my favorite...she's just so motherly and sweet and tender. I want to cuddle her!

Cara is one of the twins. She is quiet spirited but when she cries, you can't understand anything. I think I might get annoyed by that if it were me. Of course, don't all kids do that?!

No offense to Mady, but she's the one that really frustrates me. All she ever does is whine and throw tantrums...and she's older than the sextuplets! But I totally understand that she's probably overwhelmed with her siblings. I empathize. But still....I might have patience problems with that one. Cute, though!

All in all....

I love watching this family!

Happy TV-watching! :o)

June 2, 2008

THE Weekend...

Where do I even start?

This weekend we went to Cape Girardeau so Daddy could preach in view of a call. We got in Thursday night and crashed. Friday morning we went and visited two districts of schools for Will Bill and Punky, and it was really impressive to see all of the new developments between the two schools. All things considered, it looks like they'll be going to Cape district schools. By the way: The Jackson/Cape rivalry is FIERCE, and if I just offended some Jackson fans, don't quote me! Nothing is 100% certain, but that's what it looks like right now.

Anyway, as my siblings were checking out their potential dating pools, Mom and I were talking back and forth to our realtor, figuring out which homes to go see. We went and saw several, and to put it simply, the market is just very different from Mississippi. Oddly, I think there's more new construction going up down here, and you end up getting more house for your money. We thought the market would be a little better in the Midwest, but I think every market is struggling in its own way.

Friday evening we had a reception at the church for the members who have joined since Dad left back in 2000. Some older members snuck in to say hello, and it was so fun to catch up. Dad had a question and answer time so people could get to know him. We were so tired, but it was a good evening.

Saturday we had another reception in the morning to see more church members. The four of us kids actually left a little early because Andrea somehow didn't have any jeans in her suitcase and she needed some. So I proudly drove us (I knew my way around perfectly) to the mall and we had total deja vu. Although what used to be Famous Barr department store is now Macy's, I recognized everything. We ran into some friends of ours, the Johnsons, and Andrea got to see one of her friends perform in a jump-rope group. We were all so impressed, and it was neat that we happened to be at the mall at just the right time.

We saw a few more houses on Saturday, still just getting our "feet wet" and seeing what everything looks like. Saturday evening, we all separated because Mom and Dad had plans. I ended up spending some great time with Josh and Katie, my two friends who recently got engaged, and our friend Jordan. We ate, drove around some cool old neighborhoods of Cape, and they took me to the church to see some new things I hadn't seen before. It was a great time of fun together!

Sunday was the big day! I'm biased, but I honestly think my dad did an incredible job. He kept the message simple, but it was compelling and timely. That's all I'll say----he would be embarrassed if I bragged!!! :o) The vote strongly affirmed Dad's call, and so my family will officially be moving to Cape.

We're all tired after the weekend, but it was such an affirmation that this is where God wants my family. I really didn't feel sad for myself at all. I could only think about the ministry they will have here, and how I'll be able to visit my home so much more often.

I also found out that many people read my blog from Cape---I had NO idea!!! And I think they should step up and let me know they read....don't be anonymous little readers anymore! :o)

Thank you to everyone who was praying for my family this weekend. We were socially "on" at almost every moment, and that can be tiring, but we had a great time. Of course it was bittersweet for Dad to resign last night (officially), but God has great things in store for both churches. Thank you always for your encouragement and support!
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