January 28, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged on Facebook by some people to do this, but this is the easiest forum for me to write on, so here are 25 Random Things about me:

1. I hate everything about oatmeal. Kurt eats it often and I just can't stomach looking at it, smelling it, or the consistency of it.

2. I realized that my tastes are majorly changing, because I'd rather hear Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at a speaking event than Jon and Kate Gosselin.

3. I have a really vivid memory bank. I can think back to certain events/moments from the time I was 2 until now and remember lots of details and stories.

4. My Dad was the one that brushed and dried my hair every night after bathtime. I stood and sang to myself while he styled me. I'm going to make Kurt do this, because I love that memory so much.

5. My Mom was (and still is) constantly singing around us, which is how I know so many songs. I'm going to make myself do this, because I equate it with a happy home.

6. I don't care for the beach. Give me a cool city any day of the week.

7. I have game anxiety. I hate ice-breakers and awkward group situations. It stems back to first grade when I ruined a game of "Heads Up, Seven Up" in front of my class. I was scarred for life.

8. My most embarrassing moment: Due to timing, I had to start planning my wedding before I officially had my ring. So I put on this cloudy, obviously fake ring just for laughs and to not get embarrassed at bridal shows, etc. Well, I was trying on a really expensive gown at a bridal boutique, and Kurt called me. I was distracted and on the phone with him, when I noticed that the girls that worked there were looking at my hand and snickering. They walked away and were obviously talking about my ghetto-fake ring. By the time I got off the phone, it would've looked like I was just digging a hole trying to explain that it's not my real ring. I was mortified, and I told my mom I just wanted to get out of there. By the way, the girl that owns that shop has been on TV for her wedding planning skills. I was THAT girl who looked pathetic trying on a gown when my ring was cloudy and ugly. Ugh.

9. I rarely like baby onesies that have messages on them. "My Mom is Hot" just bothers me. I've seen a few that I can handle, but not many.

10. I spent everyday after school in Oklahoma watching Punky Brewster reruns and Brady Bunch reruns, while eating Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. I rediscovered my love for this ice cream recently and I'm re-addicted.

11. I have always been interested in how people view my personality. Sometimes I get Kurt to just tell me observations that he's made about me. It's so interesting to me.

12. I spent the summer of 1997 listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Let Us Pray" on repeat and pining over magazines about Princess Diana and Prince William. Oddly, these activities usually went on at the same time.

13. I don't have any desire to eat organically. I know someone out there is making the sign of the cross.

14. Hate milk. Always have, always will.

15. I don't like different foods to touch on my plate. If I want to mix them, I will, but I don't like other people deciding for me that my foods should mix. I require a new utensil for dessert, and it has to be on a separate plate. I get nauseated when I see someone use bread to soak up food juices. Excuse me, I need to go throw up after typing that.

16. I think college was overrated. I did enjoy London semester, though. That's about the only fond memory I have of college.

17. I will forever be in search of the perfect jeans.

18. I'm not opposed to plastic surgery, I just think it should be kept classy and as natural looking at possible. It's a fine line and hard to accomplish, but it can be done.

19. There's a part of me that will always want to raise my family in Dallas, wearing boots and just living it up Texas-style. Since my husband thinks urban sprawl is from Satan, this will never happen. *Sigh*

20. I would rather shower than take a bath. Baths take more energy and effort.

21. I'm very curious as to where I need to serve in the church. I can't seem to get a read on it, and the Lord and I are still discussing it.

22. One of the people I desire to talk to the most is Corrie Ten Boom. She's one of the reasons I can't WAIT to get to heaven.

23. Some nights I enjoy cooking, and other nights I hate it. It's annoying.

24. I love eating at restaurants with my husband. We just love it.

25. I'm taking my parents to Europe some day. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Well, those are some things about me! I would love it if all of you wrote 25 things about yourselves. It's so interesting to learn about people. Some upcoming posts:

-Beautiful Faces tag from Tiffany
-Photo tag from numerous people
-Pictures from showers and the nursery
-A Wedding Memories post I'm working on

Have a great evening :o)

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Tiffany said...

I Love this list. I'm working on one myself from a tag on facebook. I was going to tag you, but, oh well! For #s 3, 11, and 23 we are dead on alike. I used to so love Punky Brewster too. I always wanted to decorate my own room and have a crazy bed like hers. hee-hee. I can't say I agree with #16 however. I am so all abiut higher education. Most of my family didn't get a college education. And I've seen how it makes life more challenging. And I know just from my own expirience that even when you find yourself in a situation where you aren't using your specific degree, it still makes a difference in pay.
When we first moved up here and I couldn't find a teaching job, I subed for a while and worked at a daycare. Well, because of my degree they had to pay me significantly more an hour than some of their workers that had been with them since they opened. I feel like unless you are a one in a million who invents something or runs their own business and turns a really good profit, then you limit yourself without a college education.-Not only financially, but for being considered for certain jobs. Oh, well- didn't mean to get up on my soap box, but as a former-someday to be again teacher, I am all about education. I love knowledge. I just love learning new things!
~Blessings on your day!

Ashley said...

When I said college was overrated, I meant the social aspect of it, not the value of a degree. I had more meaningful relationships in high school with my teachers, etc. It just wasn't God's plan that I finish my college degree, so I don't have the strong love for college that a lot of people do, I guess. I love learning, but in different circumstances.

Christy said...

we are very much alike!! I am the same way about my food. I hate eating at buffets or family dinners because for some reason some of my family just piles their food on top of each other. ICK.
I used to love Punky Brewster :)
Clay does that for Laura Grace and it is one of her favorite parts of her day, Kurt will be wonderful at it I am sure :)

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