January 7, 2009

Bitten and Smitten

So, I think I need to establish that I have a new crush (I'm allowed, I asked Kurt):

Edward Cullen. Now, please keep in mind that in theory, I have a crush on the character of Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattinson as a person necessarily (how's that for lame justification?). If you haven't read the books, the movie just isn't the same. I am now in the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, and am still in love and intrigued by these characters. It's rare that you find a book or book series that literally draws you in so deep you're convinced it's real. I love when that happens. That's why I read. There is so much more I could say, but it would just make me look like a lovesick teenager. Fine, I'm a lovesick 23-year-old who is obsessed with a fictional character. But I'm not alone....and there are people much more pathetic than I am. I think.

I had my wonderful, amazing, relaxing, and calming pre-natal massage today, given to me by Kurt for Christmas. I am THAT person that just loves the spa. I love the treatments, the environment....I am such a lush. Oh well. My tip: if you are pregnant or ever will be pregnant again, or aren't even pregnant at all: massage is the way to GO. There's just something about it...such an escape. So I was able to have an ahhhhh moment today. Which is good, because I had to deal with this right afterward:

As I understood it, my doctor's office is affiliated with two hospitals, and you have the freedom to choose where you want to deliver. This was implied to me during my entire pregnancy by not only my doctor, but other people in the office too. Well, as it turns out, that's not the case. SURPRISE.

I only found this out because I happened to mention in front of the OB rep that deals with billing that I would be using a certain hospital. She looks at me and says "Oh, we don't deliver there anymore." I'm sorry.....WHAT?! She asked me to come into her office and informed me that no, even though the website says that and even though I had been told otherwise, they only deliver at one certain hospital. I was so livid (in the godliest way possible). I am proud to say that I kept my cool and calmly left. Kurt decided to call, and he was told that if your insurance covers their main hospital, that's where you have to deliver. The other hospital is just for rare cases. Oh, really? Well it would've been lovely if I could've gotten some print-out or information packet or been TOLD that when I got pregnant. Nope. Didn't happen.

So, I had been planning for now 8 1/2 months to have a certain kind of delivery that was just what I wanted, with nurses I knew, at a certain hospital. And now I'm being told (at 35 weeks, no less) that they were just kidding; that can't happen. Seriously?!

However, I am viewing this as God's plan for us. He knew then and knows now where I need to deliver. We are going to use the hospital that my office prefers, because it's not worth losing our witness over. And I'm sure it will be a lovely delivery. I just don't look kindly upon unprofessionalism and being treated like a number, know what I mean? So that's always fun to deal with.

But, the bottom line is that somewhere, somehow, the baby will be born and we'll bring her to a happy home. This is where you just take the high road and move on.

That's life in a nutshell right now...have a great evening!

Edward Cullen, I love you.

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Gator Mommy said...


I can't tell you how sorry I am. Somehow I feel that this is partly my fault for getting your hopes up. You have no idea how much I was looking forward to being there when Evy was born. I wish there was something that I could do. I don't have any connections with the other hospital in question to help you out. I would still love to talk to you about the classes if you want me to and I am always available for questions- even at 3am with a baby that won't nurse (I've been there)! Gotta go- I'm in the middle of New Moon (and yes, I partially blame you for my new obsession, ha ha).


Andrea said...


You crack me up girl!!! I totally understand the frustration. That is just not right. :( Also, I too have given in to the 'Twilight' hype. I was home for Christmas and my sister had a copy in her bedroom. I picked it up just to see what all the hoopla was about. Well.....FIVE hours later and over halfway through the book, I realized that I was in love. The writing is just so easy to read and I say this after making my way through 'Emma' and having to stop and make sure I understood all the dialog. Oh I loved 'Emma', but there is just something so wonderful in Stephanie's writing and it is quite creative too. Vampires? Who would have thought we would all be such fans? ;)

Christy said...


I am not the only wierd one ;) Have you been on Youtube yet? Or heard his songs? Now, I am like you, I am in love with the CHARACTER and not so much the person but I am obsessed. Clay thinks I am insane LOL.

I am so sorry about the delivery!! What hospital will you have to use? If you want to email me the answer I understand! If it is the one I am thinking that is where I had Layton and it was a wonderful experience. I had Laura Grace at Woman's hospital and loved it as well. You have a great attitude about it, I would have probably completely blown my witness and made a fool out of myself.

Melody said...

Ashley -

Sorry about your frustration. But, I too had to deal with that when I had Waverley. My group also delivered at two hospitals and we had problems agreeing on one and insurance agreeing as well. I am sure it did work out for the best though. I wish you all the best for the last few weeks of pregnancy and for a lifetime of love with Evy. If you haven't read Christy's blog...it is a great pick-me-up! : )

Carrie and David said...

I'm so disappointed for you about the hospital situation! I was really hoping it would work out for you to deliver where you wanted! I know it's got to be so disappointing, but having a healthy mommy and baby is what will matter in the long run. I know you know that :o) Good for you having a good attitude and being a witness in a very annoying situation!

Christy said...

yeah, the post is a great example of making a complete idiot out of myself LOL

mrs.leah.maria said...

Wow. Ashley that is quite the situation to have to deal with. I'm so sorry. I'm glad to hear at least in writing that you seem to be accepting it very well already.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I am so sorry about your hospital situation! I am so proud of you for having a good attitude and heart and letting God use you as a witness in this situation.

demetria said...

ok, well.. . . .that kinda stinks. i'm so sorry. your are so right, though, that little Evy will be welcomed no matter where she enters this world at.

also, i LAUGHED out LOUD at your last sentence. you are TOO funny. i guess i'm gonna have to check these books out, huh?

Christy said...

Hey! I got your message and responded. Thanks :)

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