January 14, 2009

Private Transition

Some have asked what a private transition is after the post below....I'm sorry I didn't explain better!

A private transition just means that once the baby is born, she won't go to the nursery right away. She'll be with us in the room for at least 4 hours, and we'll have a private nurse caring for her/us in our room. I just wanted it because I want to bond right away with her, and I want to be there when family members see her for the first time. Traditionally, the husband carries the baby to the nursery after the birth and shows the family then. I just REALLY wanted to be able to be there when people see her for the first time. :o)

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Christy said...

I am so glad everything worked out so well! What a huge blessing!

That is so neat that they are willing to let you have this time-when I was having Layton just 3 years ago this wasn't doable in most of the JX hospitals-I am glad they have evolved LOL.

Tiffany said...

Yeah! What a blessing! I'm with Lyndsey- enjoy the last few days. It may sound crazy, but later you'll miss the belly, with her rolling and swirling inside. You'll miss patting and rubbing her. hee-hee! Blessings!

Andrea said...

SO glad you explained that....I was thinking I was a know-nothing!!! That sounds awesome and I am incredibly jealous. I was always in recovery after csections and didn't get to see my families reactions. What a blessing that is...sooo happy for you! :)

Carrie and David said...

I am so excited for you that this all worked out! I know when someone is nice to you it makes all the difference in the world! And it's GREAT that you're getting the private transition like you wanted! Yay! :o)

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