January 8, 2009

Tribute to TV

For those of you who know me or read this blog here and there, you know I'm a fan of TV. I don't apologize for it; I really like to watch television. I did a post like this at the beginning of the last television season, so here we are again. In no particular order, here's what I'm watching:

The Bachelor

So, I love this show, always have. Kurt and I actually watch this for entertainment value, and I enjoy hearing his male perspective. Which usually consists of him saying things like "What a loser." "Of COURSE his shirt is off." or "Nothing on her body can be real." You get the idea. My thoughts on Jason? Well, he's very sensitive and sweet. And honestly, his child is the cutest thing I've ever seen. He's not Edward Cullen, but I can deal. I have a few standout girls that I think will go far, but I don't feel like posting their pictures and going to all that trouble. I'll give an update mid-season and see where we stand then. For now, I'll just enjoy the drama and thank the good Lord I didn't have to go on a reality show to find Kurt. However, I think I would've liked going on fantasy dates. A girl can dream.

Grey's Anatomy

Love this show. Although they really need to stop the Izzie/Denny thing. Creepy. And not realistic. Yes, this is coming from me, who believes the Cullens are real, but give me a break, ok? I like Grey's. That's about it on that one.

Secret Life of the American Teenager

This show was a surprise to me. I started watching in its first season, and was quickly taken by it. Yes, it deals with teen pregnancy, but that's a real issue. Oddly, I like Molly Ringwald playing the mom. I don't have a ton of things to say about this show, other than the fact that I just like it and it keeps me interested. Also, they're advocating adoption/keeping the baby, which I always appreciate in mainstream media.

The Office

Ahhh. The Office. The perfect blend of comedy and storyline, in my opinion. Although I do think they sometimes run low on ideas and plotlines, it's still my favorite. I love Jim and Pam together (otherwise known as Jam) and I think the character of Michael Scott is the funniest thing on television. Love it. My kind of humor.

And coming in February....

The Millionaire Matchmaker, Season 2

SUCH a huge fan of Patti. I love how she tells people how it really is when it comes to relationships. And she's dealing with millionaires, a lifestyle I'll never know. It's very interesting to me that these people with the most money are the biggest idiots when it comes to dating. Money can't buy everything, people. I did realize once I saw the promo that the premiere is on February 12. So I need to make doubly sure that the DVR is set to record, no matter what my labor status is. Yes, I will be that mother who rocks her infant while watching Patti on TV. No apologies.

I think that's a good rundown for now. I'll keep you posted on my favorite shows. I'm now going to read more of Breaking Dawn, the last Twilight book that I'm able to get my hands on. Stephenie Meyer needs to get her rear in gear and finish the 5th book. It's supposed to be from Edward's perspective. Smelling salts, please?

Oh, and check out what Suz and I found the other night:

This would be Bella's engagement ring. That's right. You can buy it. And they have 3 versions: Cheap, Moderate, and Expensive.

Do I need to elaborate on which version I want?

I can't help it that I have $2000 taste. Kurt doesn't know about this newest little item on my wishlist. I'm trying to figure out the best way to tell him that I want a really expensive ring that's based on a piece of jewelry in a fictional book, that was given by a vampire to a human. And that I want it really badly.

Yeah, my husband just wouldn't get that.

I'll let you know how that conversation goes :o)

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Rebecca said...

I too have recently gotten sucked into the Twilight craze. My sister told me that the fifth book (Midnight Sun) has been halted indefinitely after it was leaked to the internet. I went to Stephenie Meyer's website which confirms this. She says that Midnight Sun will be her next project, but I don't expect it to come out soon. Especially since she feels her rights as an author were violated. You can go to ther website and read the partial draft there. It's not much, though.

Christy said...

Yeah, Clay wouldn't go for that at all LOL.

I can see his eyes rolling now!

Kristal said...

LOL, Ashley. You really do love Edward, don't you? :)

Ashley said...

I did see the Midnight Sun was halted...but I found something on the website recently that said that she is picking it up again to work on. I sure hope so!

lilly said...

I hope Midnight Sun does come out even though it was leaked on the Internet. She does have another book out that is for adults and is not as teenaboberish. (I just made that a word) I looked at it at Wal-Mart and it looked really deep, but I've heard it's good. Can't remember the name of it, but it's as thick as Breaking Dawn.
I love the Bachelor and the Millionaire Matchmaker. I wish Patti would set me up!;)

Heather said...

I laughed as I started reading you TV shows. I have the Bachelor, Gray's, and Secret Life all on my DVR waiting for me to watch them. So between laundry and getting the house in order after being in Indiana for a week I will be watching them. I also enjoy Private Practive and ER. I have not heard of the Millionaire Matchmaker before...

Mommy Managing said...

Posting the ring on your blog is a nice, suddle way to inform him. ;)

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