January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day

I HAVE to take this opportunity to brag on my husband.

Since there's a REALLY good chance we'll be out of pocket and busy with a new little one on Valentine's Day, Kurt surprised me yesterday and today with my Valentine's!!!

He called me yesterday at 5 and told me that we had dinner reservations at 6:45. I was so, so excited. He ended up taking me to Sophia's Restaurant at Fairview Inn (a beautiful B&B). We have special memories at Fairview, and we also ate there for Valentine's last year. I loved it so much, he took me again! It was almost deserted in the restaurant, and our server told us that we were so smart to celebrate ahead of the crowd. We got a much more private atmosphere that way!

Today, before Kurt left to go on call at 3, he brought in a box and said "Happy Valentine's Day!" I was shocked, not expecting this at all. He let me have another prenatal massage last week, and I had assumed that was my present. I opened it up and found this:

A Canon Rebel xsi!!!!!!

I am so excited!!! We now have a high-quality video camera and regular camera to document our lives from now on. I didn't expect to be able to get my camera for a long time, and it was such a wonderful surprise. Now I need to learn how to use it...and fast! I don't want to be out of the loop when we will have so much to take pictures of. Thank you to my WONDERFUL husband for so many surprises!

In other news, we have our internet hooked up to our regular computer---FINALLY! Hopefully this means that I can now upload the pictures that everyone has been waiting for. I'll get to that as soon as I can. Have a great day....

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Chelsie said...

What a sweet husband to surprise you like that! The camera will be so nice to have once the little one arrives.

Kristal said...

Girl, you are gonna love that camera. :)

Kurt is such a sweetie!

Lindsey said...

What a precious husband you have! I am so excited for you that you got the canon camera! You are going to have an absolute blast with it!

Andrea said...

Awwww what a lucky girl!!!! I have the Canon Rebel XTi which is just an earlier model of yours. If you have any questions, just ask! Canons are fabulous! :)

Sassy and Classy Southern Mrs. said...

You will love that camera! I've had mine for a few weeks and I can't put it down.

winstead family said...

i have the same camera and LOVE It!! i love the nursery. i wouldn't expect anything less than exquisite from you. praying for you in the coming weeks. oh, btw, kurt, you get the husband of the year award!

JanMary said...

A wonderful hubby and a wonderful camera (from another Canon fan).

Looking forward to seeing your pics.

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