February 7, 2009

Being Announced In Style

I made a door hanger for when we're at the hospital! I made it easier on myself because I started with something pre-made and embellished it.

My supplies for the hospital door hanger: pre-made "Valentine" art, white fluffy trim, pink ribbon, package of 3 tiny canvas boards, and gold paint pen. (All from Hobby Lobby.)

This is the finished product:

I really enjoyed making this...Maybe I could sell them? Every baby needs one :o)

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Lindsey said...

Precious! You are so creative! My parents bought Charlotte a door hanger from the hospital and it is still hanging on her bedroom door today! I wish I would have thought to make my own like you did!

Carrie and David said...

So cute!! I'd buy one! :o)

Lori Vick said...

That is so cute. I definatly think you could sell them if you wanted.

Christy said...

Very cute!! Much cuter than the ones the hospital sells!

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