February 18, 2009

Evy Is Home!

So, here are the pictures we have so far of our sweet angel Evy at home. These include meeting Aunt Andrea and Uncle Will for the first time (please ignore the fact that I was still MAJORLY swollen from surgery!), and basically just pictures that we think are adorable--haha!

I know I haven't given many details about the whole birth experience. This is basically because I was OUT OF IT the whole time I was in labor/delivery! Long story short, we induced on Monday morning, Feb. 9, starting at 5:30 am. I had spent the night before on adrenaline. Funny sidenote: the day I found out I was pregnant, I watched "You've Got Mail." The night before we induced, I watched "You've Got Mail." And while I was in labor, I watched "You've Got Mail!" Haha! Something about that movie :o) Anyway, I spent 9 hours in labor on Pitocin, and several other drugs. I just wasn't progressing. I had a terrible adverse reaction to Staydol, which I knew I shouldn't have taken (but did because I was in so much pain). This caused me to be intensely sick, even while trying to get my epidural. I was given Phenigren to ease the nausea, which completely knocked me out. I was literally in a coma-like sleep when my doctor told me that a C-section was basically our only option. At that point, I was praising the Lord about having major surgery--haha! I don't remember a thing about the surgery prep, etc. They didn't even bother to put a sheet up to block our view because of Kurt being a doctor---they knew he wouldn't pass out (isn't that funny?) But I forced myself to stay awake and when I heard Evy cry for the first time, I just burst into tears! The first thing Kurt said to me was, "She has your nose!"

Recovery has been hard. I had a respiratory complication that requires me to be on an inhaler now (stuff just settled into my chest and because of my surgery I couldn't cough or clear my throat). C-sections are tough. But, we have been very blessed this first week. She is sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time, even at night. She adores her bouncy seat, and only cries when she's hungry. We know that this will probably change shortly, so we're enjoying it while we can :o) She is just a joy. I told Kurt the other day that I've never felt closer to God that I have in these last few days. I just can't believe He would give us such a beautiful, precious child.

Thank you for your support and continued prayers. I'm definitely not back to normal, and my recovery is the main prayer request. Also, our sweet cat Doris has been gone for about 4 days now. Something had to have happened to her, because she's not the type of cat that would just leave. (And no, we know she didn't leave because of the baby...she was totally fine around Evy.) I had a huge cry about it last night and am trying not to think about it. I'm still hoping she'll come home---I have to be optimistic not to go emotionally crazy. One more thing: pray for when Kurt goes back to work Saturday. I have been intensely attached to him since the baby has been born, and thinking of him not being here during the day makes me cry (no, really...I have cried when he went to the library to study). My mom is coming back to be with me, but I just need your prayers. Thank you!

So that's what's happening in our corner of the world. We thank God for our sweet baby girl!

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Chelsie said...

She is such a doll!

I'll be praying for your speedy recovery, for your kitty to come back, and for you to be alright when Kurt has to go back to work. Everything will work out!

Chelsie said...

She is such a doll!

I will be praying for you guys. I hope your kitty comes back soon!

Christy said...

I hope the cat comes back soon! Ours was gone for a few days and came back so hopefully she is just doing a weird cat thing.

Evy is beautiful, I am so glad that she was healthy and that you are okay as well :) You will recover (I know you know this), C Sections are SO draining and all the stupid hormones don't help AT ALL.

I would cry and beg Clay not to go to the grocery store!!! We all understand those emotions and it is so hard!!

I will pray for you and your sweet family and that life will settle soon for you :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I hope the cat comes back..I am having the same issues with my missing dog.

Evy is beautiful!!! Such a gift from God for sure!

I hate that you are still in pain and wish you wellness soon. The crying I have only "heard" can stay around for a while! Keep plenty of people close to you and ask for help when needed!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Wow, it's not hard to understand why you would feel closer to God. She is an absolute beauty.

I'll be praying for your recovery and Doris. :(

JanMary said...

Hugs and prayers from a fellow c-section/married-to-a-doc mum!

Ro said...

I will be praying! When can I bring you guys dinner?

Carrie and David said...

Yes, Aubrey and Evy are going to be cute little friends! I can't wait for them to meet! :o)

Love all of your pictures. I have to say it again: Evy is beautiful! I know you don't get tired of hearing that! :o)

I'll pray for you when Kurt goes back to work. I know it's tough. I want to come see you when you're feeling up to it, but ONLY when you feel like it!

winstead family said...

aww ashley! evy is just a princess! she is so beautiful and seems so content! i know you are loving this and at the same time adjusting to your new life. i will pray for you especially for when kurt goes back to work.xoxo

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