February 4, 2009


Just received a comment from Brittany about "tactfully" asking my husband to medically intervene...(from my previous post)...

I literally did mean that I wanted him to go to the hospital, get the supplies necessary, and break my water! (Because he is a legitimate physician--or "Doc Doc" as I like to say.) People have been quite frank about suggesting other methods--- :o) ---but I just can't go there.

Just made me laugh and I had to clarify!!

[Addendum: Right as I hit the "post" button, afore-mentioned Doc Doc walked in with flowers from a random grocery store run. Is he not the best? Thank you, sweet husband!]

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Kearsmom said...

Hahahaha....yeah, they have been "frank", haven't they??? So he brought flowers, but no medical tools, huh? Oh well...flowers are sweet!

Ashley said...

Hahahaha Kurt and I LOVED your advice! :o)

mrs.leah.maria said...

Yay for flowers and lol about discerning how Kurt would intervene, I have to say the thought crossed my mind.

Brittany said...

hahaha-I SO laughed out loud. TOO many people had suggestive suggestions for me about how to begin labor...lol. um..no thanks? lol. and btw I feel like a celebrity to mentioned on your blog! you have so many readers

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