February 3, 2009

Last Minute Indulgences

Today I treated myself to a pedicure with my wonderful "beauty diva" Judy at Bdazzled, her private shop. If you need a fabulous nail/facial/toes/waxing experience, go to this adorable friend of mine! Just ask me for details. I was determined to have pretty toes to go through labor and delivery and to meet my daughter in style. My color is a pretty Valentine-ish pink, called "That's Hot! Pink" (in homage to Paris Hilton's famous phrase).

Made a trip to Target where I got a Valentine entry rug, a pack of onesies, Valentine dishtowels, a gift for Kurt, and one of my FAVORITE movies, You've Got Mail (my family has our DVD of it in Cape, so I HAD to buy my own copy). Totally unnecessary purchases to anyone else, but not to me.

Then I got lunch.

And people...I am lovin' it.

Then I went with Suz to the grocery to learn how to utilize coupons. It's one of my goals, and I've been learning a lot over the last few months. I can't wait to eventually have a receipt that I'm proud and excited to show Kurt! Thanks, Suz!

Look what I found for myself on Etsy! These are vintage-inspired charm necklaces. I am ordering 3 necklaces---A, K, and E for our little family. They're going to be great for layering. I also am getting this amazing cocktail ring. Can you tell I'm BEYOND ready to get back to dressing stylishly?

Tonight I watched the new Duggar episodes and am about to finish Toddlers and Tiaras. So disturbing, yet it's like a car wreck. You can't NOT watch. I still have the Real Housewives of OC and American Idol to watch. And I think I'm going to eat chips and dip because it's my last week of not having to watch what I eat. In other TV news, I will soon have new seasons of Millionaire Matchmaker, Dancing with the Stars, Real Housewives of NYC (much better than Orange County), and probably a few others to DVR. I figure if I'm going to be up at all hours, I might as well have something taped to watch. :o)

I did have a moment of weakness tonight and literally begged Kurt to medically intervene so I'd go into labor.(Yes, I'm serious.) I vented that having a physician for a husband had to be good for something. Obviously, I calmed down once he told me that it would be uncomfortable and awkward on so many levels. You can't blame me for trying. I'm just so ready. Tomorrow I'm really going to focus on last-minute packing and light straightening around the house. Anticipation!

Okay, the French Onion dip is calling my name. Have a great night!

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Rebecca said...

I'm lovin' the jewelry and the nail polish color!

winstead family said...

you are hilarious! i'm glad to see you are living it up your last few days! keep it up sister! :) xoxo

Gator Mommy said...

This is NOT your last week to not have to watch what you eat. While breastfeeding, we tell moms to NOT diet!!! You burn 500 cal/day just to make milk. You should see the junk that I eat 24/7 and the weight is just falling off. I think after Jonah weans I am going to keep pumping just so I don't loose that little perk :) Enjoy!

Christy said...

I unfortunately was one of those moms that DO NOT lose weight breastfeeding. Some women's bodies store everything they eat, just like when you are pg. Sigh.

Maybe you will be lucky!!! LOL

I know you are uncomfortable and I'm sorry but I couldn't help but roll laughing when I read that about you and Kurt. I think I would have jumped him and beat him until he complied LOL!!!!

Enjoy these last few days of just you :) I love the nail color.

mrs.leah.maria said...

Lol at asking Kurt to intervene! I love your last indulgences, very well thought out. :)

Carrie and David said...

Oh, how well I remember the feeling of readiness! Reading your posts brings back many memories from almost 5 months ago. I'm getting anxious/excited/READY for you! Everytime I get a text I grab my phone hoping you're in labor :o) Can't wait to see you again!

PS - I also remember not being able to wait to wear "normal" clothes again!!

demetria said...

o.mi.gosh. you are SOOOO funny!!! i love the nailcolor! did you buy it? i also love the jewelry!! you'll look great in it, as always!

Mommy Managing said...

My sweet Momma took me to have a pedicure right before Reagan was born, and I, too, chose a ridiculously bright shade of pink. Before her birth, in the hospital, and once we arrived home, my pink toes brought a smile to my seriously bloated face. :)

I also loaded my DVR knowing that there would be a lot of time resting on the sofa--well, as much as three little ones would allow.

I'm so proud of your coupon venture! Tell me more!

Brittany said...

I love it! I also got a my toenails painted...my DH did it for me though! special. and I did a quick trim on my fingernails-I scratched Luke when he was little and it horrified me, not doing that again.
Love your *tactful* phrase there at the end. lol and His response is great! just know that the longer she stays in there, the easier it is to keep her safe, comfortable, warm and happy! Don't fret! you'll get to hold and kiss your daughter soon :)

Tiffany said...

I think it's good to do a little last minute pampering. I had a manicure and pedicure right each of my births also. It just makes you feel good, doesn't it? ~Blessings!

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