February 5, 2009

Letter to My Daughter

Dear Evy,

I can’t believe I’m writing this letter to my first child! It’s such a surreal feeling. When I found out that I was pregnant on June 8, 2008, our world forever changed. Now that you’re almost here (within days), our world is about to be changed again.

I’ve heard that once you become a mother, you better understand the concept of unconditional love. I can’t imagine what that feels like, yet I’ve never been more ready to experience it. I have known from the time I was a little girl that being a mother was my calling in life. However, I’ve never felt more overwhelmed than I do now: Will I teach you all you need to know? What kind of mom will I be? Will I model for you the Biblical legacy that I want to leave? I have so many questions, but all that seems important right now is that you arrive safely.

I want you to understand that you’re about to come into a world that isn’t what God intended, although He’s not surprised by it. Our world is a beautiful place. God has given us nature to enjoy, and family to love, and so much to experience and see. But our world is a very ugly place at the same time. People don’t have the love and reverence for God that they once did, and sin is in the world. You will come in contact with this; it’s only fair to warn you from the start.

However, I am humbled and blessed to say that you are a child who will have the opportunity to grow up in a Christian household. Your dad and I love the Lord and acknowledge Him as the authority and head of this household. Only by His mercy are we saved, and our number one goal from the moment you’re born is to point you to Him. We will have moments of failure. We will not be perfect parents. But Jesus, our Savior, is perfect. We are already praying for the day that you fully come to understand this for yourself and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life and heart. What a wonderful day that will be!

I want to make some promises to you:
-You dad and I will always be together, and we will always be a family.
-I will be your mother first, then your friend. Sometimes this will make me unpopular, but it’s for our own good (yours and mine).
-We will be proud of you simply because you’re our daughter. Any accomplishments are just icing on the cake.
-As your mom, I will listen to you calmly, even when the conversations are uncomfortable.
-God has a perfect, wonderful plan for your life, and we can’t wait to see that come to fruition.

Some advice for my sweet daughter:
-Play with dolls and make believe for as long as possible.
-Don’t date just to date; it wastes time. Trust me on this.
-Your purity is a precious gift from God. Protect it with everything you have.
-Your dad will take the above statement very seriously. Don’t test him on this.
-Learn what’s in the Bible. Don’t just hear it. Learn it and live it.

I pray you have:
-The courage of the Egyptian midwives (Shiphrah and Puah) who saved so many Hebrew children against their Pharaoh’s wishes.
-The intelligence of Miriam.
-The loyalty of Ruth to family and those you love.
-The perseverance of Hannah in your prayer life.
-The boldness and speaking ability of Esther.
-The obedience of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
-The hospitality of Martha.
-The learning spirit of Mary.
-The bold witness of Corrie Ten Boom.
-The accepting and positive attitude of Helen Keller.
-The adventurous spirit of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
-The creativeness of Joni Eareckson Tada
-The love for God’s Word of Beth Moore.
-The ministry of Elisabeth Elliot.
-The traits that only God can place in your unique personality.
And finally...
-The attitude and attributes of Christ Jesus Himself.

This is a daunting list, I know. But I will be praying these things for you, not so you can try to copy these women, but emulate their positive and godly traits. You can do it!

Evy, I love you. I’m here for you no matter what, anytime, anywhere.

Love, Mommy


Gator Mommy said...

How special! Something she will treasure forever!

Priscila said...

what a wonferful letter full of great advice. Im praying for you and cant wait to see pics@!


Tiffany said...

Ok, I'm cryinng now! This is so sweet and touching. I especially love the list of attributes you hope she comes to acquire in her lifetime. Beautiful! God bless you both in these next few days. Love you!-Tiff

Mrs. A said...

ok first time reading your blog and I'm in tears.

found you through Marital Bless

many happy blessings to your family

Katie A. said...

What a sweet thing to share with us. I know it blessed me to read it and I'm sure it will bless Evy when she is able to read and understand it. I laughed when I read the statement that her dad will take her purity very seriously and not to test him on that, haha. So true though, don't mess with a daddy's little girl! Can't wait to see pictures of Evy and hear the stories of her as she grows up!

demetria said...

this is truly one of the most beautiful things i have EVER read. you already ARE such a great mommy!

JanMary said...

Wonderful, and simply beautiful.

What a treasure your daughter will have in this letter.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

This was very touching, so sweet!!!

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