February 14, 2009

My Beautiful Valentines

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The Lindsey's said...

I love that she has a round face, those are always better for kissing! Bailee had a round little face like that and I couldn't ever get enough. This lady asked me in McAlister's one time how I got her face to look like that!

Lindsey said...

Ashley, Evy seriously is too precious! I am so glad you received my Valentine! I would be happy to show you how to make them. It really is sooo easy! I will try and type up some directions for you and send them to you when I get back home! I bet you could even pick a digital scrap kit and make your very own birth announcement! If you order from walgreens online, you can even get it printed on nice card stock! let me know if you want help! I will even help you make them if you want!(I know you are pretty busy these days :)Email me if you want me to help!

Ashley said...

Ashley, I know you have heard it a thousand times... But Evy really and truly is precious. So beutiful! Her eyes are so bright and curious already. And those dimples - ADORABLE! You and Kurt are truly blessed.

Emily said...

She is a very beautiful baby!!! I love that sweet face!

demetria said...

ok. . . i've watched the entire slide show and seen the pics. . . I"M IN LUUUVVV!!! she is so beautiful!!

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