March 28, 2009

It's a Small World After All!

I love when things like this happen! I know many of us read the Kelly's Korner blog, and prayed for Kelly's daughter Harper when she was born.

I got addicted to this fun blog by this really fun girl! I noticed that she was from the Northwest Arkansas area. So, on a whim, I emailed her and asked her if she happened to know my grandfather, H.D. McCarty, who was the pastor of University Baptist church there for YEARS and was also chaplain for the Razorbacks (go Hogs!). Almost immediately, Kelly emailed me back and told me that Poppy had been her pastor for 8 years!!!! Also, she had the special memory of my grandfather calling her every year on her birthday (he was such a personal pastor, if I do say so myself!), and of seeing me and my family at church when we would visit Fayetteville. Who knew that we would eventually connect through blogs, and have little girls just one month apart?!

I totally think that Evy and Harper would be BFF if we lived close :o) Here are the stylish little ladies:

I love when things like that happen, so I was excited to share! Kelly, I love your blog, and Evy wants Harper to go shopping with her :o)

I'll be putting up new pictures soon! Stay tuned! (By the way, I borrowed the pictures from Kelly's blog!)

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Kelly said...

We should totally have a girl's shopping trip sometime! Evy is precious!!!! I'm sure she and Harper would be BFF's!!!
Don't know if you know this but you and I are both PK's!

Jennifer said...

That's so neat!
My mom actually works as the receptionist at UBC and my son attends Mother's Day Out there, but we are members at FBC Springdale. I just love there MDO program, so I chose to take him there instead! My mom started working there when our family moved to Fayetteville 2 years ago, so she wouldn't have been there when your grandpa was, but it's still a fun connection!

His Doorkeeper said...

Ashley, I'm Kelly's Mom and Harper's Nonny.
I enjoyed reading your blog and your Evy is just a doll!

I wanted you to know that when I was in college at the U of A in the 60's I went to UBC. I loved to hear your grandfather preach. I started dating a boy my Sr. year and he wasn't a Christian but he would come with me to church because he liked H D. Long story short...I married him and he finally got saved when Kelly was two and the Lord called him to preach and he has pastored for over 23 years now!!

Small world, huh??

Tiffany said...

Wow, I was going to comment on how precious both little ladies are and how I was going to check out Kelly's blog, as well as your poppy's. But, just reading these comments is amazing. I love when God shows us how connected we are, not only as humans, but as the body of Christ. Truly, truly amazing, and touching!

Ro said...

What a special connection! It is so amazing how God threads our lives together...and how He allows us to SEE how detailed His work is from time to time!

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