April 24, 2009

Happy Friday

Hi everyone...

It's been a good day so far with my sweet girl. I dropped off more orders at UPS to ship out (I've been busy!) and then went by Hobby Lobby. Can I give God some praise for that store? I love it. Somehow, I only managed to come out with 3 frames (50% off!). I decided to spruce up the mantle.

Before, I had kind of a silvery/glass theme going on:

Now, I put the silvery/glass frames on the entry table to match the starburst mirror, and put the new frames on the mantle. They're a combination of silver, gold, and blackish/brown. I also framed some black and whites of Evy, and the one on the far right is a close-up of Kurt's grandparents' hands holding Evy's. It's just one of those pictures that deserves a frame. I love how it turned out!

Evy Katie (as I call her) looked adorable in her little "E" onesie that my good friend Julie gave her, as well as some dark-wash jeans. How fashionable! ;o)

I wanted to show you Evy's birth announcement, for those of you who haven't seen it (we were only able to send out so many!). I loved how it turned out. I used Tiny Prints, and I highly recommend this company. We had a mix-up with our deliveryman, and TP's customer service was impeccable. I actually found this birth announcement before I even got pregnant, and after searching around, I couldn't find anything that I loved nearly as much. So here it is!

Kurt texted me today with a surprise--he suggested we go eat Mexican food tonight! Thankfully, Evy does pretty well at our favorite place, and it's close to home in case she just isn't in the dining mood. We had a bad experience eating out at PF Chang's the other night--it involved eating in shifts and wolfing down our food--but we are going to climb back on the horse and try again!

I do have a favor to ask. On the left side of the page, you'll see a box where it shows the "followers" of this blog. I know some people don't comment or let me know they're reading, but it's encouraging to know that people actually read what I write. Could you click on the button that says "Follow" for me? It would just be an encouragement to see that I actually have an audience. My artistry website has more followers than my personal blog---that can't be accurate! Haha! So could you do that for me if you read? Thanks a million!

Have a great weekend :o)

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Katelyn said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now and finally decided to post. The way you write is so entertaining and it's so encouraging to see someone my age actively seeking His will and doing your thing! I hope it's OK that I link you on my blog. I'll probably start commenting on a regular basis! It was so nice to "meet" you!

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