May 27, 2009

My Happiness List

One of my 101 goals was to list 100 things that make me happy. There are probably many more, but this is pretty comprehensive. Enjoy!

1. Wonderful, rich time with God.
2. A moving choir song at church.
3. Interesting architecture.
4. Evy's precious smile.
5. Planning trips and traveling of any kind.
6. The Christmas season; its music and smells.
7. Musical theater performances.
8. Good food.
9. The "Escape" music channel on XM Radio.
10. Walking on perfect-temperature days.
11. Kisses and hugs from Kurt.
12. BOOKS!
13. The power of good memories.
14. Weddings.
15. The Duggar family.
16. Having great fellowship with friends.
17. Magazines that you want to read every article.
18. DISNEY WORLD!!! (Orlando only.)
19. Road trips with my family.
20. Quality time with mom or Daddy, one-on-one.
21. Bon Ami berry tea.
22. London. London. London.
23. Museums.
24. Williamsburg, VA/Washington, D.C.
25. "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" movie.
26. "You've Got Mail."
27. The ranch house in the original "Parent Trap."
28. Blogs.
29. Getting positive comments on MY blog.
30. Surprises.
31. Unique gifts and finding the PERFECT gifts for people.
32. The Bachelor, DWTS, and other SELECT reality TV.
33. Visiting California.
34. Texas.
35. Evy's cute little clothes.
36. Shopping sales and finding bargains.
37. Sitting in/browsing Lifeway.
38. Beth Moore Bible studies.
39. When Scripture comes alive.
40. Disney movies. Well, anything Disney-oriented.
41. Decorating my home.
42. Dreaming with Kurt about our future.
43. Rocking chairs.
44. Cherry Limeades from Sonic.
45. British accents and their wonderful use of vocabulary.
46. Having professional pictures taken.
47. Uniquely decorated, personable homes.
48. Long talks with good friends.
49. Organization.
50. Dates with Kurt.
51. A good perfume.
52. Monograms and personalized items.
53. US Weekly magazine. Don't judge.
54. Mississippi Magazine Wedding Register (the only issue I enjoy).
55. Red Gatorade.
56. Browsing
57. Little Tokyo sushi.
58. Looking at houses for sale.
59. Lamplight and candlelight.
60. Daddy preaching.
61. Discovering a great movie.
62. The nostalgia of the 1940s-50s.
63. The Grand Floridian Hotel.
64. A lush, flowery garden.
65. The first brisk day of fall.
66. The smell of leaves burning and fires in fireplaces.
67. My grandparents' house.
68. Thanksgiving Day.
69. The Disney Christmas Parade.
70. Meals at the Lancaster's.
71. Cuddling with furry little puppies or kittens.
72. The way babies smell.
73. Seeing someone propose.
74. Coca-Cola. Regular.
75. Home videos.
76. Beautiful fireplaces.
77. How music is a time machine.
78. Getting a genuine compliment.
79. Cozy cottages.
80. The Twilight series.
81. Studying different historical periods.
82. The arrival gate at airports.
83. A good pair of jeans.
84. My wedding pictures.
85. Lotion from Bath Junkie.
86. Votivo "Red Currant" fragrance collection.
87. Driving on a sunny day.
88. When you hear your baby cry for the very first time.
89. My comfy bed.
90. Cold air conditioning in the car and the house.
91. Staying home full-time.
92. When my brother Will makes me laugh really hard.
93. When my sister Andrea wants me to sing to her at night like I did when she was a baby.
94. Finding blasts from the past with my sister Alyssa.
95. Spa treatments.
96. Designing our Christmas card and writing our letter every year.
97. Getting Christmas cards and letters from people (put us on your list!).
98. Inside jokes with my family.
99. New York City.
100. My Lord, Jesus the Christ. He is abundantly loving and faithful!


Sarah Denley said...

Wow, I'm with you on at least half that list! This is such a great idea...I defiantly stole it from you when I made my 101 list. BTW, number 21-I kid you not when I tell you that I have the RECIPE for Bon Ami berry tea. I'll email it to you if you want it! It's always a hit at showers and such (or you know, if you you just want a simple luxury for yourself!)

Brittany and Charlie said...

That is a hefty list!

Christy said...

I would love the recipe for that tea as well if you would email me when you get it!!

Many of your items would also be on my list-what a great idea! I am going to be making one myself I think!

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