May 29, 2009

Nursery Questions

Hi everyone!

I've loved seeing nurseries on this week's home tour! I have had a few questions about Evy's room, so I'll answer them here.

-My inspiration photograph was found on

-Here is a closer look at the bedding, including a "ballerina tutu"-looking bedskirt. Yes, that's the phrase I used to describe it to my MIL :o)

-Here is Kurt putting up the wall monogram. Don't be fooled: it takes two people. But for the result, it's not too bad of a process. Also, they are completely removable (although they can't be reused) if you move, etc.---no repainting!! So they are great for apartments, etc. if that's your situation. Visit Three Hip Chicks, Etsy (search for Wall Monograms) or Wonderful Graffiti (great items for the whole house as well).

-The fabric we used was Angel Toile. It is PERFECT because it brings a neutral color into the mix and is just plain pretty :o) I also showed it covering a chair so you can see it better (photo from The Bella Cottage).

-The walls are beige/neutral, in case you couldn't see that very well. It offsets the pink perfectly, and we won't have to repaint when we sell this house (everyone loves neutral, right?).

Thanks SO much for all the great comments! I owe my sweet mother-in-law for making my vision a reality :o)

Please visit again!


ClintandGina said...

Thank you for the comment about the monogram being an option for our apartment. I am going to go to the websites you recommened and order one now!

mlc said...

I love the angel wings and story behind them!!!! Could you tell me where you found the angel wings?

Kodi said...

I love your nursery! Where did you buy the fabric?

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