May 19, 2009

Updates, Reality Recap, and More...

Hello friends :o)

It's been a good day here. I took my sweet baby out to Hobby Lobby and I found a new lamp and a lamp cord cover (my new favorite thing) for my new end table. I had been looking for a round pedestal-style table for the living room, but hadn't been able to find anything. But then last time I was home, I saw one of my great-grandmother's antiques that my mom had and ask her for it---and it's PERFECT! We put the Pack n' Play away for now, because I really don't think we'll use it until Evy needs a now the room looks more open and airy I think.

Also, when I was in Cape I went into an antique store with my sisters and found some artwork. I have never regretted buying the antique art I did for the dining area, so I went ahead and bought this set of three. My sister thinks I should leave them in the frames they're in to keep the "vintage" feel, but I am contemplating re-framing just to give it a newer look. What do you think I should do?

In other news, I have slowly but surely been learning to use and utilize coupons (one of my 101 in 1001), and on my first trip I saved $40, and yesterday I saved $50! I'm not a couponing maniac by any means, but it is encouraging to know that I'm saving us some money. I had a coupon for any L'Oreal skincare product, and I bought this:

It is AWESOME!!!!!! It smells great and leaves your skin SUPER smooth and soft. I rarely rave about products, but I just had to tell you about this one. It was a really good find.

Quick Bachelorette prediction: Jillian (who I really like because she seems really sweet and genuine) needs a guy like Jake, the airline pilot. Cute, great job, no foot fetish (you know what I mean if you watched the premiere!).

Oh, and I changed my mind about Idol. Adam had some great moments, but he's just become too weird and predictable. And I love the idea of a worship leader winning American Idol. Oh, and he's also from Arkansas, where my grandparents live. GO KRIS!!

Speaking of Arkansas, my Nana made me SUPER HAPPY when she gave me a recent issue of Celebrate Arkansas magazine---it had the DUGGAR FAMILY on the cover and a great article! I think I need to make a visit. See my grandparents, stalk the Duggars, and have lunch with Kelly and Harper. Yes, I should plan that :o)

Okay, I feel like I need to address this:

Is anyone else totally depressed by this? I had a sickening feeling for awhile that things weren't going well, but this is just so sad. For those who have been living in a cave, Jon and Kate are having major marital problems. What makes this so bad is a) they have 8 children, b) they renewed their vows last August, and c) they (casually on the show) profess to be Christians. Now, I know that Christians can have marital problems--no one is exempt. I'm just sad because I feel like they have both wandered from the Lord and what is really important: not fame or money, but family and their relationship with God. I am praying that their marriage and family will be put together again. The new summer season premieres May 25, and from the commercials I've seen, it looks like they're going to address the problems. I'm expecting a lot of vagueness, but who knows? Maybe they'll just be honest and upfront with what's going on. I'm praying for the Gosselins!

On a more exciting note, Lynwood, the church my Dad pastors in Missouri, has launched its new website! I helped with the design and programming of it, and I'm so excited about it. Go to my Dad's blog and tell him what you think of the new website!

And of course, no post is complete without my little Bitson...she's been going through a phase of waking up again in the middle of the I've been extra tired recently. But every single time I get up with her, it's like the Lord automatically puts the thought in my head, You need to be thankful that you HAVE a daughter to get up and feed, and that she's healthy and happy. Keep your perspective! Truly, this thought has entered my head every single time I've gotten up groggily to take care of her. It's a privilege to do it, and I need to remember that, even when it's hard!

I love you so much, Evy Kate! (And you too, friends!)

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Carrie and David said...

Wow, so much to comment on!
-I love your new table, lamp, and artwork!
-You need to teach me about couponing!
-I like Jillian too and can't wait to see who she picks.
-I'm glad you chaged your mind about Adam -- I'm definitaly going for Kris! :o)
-I wanna come stalk the Duggars too! ;o) Love them.
-I'm really sad (and annoyed, to be honest) about the Gosselins too. They need to pull the plug on the show and focus on their family. (In my opinion.)
-Sorry Evy is waking up again. Aubrey went through a growth spurt at about that age. I know it's hard, but good for you on maintaining a good attitude!
Sorry I wrote a book! Cant wait to see yall! :o)

Katelyn said...

I think Jake is such a stud. And what's with the guy with the foot fetish? Who on earth would mention that on a "first" date... that's bizarre. I can't wait to see who she picks!

Kelly said...

Yes, Yes - come to AR and visit us!!!!!! A friend of mine's mom is friends with Kris' mom and Kris has been witnessing to Adam. He's a special guy - I hope he wins!
And I have only watched half of the bachelorette but Jake is my pick too!
I have that Celebrate magazine but I haven't read it yet (I don't have time for magazines....ugh!)
And I'm sad about Jon and Kate. They need to make it work - can you imagine being the single parent of 8 kids?

Brittany and Charlie said...

I like Jake too! And he is from my hometown. That always makes me want to pull for them more:)
Definitely sad about Jon and Kate. Part of me wants to just say that most of it is rumors but who knows. I will be for sure tuning into there next season!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I have been reading your blog for a year or so..and now I have the miracle of expecting a child and I need to know all the stuff I have to "have". The best strollers, etc. etc.

Christy said...

I have never seen cord covers...something I need to investigate!!

I am also sad about the Gosselins-I have watched the show since it started and it is sad :( I think they should cancel the show and focus on family-but Clay says they probably can't because of contracts. So sad!! I hate that the kids are old enough to hear, see, and know what is going on. They are 5 and 8-able to hear the media reports and gossip.

Evy is so sweet, I am sorry she isn't sleeping well!!

Oh, and the frames... I like the vintage look but I think the pictures would stand out more with some dark wood frames-some that look similar to the ones you frame your art in...

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Thanks so much for answering!!! I live around Cape G.....well not too far. I have some family that goes to Lynwood(sp) also!! Small world...
OK my email : or

I need help with baby gear:strollers, carseats etc...and the nursery system

winstead family said...

i love posts that are full of fun information! i love all of your new home updates, even to the very detail of a lamp cord cover. who knew???

i hope i have the same attitude in the middle of the night when my little man is waking up every three hours. i am already praying about that now. i just need to be thankful...and i totally am! :)

miss you in church!! :(

Mrs. Dimple said...

I think you should keep the frames as it - they have lots of character! :)

I totally spaced out and missed the first Bachelorette ep - but I love Jillian too. Hopefully I can catch up next week!

the kriegels said...

I totally agree with you about Jillian and Jake. It will be interesting to see the "drama" going on this season.

And I secretly want to move/visit Pennsylvannia so I can be friends with the Gosselins...but I would settle for visiting the Duggars.

Anyways, I just thought I would say hi. I love your blog!!

Rene said...

Leave the pictures in the original frames---love them!

I totally agree about Jillian and Jake, I picked him out from the start!

Do I even need to tell you how precious Evy is!!!!! Oh my, the dimples---love them!!!

Miss you---we need to get together now that I am back in the swing of things.
Take care,

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