June 29, 2009

Crib Nap Update

Okay, this merits a post:

I put Evy down at 10:30 am for her morning nap, and ideally she would sleep until noon (hour and a half naps are the goal). After I went in and put her paci back in, I thought she would wake up again shortly and be done with naptime. It is now noon and she's still sound asleep! I'm so proud of her :o) I doubt the afternoon/evening naps will go this well, but I am encouraged that we can (hopefully) forgo the swing now for naps. I'd like to be able to use her swing to entertain her while she's awake, not just for sleeping. What a great start to the day!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Ver exciting! Evy sounds like she is getting the hang of it. My Evie took a tiny nap this morning and then fell asleep in the car on the way home from playgroup. Hope she takes a nap this afternoon so I get a little break.

Carrie said...

Yay Evy! I remember when Aubrey first started napping in her crib. I felt so free during that time I almost didn't know what to do with myself! I hope this becomes the new normal :o)

Tiffany said...

Call me crazy, but, do little mile stones like this make you feel a mixture of joy, relief, and sadness. On the one hand I was like ~aahh she's getting to be such a big girl, and yet on the other hand, I was like -uh she's growing up so fast-slow down. You're happy, but it all goes so fast.
Oh, I'm up and running w/ technorati. !Blessings!

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