June 26, 2009

A Happy Birthday & Revisiting Childhood

Today was such a good day! Kurt's birthday is on the 30th (he turns the big 2-9), but we have been celebrating early because he's on call on the actual day (bummer!). He opened one of his presents today (a gift certificate to a cooking store), and will open the rest closer to his birthday. Here were the events of the day:

-He got off work WAY earlier than usual (yay)!
-Opened one of his presents.
-We dropped Bitson off with a babysitter (more like a family of babysitters) and went on a FABULOUS date to see "Night at the Museum 2" and then ate at PF Chang's.
-Picked up Bitson and went strolling around an outdoor shopping center and visited Barnes and Noble. I felt like such an urban, chic family. Very rarely do I feel that way in Mississippi.

Here are the pictures! (I'll post about his other gifts once he opens them!)

As I mentioned before, we saw Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian. It was so good! We had just recently watched the first one, so it was fresh on our minds. I've decided that I have a thing for storylines where things come alive. Case and point: in keeping with my 101 in 1001 (see the menu bar at the top of my blog), I ordered 4 chapter books that I loved when I was younger. I adored the school library. So just to recapture that happiness, I hunted down 4 books and now they are happily in my possession! I'm currently re-reading Midnight in the Dollhouse.

I seriously loved the book so much, that when I was in elementary school in Missouri, I craved Library time each week so I could check it out again. It actually inspired me to beg my parents for a Victorian dollhouse, which I got for Christmas one year. I was featured in the newspaper about it, and I loved decorating that little house. I insisted that I had to have NICE miniature dolls; the kind at Hobby Lobby just didn't cut it. My mom surprised me for my birthday that year and had tracked down the perfect dolls---thanks, Mom! I haven't forgotten :o)

This led me to started remembering my childhood. I used to love drawing little "worlds" that would come into my imagination. Elves, fairies, etc. I would just draw their dwellings and such, because I loved to imagine that they existed. So you can imagine my complete happiness when I found this at Barnes and Noble tonight:

It's called "The Realm of the Never Fairies." Basically, it shows you the fairy world of Peter Pan's Neverland. Are you serious? This is my dream come true! The book shows you the entire world of fairies, including their dwellings, mannerisms, etc. I am seriously too excited. I didn't buy it, because we're trying to cut back on spending to some degree this month: we have to pay for the brand new air conditioning system we had to get last August. Boo. So I can't wait to buy this at some point and just imagine with Evy Kate that fairies are real :o)

By the way, even though we're in a spending freeze, I cheated and bought Evy Kate a Scripture lamb from Baby Be Blessed. It's PRECIOUS! Go see the lamb I got by clicking HERE.

One more thing that defined my childhood: American Girl. I was, and am, in love with all things American Girl. I remember coveting the Samantha doll, because I was obsessed with the turn-of-the-century, early 1900's era. And then, joy of joys, my parents bought me Samantha Parkington!

Once I had completely relished and learned everything about Samantha, I read the books of all the other dolls. My sister got Kirsten and Josefina (why she wanted Josefina, I have no idea. Alyssa--why?). Also, how she managed to get two dolls, I have no idea. Anyway, I love this company because they combine a little girl's love for dolls and history---so genius. I ordered the catalog recently just so I could reminisce. It's changed a bit, but the premise is still the same. I'm going to make sure Evy reads American Girl books and maybe even subscribes to the magazine. I remember one of my favorite birthday parties of all time was when I copied a party shown in American Girl Magazine: a flower party. We all had flower names (Iris, Violet, Rose, etc.) and I even wore a sunflower outfit (lucky for me, the sunflower motif was BIG in the early 90's). What wonderful memories.

All this is say, I am more and more excited everyday that God blessed me with a little girl. I can't wait to read her a million books, play with dolls, and become a child again. I know that if we're blessed with a little prince, I'll adore him and have so much fun, but as the song says, "thank heaven for little girls!" :o)


Brittany and Charlie said...

She is so cute. Glad you had a fun bday celebration! I didn't ever have an american girl doll but my sister did and she had all the bells and whistles. I can remember her playing with her for hours!

Amanda said...

Ashley,I found your blog thru KellysKorner and immediately realized you were a MS girl! Before I even read it for sure, I just knew...we can do that when we're from MS:)
I am from Jackson...your blog is precious and Evy is just a doll. Come "visit" me...

Sarah Denley said...

Oh gosh! I loved American Girls...I had Samantha,too and my sister had Molly and we loved dressing them and pretending to be their friends/Mommas/teachers. I read ALL the books and they were the first chapter books my sister ever read (she could actually read before she started kindergarten...way smarter than me!) I adore children's historical fiction...Children's Literature was my favorite class in college because all we did was read and discuss children's books,

Courtney said...

Great post. I loved the American girl collection when I was a girl. You will have so much fun sharing it with your daughter!

Ashley said...

I absolutely love American Girl Dolls. My oldest sister, Rachel, got Felicity, Kirsten and Samantha. How she managed to get 3, I have no idea. Apparently that broke the bank for my parents because I never got a new doll. ;) I simply inherited Rachel's. Samantha was definitely my favorite. I love the turn of the century, as well... and I adore everything Victorian!

lilly said...

I loved the American Girl collection, and envy the little girls that get to go to the American Girl store. They have a little restaurant where you can bring your dolls, and they have high chairs for the dolls. It is adorable! Samantha is my favorite too, but I heard she is being discontinuted. Your daughter is absolutely precious!

Tiffany said...

It is fun having a girl, isn't it. I love the dolls, and dress up, the clothes and books. If you are truly interested in faries, check out Cicely Mary Barker. She is a popular, children's book Illustrator and British Artist. She was also a Christian. She had a series of books about fairies, by season, and by alphabet. Also she wrote books that seperated them into categories; faries of the garden, trees and wayside. What I love about her is that because of her strong faith she once said in an interview that she never depicted the magical or trickster side of faries. She used real children as models and matched their personality to the flowers. And she had also studied Botony and had a vast intimate knowledge of plants and flowers. I love her art and feel like she truly captures a child like innocence in her work.

As far as books, I want to have a children's library in our home. I really want to have the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, Anne of Green Gables series and Box Car Children and Little Women for AG, and the C.S. Lewis series and Tolken trilogy, and Little Men for Trey. I already have almost all of Dr. Suess's collection, and a couple of Beverly Cleary for both of them. I so wish we were going to live closer together, we have so much in common and like so much of the same things.

Tell Kurt Happy Birthday for us. -Blessings!

Cortni said...

We have that Never Land Fairies book and my girls just love it! I got mine brand new at Half Price Books for only $9.95, all of their copies were brand new and the same price, so check there first!!

Rebecca said...

I loved the Dollhouse book too! I read it several times. I had an American Girl party too. I had a tea party inspired by Felicity. I think I read about it in the magazine.

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