June 24, 2009

Texas Extravaganza

Okay, here they are! I totally understand if you don't want to look at all of these, but I want to have a record of the trip, and I know my family will look at them at least! These will show our time with Nan in Gonzales, spending time with the May family (my dad's sister) and my Dad's parents in the Fort Worth area, and my birthday. Among many things that I got---awesome makeup and jewelry from Nana and Poppy (they gave me gifts in Gonzales), a Willow tree figure of a mother and daughter from my dad's parents (Mimi and Dah), a decorative sign from the Mays that says "Dwell in Possibility--Emily Dickinson", books that I had been wanting from Kurt (as well as a certificate for a MASSAGE for our anniversary!!!!), a Sonic gift card and a piece of Robert Spooner bas relief art from my family that I had been WANTING really badly that simply says "Jesus." There's something about just seeing His name. What a great time!

This was our time at the Lancaster's to celebrate all the June birthdays and Father's Day. I got some fabulous body scrub and lotion from Sephora from Kurt's brother Kelly and his wife Jennifer (it smells like birthday cake!). The highlight was when I got a fabulous new Coach bag from the Lancasters---and just the day before, I had eyed the exact bag that I got in Dallas at the Coach store! Can you believe it!? It was also Kurt's first Father's Day. I got him an illustrated book of the lyrics to "Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley (one of his favorites). The illustrations are of a daddy and his little girl doing different things together. So sweet!

And there you have it!


Courtney said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love your new Coach purse!

Christy said...

She is getting so big! I love all the pictures of her :) It is hard for me to decide who she looks more like! I see Kurt a lot in her expressions, but her coloring and face remind me of you. She is precious!!

Brittany and Charlie said...

All so cute. Glad you had a good time in the great state of TEXAS:)

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