July 28, 2009

Playing with Photoshop

I've been taking just a few minutes here and there to learn more about photo editing. I recently read up on MckMama's photography lessons, and they have been SO helpful! Here are some recent photo edits!

On all of these, I just blurred the background and then boosted the color. I'm still in the early stages of playing around with different edits, but I've really enjoyed it so far!

This is a photo that you saw the other day, but here it is edited:

These were taken today, when we gave Evy some peaches to try in her little mesh feeder. She LOVED it, and looked so pleased with herself. These are not "artsy" photos by any means, but they were good to practice my new skills on!

These were taken on our bed--she was having a blast!

I love feeling like a {kind of} photographer!


Sarah Denley said...

so is photoshop worth it? I thought about getting it but it seemed so expensive, i just wasn't sure it was worth it....

Heather said...

Here is another site I have found helpful (along with YOU TUBE!) http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/ Every friday they post pictures people have fixed on photoshop. They then list the different steps it takes to get the picture to the final product.

Ashley said...

Great pictures! Can you share what kind of camera you used?

Brittany and Charlie said...

She has the perfect little chin! Tell me more about this mesh feeder? Where do I get one, do you like it, main purpose? I am intrigued:)

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