August 9, 2009

The Great Debate

I feel like I need to clarify a few things after my last post. I snapped that picture of Evy while we were watching Mike the other night, and that was a light-hearted way of mentioning the healthcare issue.

I do understand that there are lots of opinions and situations that go into this issue. I obviously see it from the perspective of a physician's wife, but please understand me: that does NOT mean that my husband and I are cold-hearted toward people who struggle with healthcare.

I just foresee it being a slippery slope when we give the government more and more control. It's Biblical that Christians should sacrificially give as they feel led to help those in need. My husband and I truly believe the verse "to whom much is given, much is required."

My husband has worked in a government-run hospital and it is a nightmare. It's impossible to get anything done because there's zero incentive. The wait times are insane. There is very, very little freedom in decisions.

The cost of this proposed system is staggering financially. The cost of this proposed system is staggering morally. Abortions would most likely be covered. Cancer treatments (or any other for that matter) would be for the government to decide. People who tend to be more liberal are constantly supporting "choice"---with this kind of system they would eventually have none. Totally contradictory.

I heard someone say recently that the United States is the only country without a national plan. We are also a nation that supports and protects freedom of speech, press, worship, etc. One sacrifice would eventually lead to others.

I do think any reform up for discussion should be given a test run in a few states before jumping in head first with a national program.

I did not write this post to begin a heated debate on my blog. I simply wanted to write down my thoughts and have a record of what was going on in our country when I look back years from now. Please be respectful of my opinion on this. So much more goes into it than what can be written on a page.

The beauty of this country is that we have the freedom to express our beliefs. The conservative, Republican stance might not sound as heartwarming or benevolent, but in the long run it would protect the freedom and quality of healthcare that our country has fought so hard to maintain.

When I count the cost: Our country can't afford this program, financially or morally. Too much is at stake.


Ashlee McCrary said...

You shouldn't have to feel like you need to defend your opinion (or your family's) to others who dont agree with yall. This is your family's personal blog & you should be able to express your thoughts & opinions on whatever your heart desires! If someone else doesnt agree with you, there's nothing you can do about that. It's impossible for every single person to agree on every single thing. If they have a difference of opinion, they should just voice their own thoughts on their own blog, not yours.

Sarah Denley said...

very articulate and well-written. it's different to see things from *this* side of the counter, right? not to say that i'm better informed than anyone else, I'm NOT, but I don't think i'd have as strong an opinion if I hadn't heard so much about it from Peyton....

it's also very scary to think about the gov. deciding which lives are important, chuck colson has written some really good stuff about this--you should check it out

Kelly said...

Amen Ashley!
This is YOUR voice YOUR opinion and don't apologize!
P.S. I talked to your Poppy on the phone tonight and was THRILLED!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Amen 100%!! Our health care systems definitely needs work, but an expensive national plan isn't the answer. Do you remember when Sarah had her gallbladder removed? Under a national plan, she would be on a waiting list for THREE YEARS for that surgery! I certainly don't want to be in pain for three years before I can have a necessary surgery.

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

I totally agree with you in this post and the last. My brother is a doctor and there is good reason why government doesn't need to control medicine. My sister in law actually lived in London for a time with her family and they actually moved back to the US JUST for medical reasons. That is saying something...

Kristal said...

I actually disagree with the people who say it's your blog and you shouldn't have to explain your opinions. Yes, it is your blog and yes, people should not attack you for your opinions, but I don't see anything wrong with you offering up an opinion and others offering up their different opinions.

I knew from different comments that you have made that you didn't support universal healthcare, and I've been very curious as to why. I, for one, greatly appreciate you backing up your opinion with educated reasoning.

julie said...

Praise God. Christians need to unite against this evil health-care reform. WE need to stand firm for Jesus and say: this reform shall not pass!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad you posted your bit on with Evy, actually, because it sparked an awesome discussion with my hubby about healthcare. He's actually more of a libertarian than a republican, and he's so stinkin' smart that I just love to hear him talk about things like this. Anyway, all that to say, our end conclusion was just exactly what you wrote here... It IS so vital that healthcare remain private and that we step up as a nation in our charitable giving. Besides healthcare, we have been more helped and blessed by personal gifts of support than anything else... those have really gone the farthest for us. And we haven't forgotten the generosity shown to us. I totally agree with you about, "To whom much is given, much is required." For us, we take that in the sense that such generosity has been shown to us that it's given us a heart to pay it forward when we eventually have the means to do so.

All that to say, dear friend, thank you for your little blurb. If nothing else, it stretched my brain to think/discuss it with the hubby! :-)

Kat Fish said...

You are absolutely right on!! And girl, it is about time we take a stand to defend, not just our health care but also our country. A slippery slope is exactly right. The government is literally attempting a take over. The only reason people don't realize it is that they are more interested in American Idol than they are the United States of America. It is time to get off the soaps and find out what is going on, #1 by taking a look at history and government take over, #2 at current events and our leaders track records and the consistently lies they are telling. I am 100% against government run health care and I have no health insurance and have not been to the doctor in about 10 years. I am not looking for a government hand out. Can anyone out there tell me one thing the government has run well and efficient? Look at the DMV or the IRS. Lastly, If anyone accuses me of “not being concerned with hurting people” or “others needs” I will compare my tithe and giving to anyone’s and we’ll see who cares and who is just another talking head.

sarahlen said...

It always turns into a right vs. left thing. It's like people just want to fight. First and foremost, the elderly and children must be taken care of. I will pay more taxes to provide these two groups free health care.

I'm not sure what free speech has to do with national health care. It is true that we are the only country without a guarantee of health care, but we are surely not the only country with free speech. The US is pretty conservative compared to Europe.

It's easy to be for privatized health care until it has effected you. I am going back to school and cannot work full time. I'm not even going to say how much I payed for insurance that I finally found through an insurance broker. The funny thing is that I'm using financial aid to pay for my health insurance, so the government is actually paying for my health insurance.

If you are healthy, able to hold a full time job (not disabled, elderly, in school,), the health is great in this country. If not, you're screwed so to speak. I'm terrified of getting older b/c I won't be able to have a full time job. My grandparents pay 600 a month just for Medicare and also have a supplemental insurance plan. Medicare recommends you get a supplemental insurance plan.

Sarah Denley said...

Kristal, I totally agree! Whenever I discuss something controversial on my blog I always appreciate *respectful* comments even those that aren't agreeing with me, because it forces me to really think about my position.

Hiedi, did you ever talk to Ashley? I used to read your blog some, but never commented or anything, and I really miss it! Please email me if you're reading this (

sarahlen said...

Mike Huckabee. . . . I agree with nothing this man says but find myself liking him more and more. I realized it's because he never raises his voice. He never feels like he has to shout and beat someone else down or call them stupid b/c they don't agree with him. Can we please all be a little more like Mike Huckabee?

I just don't see that we need to yell and fight over these issues. Can't we find a common ground? There is no one right, perfect answer. I want the poor to be able to receive immunizations and health care if they are sick. I am ill that they are denied care if they can't pay. I will pay more taxes for their care. We have public schools. Health care is more important.

Kat Fish, the post office is an example of probably the best government run entity we have. Also, the interstate system. Now, some roads are bad due to local gov't. . . .
There are also some great public schools out there. Mainly in the Midwest. The VA- our SOCIALIZED health care for veterans. If that's so bad, why do our veterans get it? I doubt you want a completely privatized country. Government that works is the answer.

sarahlen said...

Heidi, it would be great if people would give to help those in need. Unfortunately, people are people, and most won't do much to help others. That is why the government must step in. That is why the government sets a minimum wage. Because the vast majority of employers aren't going to pay you what you deserve out of the goodness of their hearts. Such is the human existence I suppose. But don't you see that charity is a form of socialization? It's just not government run.

I would encourage anyone to read John Winthrop's "On Christian Charity" which argues for a socialized state as a model of Christianity. He was governor of the MA Bay Colony and a Puritan. An interesting read.

Lindsey said...

I appreciate you sharing on your blog your feelings on current events. For me, I totally respect when a young stay at home mom has educated herself on what is going on in the world around her. Too many times people think that stay at home mom's don't count or don't know what is going on in the world and this is definitely not the case! I have been reading up on the healthcare reform especially getting my information from Focus on the Family's website. From a christian perspective, we have to stand up for what we believe and edcuate ourselves on what the bible says and what is really going on in politics, because after all.."if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!" Thank you for taking a stand and for informing others even when it's not the easiest or most popular thing to do!

Summer said...

Amen girly... I admire that you posted your true thoughts about a true debatable issue. I thought it was a cute way to go about it with having it look as if Evy was commenting on it! Don't worry about what others post negative about what you are saying... this is your blog, your journal,your life... So say what you believe...

Summer :)

Ashley said...

I appreciate your opinion, and feel that you have done an excellent job of explaining yourself. I do happen to agree with you, and appreciate the time and thought you put into your explanation.

kristina said...

Same Kristina that maybe put the first kindling into the fire. Wanted to let you know that I do read your blog and am a mama who was for Obama in Minnesota- so maybe we have nothing in common. But I was not trying to attack- I love a good discussion and maybe some of why I read your blog is to get the perspective of someone so different from myself. feel free to read my blog sometime. maybe we'll both learn something. :)

lilly said...

I am absolutely opposed to the government controlling our healthcare! A family member of mine was sick for several years, and had to go out of state to get proper help. If the government controlled our healthcare she probably wouldn't have the great specialists and doctors that she needed to save her life. The government in other countries literally controls the lives of patients on life support by deciding when to turn off the machines instead of the family since it's on their dime. You are right it's on a biblical principal! I couldn't agree with you more!! Preach on sista!

Kat Fish said...

First of all, there IS one right answer. God's Word! Everything should be based on that.

Second I think the examples you gave Sarahlen are almost funny. The government departments that you deem to run well. I respectfully recommend you read up on the care of our veterans. It is the worst health care in our system.

You use schools for another, as our national marks plummet and violence escalates, are you serious?!? As a former teacher I could go on and on about this one but I am sure it is obvious, look around.

I just heard an hour long discussion about how inefficient our post office is and the money that is wasted. It was brought out that they desperately need to cut down to delivering 3 to 4 days a week because of their contribution to pollution and it is all so unnecessary because MOST of our mail is JUNK mail.

I am not saying we don’t need government but I do not believe that we need a government take over.

If we are worried about the elderly we better read up on what this will do to their health care. All I ask is educate yourselves. Please. You owe it to yourselves and your children. Make it a priority. There are a lot of comments that prove many people do not really know how this could affect our country. I’m just sayin...:-(

A.Berk said...

I'm a Liberal Democrat and after the mudslinging mess that was this last election, it's ALWAYS refreshing to me to find Conservative Republicans that want to cross the barriers between us and have intellectual, well informed debates about situations facing our country.

Most people would like to live in a country where we all scream at each other over differing ideals. That's not democratic or American, it's derogatory and sophomoric. THANK YOU for having a belief system, respectfully defending it and CARING enough to be civil than ALWAYS CORRECT.

You are a breath of fresh air, if even it's one I breathe from the other side of the table!

A democrat

Chris Schantz said...

I would like to ask a few questions of the people on here: The current health care reform proposals will not stop people from having the same private health insurance they have today. People who like their private plans will be able to keep them. If they don't like their private plans they will have the option of signing up for a public plan. The difference is that the public plan will be administered by people who are not driven by a profit motive. We have all seen time and again what kind of mess the pure profit motive can cause for the 'little guy.'

It seems that everyone on here is fearing that all health care will become public or socialized, but that is not true. And anyone telling you differently is lying to you. The reform will just create an additional option or choice for the people. And goverment will not be in charge of making decisions about care. Under the public option only you , your relatives, and your doctor will make decisions about what kind of care you can and can't recieve. Again there is a lot of missinformation out there and people telling you differently are lying. Here is an anology: Just like I can choose to ship a package with UPS, DHL, FedEx (private options), if I don't want to use them I can use the United States Postal Service (the public option).

Now it is likely that longer wait times will result from any reform that lowers the number of uninsured people. But think about this for a second. If there are more people using the health care system in this country (going to clinics and hospitals) because they finally have insurance, what is happening to those people right now (while they don't have insurance)? It means that there are millions of people out there in poor health and in need who are suffering. Jesus told us to care for the weak and the lowly, the poor and the sick. He was a healer who would heal without asking for anything in return. But we live in a society that does not seem to care for its poor and uninsured. If the current health care reform passes it will mean that society has spoken its mind and decided that we should care for the poor, sick and uninsured. I would like to live in a society like that, rather than the one I live in today, even if it costs me more in taxes.

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