September 29, 2009

Bollywood: My New Hollywood

Okay, so this is kind of a weird fact about me: I love Indian culture. As in, the country India (but Native American Indians are cool too).

This might seem incredibly random, but it's true---I love the bright colors, their emphasis on family, how their wedding celebrations go down (for like, 5 days), their movies....and most recently, their biggest celebrity couple, known as "Ash and Abhi." (Full names: Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.) They're married, and are about a gazillion times more popular than Brad & Angelina (and they're a whole lot classier).

I saw Ash and Abhi on Oprah the other day and was so pleased to see Ash because she was in the Bollywood film "Bride and Prejudice." (In case you didn't figure it out, Bollywood is the Indian version of Hollywood.) I decided to check out Bride and Prejudice several months ago because I was curious about their movies. Bend It Like Beckham is one of my very favorite movies (again, I don't know why---soccer and Indians....random?), so I thought I'd like to try others in that genre.

Sidenote: Probably another reason why I love this movie is because Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is in it. I met him in London and haven't been the same since. He's super dreamy.

Anyway, I loved Ash in Bride and Prejudice. However, Bollywood is way different because from what I understand, almost every movie is like a musical. There's always a big dancing number, and they just burst into song at random times. It's weirdly cool.

So when I saw Ash and her husband on Oprah, I was way excited!

Is she not insanely gorgeous?

Okay, sorry...I'm kind of obsessed. But I kind of wish we wore saris. They're so glittery, bright and pretty. It also helps if you look like this wearing one:

This was also nice to know: Ash's husband Abhi said that in Bollywood, the physical side of a relationship isn't usually shown in their movies because "audiences don't really expect it or need it." How refreshing. In Bride and Prejudice, there was barely a kiss!

So why not give my girl Ash some love and check out Bride and Prejudice or another Bollywood film. You might be surprised! :)


Sarah Denley said...

well, good to have you back! the last picture TOTALLY cracks me up,what are you using to write on your pictures (photoshop)? I want you to tell me how! And yeah, you're def. going to be the photographer for the photo shoot. Also, Ash is prettier than any american actress i can think of!

Summer said...

OMG that last pic cracks me up! That is sooo funny how you even added the jewel to your forehead....Looks like you were actually in the pic.... So fun :0)

Kristal said...

I've not seen anything that she's been in, but I've heard a lot about her. She's seriously stunning!

And LOL at that last it!

Jen said...

Have you seen the movie "Outsourced"? It's about an American whose job is outsourced to India and has to go train in his replacement in India. It sounds like a downer, but it's really funny and beautiful.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I love bend it like beckham! I work for a hotel and we do a lot of Indian weddings. They are crazy cool and always have atleast 300+ guests! The one this weekend has 800! They have lots of friends;)

Carrie said...

Hilarious!! I'll definitely have to check that movie out.

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

I totally agree about the Saris...they are beautiful. The culture is very interesting and the people are gorgeous! (Although, I've never heard of either of these actors)

fragmentsoftheday said...

haha That last picture really threw me for a second-- I was like "Wait. Did she MEET her?!" You are funny. She is super beautiful! Good to know that there are classy celebrities in other parts of the world... we seem to be a little lacking in that area. :o)

Amy said...

This is hilarious! I love the photoshopped picture of you and your BFF at the end of your post! I laughed out loud when I saw this. My husband always makes fun of me, because I will photoshop pictures like that (except I usually put him in it instead of me - ha!)

Katelyn said...

That last picture cracked me up! I have been a huge fan of Bollywood for about a while now so, welcome to the club!

P.S. I wish we wore saree's too!

Trout Family said...

People think I'm weird becuase I own both of these movies! I went and saw B&P when it came out and fell in love! I also own the soundtracks to both movies as well. I love to listen to Indian music and have even learned a few dance moves myself...not that anyone has seen them but my family! Ha! She is considered the most beautiful woman in all the world.

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