September 26, 2009

The June Cleaver Cooking Club is Back!

Hi everyone :)

Awhile ago, I started a recipe blog so I could exchange recipes with some of my friends. Well, life got busy and the blog kind of stopped, but Ashley asked me if we could get it going again, and why not!? After reading a recent recipe tour on Kelly's blog, I remembered how great it is to get recipes from people who have actually cooked them---not just typed out in a recipe book!

So, here it is {newly re-designed and super cute if I do say so myself}!

I would LOVE for all of you to contribute recipes! I can't tell you how many times I've used recipes that I got from JCCC already. So let's add more!

To contribute, just email me your recipe as well as your name and blog address (if applicable). That's it! I'll post them and we'll all benefit from new recipes.

Thanks a bunch!


Sarah Denley said...

Wow, how does it feel to be maintaining FOUR blogs now? Haha! Seriously, I'm so glad y'all are bringing it back; I tried a couple of recipes back last fall and loved them.

P.S. In reference to the post below this one, if you haven't already thought of this--how cute would it be to make a slideshow of the "bubble bee" pictures and have the song playing in the background (it's such a fun song!)? In that last one she seriously looks like she should be on the cover of a baby magazine!

Colleen said...

Hi Ashley! I usually stick about a recipe a week on my own blog, but I'd love to contribute to your June Cleaver one. BUT, I don't see your email addy anywhere to send you anything =( Can you point me in the right direction?

Emily said...

So...I've been following your blog for a while. I discovered it from Kelley's Korner. I was looking at your wedding pictures during her tour and I discovered that Jennifer (Godwin) Lancaster is your sister-in-law. She was a sorority sister of mine in college at WKU. Such a small world!=) Your little girl is ADORABLE!

Ashley said...

Ah, I am so excited! I felt stranded over the weekend, since my computer has crashed. But I found this treat when I got to school this morning! :) Unfortunately most of my recipes are on my computer but if they are recovered, I would love to contribute.

Carrie said...

Exciting! I'll have to see if I have any recipes to contribute!

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