September 30, 2009

New Discovery

Evs has been up to a lot lately! She's grabbing absolutely everything, and just goes crazy if it rustles or crackles or makes noise.

Kurt brought home these flowers from the grocery (super sweet, I know!), and we let Evy have a look. She was just dazzled by the cellophane!

This is what happened when I took them away:

Her newest discovery (as of today) is her tongue. She woke up and just stuck it out at me as if to say "What is this thing in my mouth and why haven't you told me about it?" All day she's been sticking out her tongue, and she's getting really good at mimicking us when we do it. It's cute for probably won't be when she's throwing a temper tantrum and does it. Well, I don't know...I think I'll probably laugh like I did when I took these pictures:

She's starting to give "love loves" when the mood strikes her. I don't think she means to do it...but sometimes she'll grab my face and I pretend she's showing her undying love for me. :)

Next up is pictures of my fall decorations...stay tuned!


Jennifer Lancaster said...

Okay, the picture of the tongue out is going on my fridge...I LOVE it :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw love loves are so sweet!

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