September 24, 2009

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

There's a reason I haven't been blogging as much recently---I've been uploading and editing pictures. A TON of them!

Between being sick and out of town, I had to catch up and get all of these ready to show you. So, if you're not interested in pictures, please come back later. If you are interested in pictures, get a soda and wrap up in a blanket because there are lots of them!

First, here are some shots from the last couple of weeks:

Here are some pictures from our weekend trip to see Kurt's family:

Here are some pictures from a few days ago when my mom came to visit:

We tried on the tutu that Kurt's mom made for Evy to wear for her next photography session (at the end of this month). Adorable!

Mrs. Pam also made Evy an ADORABLE shopping cart/highchair cover. The pattern is little retro 1950's cowgirls! We tried Evy in a highchair for the very first time at Cracker Barrel. She did great!

I have to share this blessing with you. A quick backstory: my family always hates to see the elderly dining alone, and one time when we were traveling we stopped by a man's table to talk with him (it also happened to be at Cracker Barrel). We found out that he had recently lost his wife and that he was a veteran. We loved talking with him!

Okay, back to present time. We saw this man eating by himself, and we just had to say something to him. My mom was walking by with Evy and stopped to say hello. We ended up inviting him to sit with us, and guess what? It was the 10th anniversary of his wife's death and he fought in World War II at Normandy. I got chills as he told us about running out of the Higgins boat (where the flap came down, soldiers ran out and were literally gunned down immediately). This was the second time that this had happened to us, stepping out of our comfort zones and we end up meeting two men who really needed encouragement. Mr. Barnes was just precious, and we got his address so we can keep in touch. He has no grandchildren, so we hope to spend some time with him. Even though it's hard sometimes, just talk with people. You never know how God will bless you!

We love Gigi!

I have just a few more pictures to show once I have them uploaded. But here's a sneak peek....


Bailey said...

Hi, I found your blog awhile back through Kelly's Korner and I am just now commenting. First off, I am completely with you on talking to the elderly. It just breaks my heart to see someone eating alone, so thank you for taking the time and talking to Mr. Barnes! Also, you have an adorable daughter. Evy Kate is a beautiful name! =)

Katrice said...

That makes me want to go to Cracker Barrel and find someone!!!

Amy said...

I found your blog through Leslie' looks like we have the same taste (she just re-did my blog and you and I have the same background =)) The picture of you and your sweet girl where she is curled up under your chin is just priceless...what love! The story of the older man is a wonderful example of how God blesses us (and others) when we follow His lead to step out of our comfort zone. Thanks for sharing this story and all of your beautiful pictures!

The Gardella's said...

That is such a sweet gesture. Whenever I see an elderly person eating alone it always pulls on my heart strings. Such an encouraging story!

Leigh said...

Well, I am crying like a big baby! That is the nicest thing that I have ever heard. Thank you for doing that. I am going to really pray for God to give me the courage to step out of my comfort zone like that. What a blessing to that man. Thank you! Love the pictures by the way!

Courtney said...

She has such a wonderful expression on her face. She looks like such a happy baby!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

That is so wonderful! I will try and step out of my comfort zone next time! Evy is cute:)

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