October 22, 2009

Christmastime is Here (Sort of...)

Well, the time has come...

To get a new computer.

Yes, Kurt ordered us a new Gateway machine today. We didn't think that we would be getting a Gateway, but we'll get the most for our money this way. It's a desktop model, and we're still going to use the screen and speakers that we already have.

But we're going to have a MUCH faster computer, with a TON more storage! My dream!

With all that I do (editing photos, blogging, and working on Lynwood's website), I need SPACE.

Our current computer is grinding to a halt. It's a Dell, and it's about 5 years old. Kurt always has this experience with Dell computers, so we knew it was coming. We've been getting the "extremely low space" message for months now, and we've cleared out everything we could onto an external hard drive (that's where all of our pictures are). This is basically a preemptive strike before this one totally crashes.

Ultimately, we're going to get a Mac desktop and I'll have a PC desktop or laptop to do some things on (I know PC like the back of my hand and I just like my comfort zone!). I KNOW I will love the Mac once I get used to it. I just won't have a ton of time to devote to learning a new machine, and I do too much on the computer to be out of commission. I already feel like I've missed so much blogging recently, because I haven't been able to upload pictures!

So hopefully in a week or so I'll have a fresh computer to use. The weight on my shoulders now is having to track down all the program CD's to Photoshop (thanks a trillion, Lindsey!), etc. We thought we had them all in one place but you know how that goes. I get so stressed over things like this, and I just need to clam down. We will find all of the program CD's we need. That's what I keep telling myself.

So that's the news right now...I will be blogging more frequently again and I won't have to stress over a loud, maxed-out-on-space computer. We are considering this our Christmas gift to each other (even though we did concede that we need to have one thing to open....but it will be under $50).

In honor of my Christmas gift, I'm now officially putting up my Christmas music playlist. I've heard from several people that they love this playlist, and pull it up just to listen to during the day. I would have to agree, it's a good collection, and always growing :)

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to me (and you)!!


Ashley said...

Merry Christmas and congratulations! I have missed seeing updates from you. =)
I think I would enjoy a MAC, as well. I am such a creature of habit though... It would probably take me a while to transition over. :o) I think Trevor and I decided that as much as we enjoy the mobility of laptops, a desktop will be our next purchase.

P.S. Does Kurt run along the Trace walkway/bike trail? I think Trevor and I saw him when we were biking a few days ago.

fragmentsoftheday said...

Congrats on the computer! Trust me- someday when you do get that Mac, you WILL love it. It will take some getting used to, but you'll fall in love and never look back. :) You'll never get viruses, it will never crash, and it will just look sleek and cool (because Apple has figured out COOL). I have a MacBook Pro and love it. My fam has had Macs my entire life (and the school district where my dad is asst. superintendent uses all Macs). I have had to use PCs for all of my jobs and at school, so I'm used to both, but Macs have stolen my heart. Yay for Christmas music!!

Christy said...

We made the switch from Dell to Gateway last year for the same reason. Our computer is MUCH faster!

Clay wants a MAC, but I am like you and can't imagine finding the time to learn how to use one.

Summer said...

Congrats on the early christmas gift! Yay! My BFF's husband just suprised her last week with a Dell Touch Screen because her's crashed! Anywho it is just a monitor, the computer itself is built into that! I have never seen anything like it, she is in love with it and soooo am I! I am thinking of getting one myself!
I hope you enjoy your computer! That's a great idea about buying a big gift for you and your hubby and then have something small to open at Christmas! That is what Greg and I have done the past couple of years! It is great and we end up getting something really big we want and need!
I love your Christmas music collection by the way!
Merry Early Christmas to you too! :0)

Sara said...

I absolutely love your blog! Little Evy is such a precious baby, and I love hearing about all the things that have worked (and not worked) for you and your family as far as motherhood and parenting go. You will LOVE a Mac when you get one. The transition is not as difficult as you think. For the most part it's very intuitive and in many ways not all that different (except you Mac will freeze less and not constantly give you all kinds of security warnings and annoying alerts). It was a really easy transition for me, but I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but my mom also got a new Mac recently and has not had any problems at all with the change...plus Mac has EXCELLENT tech support!

Carrie said...

That is SO exciting that you're getting a new computer!! I'm totally jealous! We have a 5 year old Dell, and it.is.so.SLOW! :/

Katie A. said...

When you do transition to a Mac, there won't be as much of a learning curve as your think. I got my Macbook Pro a few months back due to my laptop being on the verge of crashing. I was worried about having to relearn stuff since I do so much on the computer with my printing business, but there have only been one or two things I've had to ask friends who have Mac's how to do. For the most part Mac makes everything very self explanatory and everything seems to run so much smoother! I know you will enjoy having your new computer once y'all receive it. Also, I'm glad some others are as anxious for Christmas to be here as I am haha!

Holly said...

Hahah I'm glad it's not just me who is counting down to Christmas already! I don't feel quite so silly now! :D

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