October 14, 2009

Flu Shmu


Evy is sick. For the first time ever.

With the flu.

Long story short, she ended up catching it from my siblings who came to visit last weekend. But they didn't know they had it. It's okay, I'll keep them anyway. I couldn't live life without my darling [flu-infested] sibs.

Tuesday morning Evy woke up with slight sniffles and the hint of a cough. No fever. I made a mental note of it but wasn't alarmed. By late afternoon, she was running a fever. The cough and sniffles never got persistent, though. Then I got word that my mom, brother, and sister all have the flu. My mom was basically diagnosed with the swine (I think it's pretty much hilarious to call it The Swine). So that raised a bigger flag to me that Evs had been exposed.

Kurt and I discussed the whole situation. I was pretty chilled out about the whole thing, considering my child might have the flu. But I wanted her to see Dr. Payne anyway. So I called the office and the girl at the front desk was rather abrupt and told me I could come in if I wanted to on Thursday morning.

I called my wonderful, darling friend Constance, whose father happens to be Dr. Payne. She's also finishing pharmacy school, which doesn't hurt. We mulled over it and she talked to her dad, who wanted to see us this morning at 8:30 and run a flu test.

So off we went, and the test was positive. He basically said we can assume it's the swine flu, but there's hardly any difference between that and regular flu. The main reason The Swine (heehee) has gotten so much hype is because of the "epidemic" nature of it. So he wrote her a prescription for Tamiflu (it was just approved by the FDA for babies) and a prescription for me, because the chances of me getting it are pretty high. Awesome.

Let me tell you, this child is an angel baby. She took two 3 hour naps today, is still nursing so well, and woke up happy and smiling after each nap. She played with me and Kurt this evening just smiling and showing off the whole time. The flu works for her.

So, I might be out of commission just a bit...but not for too long. Evy seems to be punching The Swine in the face at the age of 8 months :)


Sarah Denley said...

only that you left out the part where she exposed her BFFs and the part where you not only have the most amazing pediatrician but also the most endearing, knowledgeable pharmacist......kidding!

Summer said...

Oh my swine flu!! I hope she recovers very quickly and that you and Kurt do not get it! Praying you all get over this very quickly!

A Love Worth Waiting For said...

Oh No! I am so sorry. Hope your baby gets to feeling better soon and you and your husband stay well!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad she's handling it so well! Hope she gets better soon!

winstead family said...

she's such a champ! :)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Hope she feels better soon and that her mommy and daddy don't catch it!!! Thinking of you guys!

fragmentsoftheday said...

hahaha The Swine. I love it. You are funny. It's good to keep it in perspective because way too many people are panicking about it. Glad Evy is a good sickie-- hope you don't get it! :)

Liv said...

It's all those antibodies you've been giving her! Such a good mama! :)

mrs.leah.maria said...

Yay for baby Evy punching the Flu! I've been so worried about her, this whole Flu thing has me in a tizzy!

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